Style Bee - Algonquin Adventure 2016

Algonquin Adventure 2016


Style Bee - Algonquin Adventure 2016

Over the August long weekend Dave, Dobby and I filled our packs, strapped the canoe to the roof and hit the road for Algonquin Park, our yearly escape into nature. Dave had a doozy of an adventure planned and while I knew it was going to be good, I had no idea just how good! We started on Opeongo Lake and took the water taxi (a boat that takes you, your stuff and the canoe to a portage up the lake, which is enormous) to the north end where we proceeded to endure a grueling and humbling 6 kms of portage (that’s when you carry all your stuff and the canoe on a path through the woods until you reach the next lake) and about 10 kms of paddling. By the time we reached our Lake Lavieille site (home for the next three nights) we were exhausted, exhilarated, hungry and thrilled to be finished our trek.

Style Bee - Algonquin Adventure 2016

DAY 1 | We paddled up to a stunning island site overlooking Lake Lavieille with expansive, 180 degree views over the water. We were considering other spots but after surveying the site we knew it couldn’t get much better and began setting up camp. My favourite part about arriving in Algonquin, is taking in all the smells, sights and textures of the park. It’s amazing that we could start the day on an eight lane highway, with only concrete in site and end it surrounded by such an incredible expanse of natural beauty and not a soul nearby.

We got our tent set up, took a dip in the calm, ridiculously warm lake and began cooking up our well-deserved dinner. We gorged on a delicious fresh asparagus and pasta feast and finished the day by a blazing fire as the sun went down. Pure bliss.

Here’s a quick tour of the island site interior:

Style Bee - Algonquin Adventure 2016 Style Bee - Algonquin Adventure 2016 Style Bee - Algonquin Adventure 2016

DAY 2 | The next morning started with a big sleep-in, a morning dip and a breakfast feast of fresh eggs (not a single crack from the trip!), roasted potato hash (made in the previous night’s fire) and spicy sausage with hot, albeit instant, coffee. It was seriously the tastiest meal I’ve had in ages. Sadly, I neglected to capture a single shot of any meal, likely because we were scarfing them down every time! But you get the idea.

Here’s a look at the gorgeous lake from my morning perch.

Style Bee - Algonquin Adventure 2016

CAMP STYLE | I lived in my vintage Levi’s all weekend and started with a bodysuit underneath and a linen shirt (borrowed from the fella) to throw on when the wind picked up. I was so comfortable all weekend and decided this is going to be my go-to camping outfit from now on. I used to live in my yoga pants when camping but they make it way too easy for mosquitos to sting through. So super soft, slightly loose, mom jeans it is!

Style Bee - Algonquin Adventure 2016 Style Bee - Algonquin Adventure 2016

After a short cruise around the island to grab more water and check out the scene we sat down for a few rounds of cards with Southern Comfort shots at stake. Dobby decided to settle down for his midday nap and we just let time melt away and took deep breaths of clean, fresh, Algonquin air.

Style Bee - Algonquin Adventure 2016 Style Bee - Algonquin Adventure 2016 Style Bee - Algonquin Adventure 2016

After a few hours in the sun it was time for another dip in the incredibly clear, miraculously warm lake. Our site had the perfect jumping rock, so naturally so we had fun making some slow-motion videos.

After we got our fill of refreshing lake goodness (and shot way too many videos), we sat ourselves out on the rocks to enjoy the late afternoon sunshine and some snacks.

Dave ducked out for a bit to grab the treats but instead, came back with a little velvety grey box. I was in shock but I dare say he said something along the lines of, ‘Marry me, babe.’ and I said something along the lines of, ‘Of course!’ and we kissed and Dobby was just as excited as we were about the whole situation! So yes, we’re engaged! WOO!

Once the jitters and excitement settled a bit, we took the canoe out before dinner to grab some more fresh water and let the whole situation sink in. Dave was obviously very relieved that the big event was over and he could finally relax. The water was so calm and the sunset was so stunning it was almost cheesily perfect but we loved it.

Dave had secretly smuggled in some champagne so we said cheers to the nature and drank it all in.

Style Bee - Algonquin Adventure 2016 Style Bee - Algonquin Adventure 2016 Style Bee - Algonquin Adventure 2016 Style Bee - Algonquin Adventure 2016 Style Bee - Algonquin Adventure 2016

DAY 3 | It was such a perfect place to wake up, newly engaged, sun-kissed (and bug bitten) and ready for one more big day of lakeside and canoeing adventures.

Our little corgi bear is in his absolute prime out in the park which is always so much fun to see. He just sniffs around, rolls in random stuff, grumbles at the passing Loons and has a constant grin on his little face. It’s just the best!

Style Bee - Algonquin Adventure 2016

CAMP STYLE | I opted for full-on vintage cub scout vibes for the last full day of the trip and loved it. Next time we go, I’m just bringing a pair of workout pants, a sports bra and a tee for the trek in and out, then it’s bodysuits, vintage tees and jeans for the rest of the time. A sweater and a beanie also come in handy when the sun goes down.

Style Bee - Algonquin Adventure 2016 Style Bee - Algonquin Adventure 2016

BEACH TRIP | We heard there was a sandy beach on Lake Lavieille so we consulted our map and set out to find it. Turns out it was directly across from us, about a 1.5 hr paddle, and it was perfect!

