White denim is a spring and summer staple in my closet. I always find that it adds some freshness and levity to my style, which is a nice change after a winter spent in mostly dark colours. I often see white jeans paired with overtly feminine pieces like floaty tops and high heels, however, I think they work just as well with basics and menswear inspired styles like utility jackets and loafers.

With that in mind, today’s post covers two ways I’m styling white denim for the spring. Both looks were inspired by some recent Pinterest perusing and while they’re quite minimal, some thoughtful details steer them away from being boring. At least in my opinion!

In addition to my two approaches, I’ve assembled 6 other white denim styling ideas that might spark an outfit for you! Those are towards the end of the post, along with a round-up of denim options worth checking out if you’re in the market. Now shall we explore?

LOOK 1 – Casual & Comfy

Style Bee - How I'm Styling White Denim For Spring


Style Bee - How I'm Styling White Denim For Spring
Style Bee - How I'm Styling White Denim For Spring

My first outfit idea was inspired in part by this look, which I found on Pinterest. I love how the utility coat contrasts with the white jeans and how the the brown accessories come into play. I skipped the white shirt and bucket bag for a striped tee and an old favourite leather cross-body.

My take might have less sartorial street-style appeal but it’s great for a cool spring day of café work sessions, meetings downtown or running some errands.

I’m loving this colour palette of muted olive and burnt cinnamon brown with black and white. It feels earthy and cozy but lots of white keeps it fresh.


  • HARPER JACKET | ELIZABETH SUZANN | $265 USD | Made in Nashville, TN | I wear an OS Minus | See my review here.
  • STRIPE TEE | EVERLANE | $25 USD | Made in Vietnam | I wear a small.
  • CHEEKY STRAIGHT JEAN | EVERLANE | $68 USD | I wear a size 26 | Made in Vietnam
  • PARIS MULE IN VINTAGE TAN | ST. AGNI | $229 USD | Made in Indonesia | I bought a 37 in this pair as the vintage tan leather is softer than the almond and felt less narrow. See my review here.
  • EARRINGS | gifted JEWELS & ACES | $59 USD each for Stud and Circle earring jacket | Made in China
  • BAG | old THE STOWE | *Linked to similar round leather option.
  • BELT | ATELIER B | $44 CAD | Made in Montreal, QC.

LOOK 2 – Simple & Sophisticated

Style Bee - How I'm Styling White Denim For Spring
Style Bee - How I'm Styling White Denim For Spring
Style Bee - How I'm Styling White Denim For Spring


Style Bee - How I'm Styling White Denim For Spring

I took notes from this look to create outfit number two. I wanted to make this one a bit more professional so I added my modern loafers (fun fact: they’re the first shoes I ever bought from Everlane!), a cross-body bag and a watch to add some refinement. At the same time I really liked how the woven bag in the original outfit added texture and softened things up so I pulled out my flax/linen crop tank for a similar effect.

I was really happy with how everything came together for an understated but elegant outfit. It’s always interesting to see how seemingly incompatible styles like a flax Petra Crop tank and a black blazer can pair so well. This one would be great for all the same activities as the first look but feels a bit more sophisticated and structured if that’s your preference.


In both looks above I’m wearing the Cheeky Straight Jean in Bone from Everlane. I bought these jeans last year and really like the fit (frame skimming but not tight), softness (I can wear them all day) and opacity (there is no show through, even with a black top tucked in). They’re super comfy, relax a bit with wear and wash up well every time. I’m typically between a 26/27 in Everlane denim and wear a size 26 in this style.


Valid today through April 11th on Everlane orders over $100 USD.

Please feel free to ask me any additional questions you might have about these in the comments.







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  1. Isabel says:

    I love that you chose white jeans for this post. I just bought my first pair a couple of weeks ago and have been looking for ideas of how to wear them. I love them with the trench coat on the first outfit!


  2. Elizabeth says:

    Just like other readers I love this jacket and am sewing up a Wiksten Haori (long version) to achieve something similar but in a cafe-au-lait linen. However, I won’t be going sockless here in Kingston, ON for a while. When I went out to get a head start on my spring garden clean-up yesterday, there were still ice crystals lingering in the soil!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      That’s so cool you’re sewing your own trench Elizabeth, good for you! Double digits have arrived here today so we’re hoping the warm rain will soften up the earth for our garden too. Have a great weekend!

