Style Bee - A Little Fun

A Little Fun


Style Bee - A Little Fun

It’s all well and good to prep your closet, define your style and stick closely to a wardrobe plan but while you’re doing all that it’s easy to forget to have a little fun when it comes to personal style. At least I forgot for a little while. I was so focused on making sure every piece in my closet was totally practical, 100% aligned with my ‘style’ and ruthlessly editing that I sort of lost sight of why I love fashion so much. I realized I was getting tunnel vision when I recently discovered how much I enjoy wearing two styles I’d previously shied away from, the long vest and simple mules from Friday’s post. But I surprised myself when I couldn’t get enough of either piece and decided to make a point of remembering that at the end of the day fashion is supposed to be a fun creative outlet and it’s important to experiment every now and then.

The whole reason for a well considered closet is to feel liberated and to actually have more freedom with your wardrobe, not to feel restricted. Sometimes all it takes is a quirky accessory or trying a shape you might otherwise avoid to regain perspective on your style. So what do you say to having a little more fun with our looks and pushing the boundaries a bit? It’s almost Fall after all! Worst case scenario is that you just end up reminding yourself that your style is already right on track. I’m loving with this funky art teacher meets art curator look for a fresh start to the week!

What do you think you might try?
Style Bee - A Little Fun Style Bee - A Little Fun Style Bee - A Little Fun Style Bee - A Little Fun Style Bee - A Little Fun Style Bee - A Little Fun

Notch Coat by Ali Golden c/o Akin & Co Currently On Sale! (wearing XS/S) | Sailor Pant by Jesse Kamm (wearing a S) | Crop Top old Elizabeth Suzann (similar linked) | Chock-A-Block Necklace c/o Maslo Jewelry | Elizabeth Slide c/o Nisolo (I’m a narrow US 7, wearing a 36) | Wave Cuff s/o Young Frankk (LOVE this one) | Lip Stick (Currant) c/0 BeautyCounter

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  1. Sarah says:

    I haven’t even read this post yet, but I had to shoot down here posthaste to remark: what a beautiful smile you have! Such a funny thing about life in 2016—being struck by seeing a favorite new blogger’s teeth for the first time. ????

    Okay, back up top to read!

  2. Mun says:

    Totally. Fashion is an art form. Have fun!

  3. Leigh says:

    I love everything about this look! The flared pants look great with the coat.

  4. Thuy says:

    I definitely agree. I like making sure I’ll actually wear the stuff in my closet – especially now that I’m building it back up from the purge I did two years ago – but the reason I care so much about what’s in my closet is so that I have the freedom to wear whatever I feel like for whatever occasion I need to wear stuff for. It’s definitely okay to experiment. I hate the notion that someone has to stay the same with their clothes or their style. You look great, btw 🙂

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Glad you’re in agreement Thuy! Totally! Fashion is meant to be a vehicle for self-expression and creativity. If we’re feel confined to one type of look it totally defeats the point. xo

  5. Emily Mahi'ai says:

    Love this look! Quirky and classy.