Dobby also LOVES the canoe, way more than the car, which he hates, and I can never get enough of him in his little life jacket sniffing all the scents in the breeze as we paddle.

Style Bee - Algonquin Adventure 2016

Once we found the beach, we explored the shore for a while and I picked up a few treasures to bring home. I have a weird obsession with driftwood and found some great sticks, a giant feather (potentially belonging to an eagle), some white quartz and birch bark. We went for a long, lazy swim and tried our best to convince Dobby to join us but he’ll really only brave the water for fetching purposes. Video below.

Style Bee - Algonquin Adventure 2016 Style Bee - Algonquin Adventure 2016 Style Bee - Algonquin Adventure 2016

Style Bee - Algonquin Adventure 2016

CAMP STYLE | I brought my favourite HDH swimsuits with me and they were great. The tie top and hipster set is my favourite but I also love the sexy retro vibe of the crisscross and high waist set. Both are currently available:

Suit #1Crisscross Top in Forest | High Waist bottoms in Forest

Suite #2Tie Top Black | Hipster Bottoms Black

Style Bee - Algonquin Adventure 2016
Style Bee - Algonquin Adventure 2016

LAST NIGHT | We spent the last evening jumping in the lake, cooking up another feast of fresh corn, pasta and made an epic s’mores treat using rice crispy squares, topped with Nutella, sprinkled with M&M’s and garnished with a perfectly roasted marshmallow. So ridiculously good! We watched the sun go down and hit the hay early to rest up before our big trek home.

Style Bee - Algonquin Adventure 2016 Style Bee - Algonquin Adventure 2016 Style Bee - Algonquin Adventure 2016

It was seriously the perfect trip, the weather was incredible, the site was a dream and it was the best way to start the next phase of life with Dave (and Dobby of course!). We’ll never forget this particular journey and already can’t wait to go back again next year! 

All photos taken with iPhone 6+ and edited using the VSCO app. 


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  1. Sara says:

    Ahhhhhh – congrats Lee (and Dave!) All the best to both of you in this new journey.

  2. Meghan says:

    Congratulations on the engagement! Your photos are beautiful – would you consider a blog post with your photography tips?

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Meghan! That’s definitely a post I’d consider writing. I’ve gotten a few emails about it so it’s on my radar. For iPhone photography I swear by VSCO app and their A and S filter collections. xo

  3. Lo says:

    Congratulations, and gorgeous photos! And gorgeous ring!

  4. Mun says:

    Congratulations. Your trip looks wonderful and Dobby is definitely a good accompaniment to your swimsuit shot!

  5. karine says:

    it’s funny (and wonderful) how the internet connects us. I feel like I know you through these small peeks into your life over the time of this blog – so much that this news had me in tears of excitement and joy. congrats you two!

  6. Andrea H says:

    Talk about the best camping accessory ever!!! Congratulations Lee and Dave! 🙂

    The photos of your trip are truly beautiful, and tell a lovely story! I’m impressed with your iPhone skills. Can I asked how to you managed to keep your battery alive for three days?

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Andrea! It was definitely a trip for the books (or blog anyway haha). To preserve battery I just kept it on airplane mode (we had no service anyway so it would have burned through battery searching). That definitely helped a ton. I tried to keep my editing to a minimum too. It died on the last day just as we were packing up camp so no complaints! Also, I Love what you did with your Summer 10 x 10! xo

  7. Katrina says:

    Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! Yay congrats!!!-????

  8. Desta says:

    Welcome to the engaged ladies club, Lee!!! So happy for you and Dave. 🙂

  9. echo says:

    Oh congratulations Lee!! So happy for you, you guys(and Dobby) are such a perfect match! But honestly, I thought we were married already 🙂

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Echo! Haha I know, we’ve done things a bit backwards but figured if we can stand to renovate a house together, we can do anything! 🙂 xoxo

  10. Alex Chua says:

    I’m seriously excited for you. Marriage isn’t for everyone but it is fantastic when you find the right partner. Congrats to you both and what way to go, Dave!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Alex! We figured if we can make it through three years of renovations we’re probably pretty well matched! haha We’re excited to plan something a little unconventional and low-key to celebrate to future. XO (Ps. Is the site working OK now?)

  11. Poonam says:

    As soon as you said the trip was “the best weekend adventure” on Insta, I had a hunch this was the outcome! Congrats to you and Dave, so happy for you two!! And duh, awesome photos of the wknd as a whole, always love the layout of your Algonquin posts.

  12. Jodie says:

    Congrats Lee! Dave got himself a keeper! Best wishes to you both! Xo!

    Also, love the pictures of Dobby in the canoe! Frame worthy!

  13. Carly says:

    Congrats, Lee!!

  14. Stacy says:

    Congratulations! Looks like such a beautiful trip!

  15. Sue vito says:

    Wow! Congratulations to the Happy Couple !
    I love reading your Blog , Lee !

  16. Dawn says:

    Congrats! Looks like you had an amazing time!

  17. Anna says:

    Congratulations on your engagement! Can’t wait to read all about a #stylebeewedding 😀

  18. Victoria B says:

    Congratulations!!! That trip looked so relaxing and fun. And I love those swimsuits!