Style Bee - Simple Stripes

Simple Stripes


Style Bee - Simple Stripes

If we were to run into each other on the street there’s a good chance I’d be wearing this outfit. It’s not a sartorial masterpiece or particularly on trend (it’s almost hard to find tops with shoulders these days!) but it still feels put-together with an air of casual chic. I’d also qualify this as my Spring/Summer uniform right now. Wide leg linen pants, a loose top, comfy shoes (if I’m not in these Veja’s I’m in my Birks) with a sleek bag, un-styled hair and a few subtle gold accessories. Done and done!

I was a little worried that these pants would look odd with sneakers but I actually love the result of cropped, wide-legs with a minimal white running shoe. It’s practical and yet a little unexpected and this pin convinced me to give it a try. It’s funny how trying something just a little outside your comfort zone can lead to a whole new lease on your closet.

Have you tried any new combinations lately? Whether it worked for you or not, do tell!

Style Bee - Simple Stripes Style Bee - Simple Stripes Style Bee - Simple Stripes Style Bee - Simple Stripes Style Bee - Simple Stripes Style Bee - Simple Stripes

Striped Tee – Old from Joe Fresh | This one from Everlane is an all-time favourite. | I love the built-in front tuck that this one has too! | This is a great boatneck, drop shoulder version, on sale!

Linen Pants – Florence Pant c/o Elizabeth Suzann (Size Small) | A slightly more tailored option for work. | Slightly more cropped version. | Eileen Fisher (my latest infatuation) boasts an epic selection of great black pants (many on sale!)

Sneakers – Esplar Leather Extra White by Veja (I wear a size 7 and ordered the 38)| If you’re feeling fancy these are perfection and these are too good. | Canvas, very reasonable option made in Italy.

Bag – Eloise by The Stowe (On Sale!!) | This is a cylindrical fave and this one is incredible.

Watch c/o CLUSE | Glasses Ripley by Warby Parker | Necklace by Another Feather



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  1. Annie Waterman says:

    Thanks, Lee!

  2. Hi Lee! One more question came up as I am about to purchase some goods from Elizabeth Suzan (thanks to your recommendation). What do you like best – the georgia tee in raw silk or linen? What do you think will last the longest and looks best? Thanks so much!


    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Annie, Oh that’s so exciting!! I don’t have the Georgia Tee in Raw Silk but I absolutely love the linen they’ve been using this season. I think the raw silk will have more drape and be lighter-weight than the linen but linen is probably a little more durable in the long run (but not drastically). They both look beautiful and have a relaxed vibe and good breathability. I pretty much just swap between linen, raw silk and cotton all summer so I don’t think you can go wrong! Sorry I can’t be more decisive, it’s a tough call! Go with your gut 😉 xo

  3. Hi Lee! One more question came up as I am about to purchase some goods from Elizabeth Suzan (thanks to your recommendation). What do you like best – the georgia tee is raw silk or linen? What do you think will last the longest and looks best? Thanks so much!


  4. Annie Waterman says:

    Hi Lee! I love the outfit especially because I tend to travel for work a lot and need to keep my clothes chic but comfortable for walking quite a bit. I would like to get the wide legged linen pants but curious to know what other tops you have worn with it to dress it up a bit? I don’t want to look too frumpy if you know what I mean.. Thanks so much! I love reading your blog. -Annie

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Annie! I definitely know what you mean! I like to wear them with a simple, slim crop tank like this one with a statement necklace or with a fitted tank or bodysuit under a denim jacket with a bandana. I find the when I’m wearing them with a looser top a pair of clogs or wedges elevate the look and add some height to help keep things looking long and lean 😉 Hope that helps! (Ps. bolded text is linked)

    • Annie says:

      Thanks, Lee! Very helpful:)) Can’t go wrong with investing in a body suit! Love the Petra crop top too.

  5. Alex Chua says:

    This is how you keep it real and still look put together, Lee. Thanks so much for sharing this little gem.
    On another note, I’m glad you’re exploring Eileen Fisher. I’ve been a fan for a while and even more so since making the decision to shop responsibly. Her clothes are pricey but they last for years. I’ve been lucky enough to score some of her pieces on eBay for great prices and I haven’t been disappointed.
    Your Amsterdam pictures are great! Keep em coming and have a great time! X

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Ah! Thanks so much Alexa 🙂 Good call on using eBay for EF pieces. Definitely not a cheap line but I’m glad to hear the quality is really good. Keeping my eyes peeled for her Fall ’16 collection which I’m sure will be amazing. xo

  6. Lo says:

    Such a cute, chill outfit. I love Supergas but haven’t been able to find out much info about how they’re produced/ethics. Do you have any insight?

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Lo! I must admit I didn’t have a chance to dig deeper into their manufacturing practices. I’ve heard quite good things about Italian shoe manufacturing practices but that’s all I know. I have a couple friends who have a pair and love them. xo

  7. A says:

    This is a great combo – you can really pull of wide-legged pants well! If you don’t mind me asking, how are tall are you? I’ve just found your site this afternoon and browsing through your posts … I couldn’t quite tell and knowing will give me a good sense of how some of these looks might translate to me haha!

    • Jodie says:

      Welcome! I’am a long time follower/ friend/ fan, and you stumbled upon my favorite blog for real life ethical fashion! Lee is 5’7″ for reference.
      Hope that helps- have a great day!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Jodie! You’re the best. xo

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much A! I’m 5’7 and a bit and about 120 lbs (give or take a trip to Europe haha). Always happy to share any fit or sizing info! xo

  8. Jodie says:

    Absolutely love this mix Lee!
    I know you’re on vacation (yay, have fun!) but glad you posted since i was missing you.
    I’ve decided to (mostly inspired by you) to spend the next year only shopping ethically. I’am allowing myself 2 passes since my budget is very small, and tight, but I’am excited about this.
    Thank you for all your guidance, and hard work with your own closet mission. It’s definitely helped me with mine! Xo!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Jodie! That’s really great to hear! I think you’ll find you don’t need a big budget, especially if you’re open to vintage and thrifting. I’ve found that I love each piece so much more since I’ve started shopping responsibly that I don’t have nearly the same urge to shop as much. Thanks for your support and positivity lovely! xo