Style Bee - Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Treats


Every single year Mother’s Day seems to creep up on me but this year I’ve managed to give myself a touch of a head start. I’m not a human Mom like so many of you super heroes out there but I’ve got a wonderful Mum and I do have a Corgi baby so I still feel like I qualify for this day, I mean even if you just have a plant, you’re technically a plant mama! Anyway, I thought I might as well pull together a few gifts that I know I’d love to give or, of course, to get on this special day. I started with a plan to share 9 fabulous and responsibly made finds but then it slowly slipped out of control and doubled. I guess I’ve got more than a few things on my gift list at the moment!

Happy shopping and hope you’re having a great weekend!

Style Bee - Mother's Day
  1. Kettle ($ 150)
  2. Round Basket Bag ($57 cad)
  3. Small Bow Earrings ($81)
  4. Sun Print Tea Towel ($20 cad)
  5. Love and Lemons Cookbook ($35)
  6. Lip Balm ($18)
  7. Glass + Wood Canister ($40)
  8. Brush and Pan ($45 cad)
  9. Le Labo Santal 33 ($260)

Style Bee - Mother's Day
  1. V-Neck Everlane ($20)
  2. Vintage Hanging Unit ($110 cad)
  3. Leather Pouch ($85)
  4. Serving Tray ($125)
  5. Work Belt ($75)
  6. Art Deco Ring ($110)
  7. Vintage Copper Baskets ($40)
  8. Incense Holder ($30)
  9. Infinity Scarf  ($55)

Unless noted prices are in USD.


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  1. Sara says:

    omg those serving trays are amazing!