Style Bee - Fall - Look 10

Fall Foundation – Look 10


Lately I’ve felt like I’m spinning my wheels. As soon as I check one thing off my to-do list two more tasks appear to take it’s place. The earlier I start my day the less I get accomplished. The harder I try to catch every detail the more they escape me. Well, you get where I’m going with this. As frustrating and exhausting as it is to be in a constant state of ‘catch-up’ I know it’s ultimately a good thing. The blog is becoming a bigger part of my professional life and I really don’t want to hold myself back, but a girl’s gotta sleep, right? I’m just trying to be strategic about how I use my time, selective about the projects I take on and conscious about getting away from my desk (Dobby helps a lot with that). Oh and eating something other than leftover halloween candy, although that needs some work!

Style Bee - Fall - Look 10

With all that’s going on I appreciate this Fall Foundation wardrobe more than ever. Since starting these mini ‘capsule’ closets, one of the biggest takeaways has been recognizing that what I’m really looking for in my style is peace of mind. I want to feel good, literally and figuratively, about what I wear. I used to think it was frivolous or superficial to have such an appreciation for materials things but now I’m seeing it a bit clearer. The more I unabashedly pursue my love for blogging, unique style and beautifully made goods, the more fulfillment I get from it. Sometimes you’ve just got to trust those instincts, even when it’s late and you’re debating between a good night’s sleep and creative satisfaction. One quote that always reminds me to continue pursuing my passion is by Elsie De Wolfe, who said, “I am going to make everything around me beautiful – that will be my life.” I just love that sentiment.

So I guess today’s post turned into a sort of pep talk to myself and whoever else might need some encouragement. Maybe it’s fashion, maybe it’s interior design, cooking, photography or DIY projects that really get you going. But whatever it is, if it makes you happy, it’s worth pursuing.

Style Bee - Fall - Look 10 Style Bee - Fall - Look 10 Style Bee - Fall - Look 10 Style Bee - Fall - Look 10 Style Bee - Fall - Look 10


Style Bee - Fall - Look 10

First Rite Cape Sweater via NA NIN (also in grey and loving this one) | T-Shirt c/o AMVI | Flares Madewell | Rachel Comey Boots (black and grey suede) | Hat Rag & Bone | Another Feather Necklace | Tote Cuyana | Nails RGB Dove 



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  1. Marisa says:

    So well said! I also struggle with feeling shallow/materialistic sometimes for finding pleasure in personal style and fashion. And working in an engineering field sometimes re-enforces those feelings I think. But as you’ve found, I find that when I feed this part of my brain (and not just shop blindly), I get a lot of fulfillment out of it.

    Thanks for the pep talk! 😉 Looking good lady!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Marisa, your comment made me so happy! My partner Dave is an engineer but luckily he’s really creative and appreciates the importance of aesthetic integrity. Many of the engineers I’ve known have had other opinions about fashion though haha. I think the important thing is making the distinction that you don’t need to shop to be happy but that experimenting with style is creatively fulfilling. Thanks so much girl! Your blog is looking fabulous btw 😉 xo

  2. Jodie says:

    This outfit is so you Lee!!!
    Gray tshirts work with everything.
    I’am sorry you’re so busy, please take a time out and rest and play and hit your reset button.
    Have a great day❤️