  3. Nancy says:

    Hey Lee, love the outfit inspiration for spring! The weather is finally turning here in Seattle and I’m excited to start wearing some brighter colors. A quick question – knowing that you have two fur babies, how do you keep pet hair off your black wool items (like the blazer)? I always find that the pet hair weaves itself into the fabric and is almost impossible to keep completely clean. Thanks!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Nancy! Oh gosh, the struggle is real! haha I don’t find this blazer to be too brutal in terms of fur or link pick up though. I can usually get a away with a quick lint roll. Other wool pieces, well, I just never let them touch the floor or stay on the bed where a furry friend might be inclined to curl up. But mostly, lint rollers in every room is my #1 trick 😛

  4. Cara Fragomeni says:

    Such a cool post! I love finally swapping out my dark wash jeans for white denim 🙂 Also your graphics are super cool, but a lot of them cover the shoes in the picture!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Cara, I appreciate you mentioning that detail. Unfortunately I can’t help where the caption fall on the photos, however, if you click any photo in the grid a slideshow will open where you can scroll the the images in a larger format without any captions. I hope that helps! xo

  5. Natalia says:

    Hi Lee!

    I love the first look and how you balanced the white in the denim with the striped tee! Genius! And I really like the large pendant necklace in that look. I would have never thought of pairing a striped tee with a necklace like that, but it looks fantastic.

    I don’t have any white denim pants in my closet – I can’t imagine keeping them clean with 2 kids and a dog running around! But I would love a pair eventually, when it seems a little less risky 😉

  6. Sarah Winton says:

    I love both your looks but the second one really speaks to me!

  7. Rya says:

    I was wearing my white jeans today with a white w/black stripe T. Yours look some much better with the black w/white stripes. How such a little thing can make a big difference. Time for another Everlane spring order! I’ll be sure to purchase through your link. By the way, Everlane’s white jeans are a little bit heavy weight for Florida – would you know of a lighter weight denim perhaps? Thanks for all your posts – my wardrobe and closet are finally starting to make sense!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks for checking out the post Rya! I love my white skinnies from Madewell, which I’ve had for years now. They’re not as thick and have stretch so they’re comfy and hold their shape well. The ones I have are a 9″ rise, which is more of a mid-rise. They’re not as opaque as the Everlane bone denim (but not see-through either) and a slightly brighter white. Same style with more sizes available via SHOPBOP. I hope that helps! xo

  8. Chloe says:

    Great inspiration, I love the mix of linen with the sophisticated look of outfit n°2 !
    I have been wearing my white pants with an olive top (I called it my peter pan look :D) and with a stripe tee but I hope they’ll get more use as the temperature warms up.
    PS : I really like this new presentation of the outfit details on the pictures : )

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Ah, thanks Chloe! You’ve reminded me to try these with an olive top I have too. So glad you like that feature! I always find it helps to have a visual along with the detail notes. xo

  9. KaT says:

    Personally I can only do white pants in summer – it’s a matter of practicality; it’s just too wet in Toronto spring to pull them off and I’ve gotten splashed by buses or cars whilst biking or walking, which is a day (and outfit) ruiner! But this summer I plan to rock my “bone” Everlane straight leg crops for sure.

    • Kat says:

      P.S. Every single time you post the Harper jacket I get *this close* to ordering it. I think I just have to bite the bullet and order it already! It’s so good!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Ah, I hear you on the spring biking! White pants are definitely a dry-day-only item. So funny you mentioned buses splashing you, I remember getting completely drenched by a bus one time and it was traumatizing! haha Now I’m always subconsciously aware of nearby puddles.

      It’s a great jacket for sure! I’m so glad I have it in my closet and anytime I wear it people stop to ask me about it. Love a conversation starter! Have a great week and thanks for reading Kat! xo

  10. LIND says:

    I was so pleased to see this post this morning. I just purchased a pair of Everlane straight denim in Bone. (My first try at that brand.) I was looking through your outfits for inspiration on styling them. I actually have them on with a black tee, taupe blazer, black flats and black belt that was inspired by an outfit I saw on your Pinterest board. I have a little time before leaving for work, so I thought I would check your blog. I will definitely be trying these 2 outfits from my closet. Thank you for the inspiration!