Style Bee - August Outfits Look 1 - White Bodysuit + Olive Andy Pant + Suede Slides + Structured Tan Bag



It feels slightly surreal to be heading into the last month of the summer and I’m determined not to let August slip by. In an attempt to savour what’s left of the season, and all the style that goes with it, I thought I’d take the opportunity to share an outfit every weekday for the the month of August!

I’ve been meaning to try something like this for a while now and was inspired by my friend Andrea’s 99 Days of Summer project. I’m excited to have some fun experimenting with my warm weather closet, share lots of outfits with you (22 if all goes well!) and see how a daily rhythm feels. I’ve been eager to let loose a little bit with my post format and I think this will be a great way to do so!

I’ll be keeping the posts fairly light on copy so I can keep up with other projects and plans for this space over the next month. I’ll simply be sharing a few thoughts and a style tip or two and my hope is that these short daily doses will be a good source for outfit inspiration and styling ideas!

Sound good? Let’s take a look at outfit #1!

Style Bee - August Outfits Look 1 - White Bodysuit + Olive Andy Pant + Suede Slides + Structured Tan Bag
Style Bee - August Outfits Look 1 - White Bodysuit + Olive Andy Pant + Suede Slides + Structured Tan Bag
Style Bee - August Outfits Look 1 - White Bodysuit + Olive Andy Pant + Suede Slides + Structured Tan Bag


You might have seen a style series I shared on IG earlier this week, which was all about bodysuits, specifically, the new styles from Everlane. I received lots of great feedback on it (thank you!) along with quite a few questions about how/why I like to wear bodysuits and I thought it would be helpful to share a quick Q&A about them here on the blog as well.

In this outfit I’m wearing the v-neck long-sleeve bodysuit (it runs TTS) and I love how it seamlessly tucks into my high-waisted Andy pants. This is the kind of outfit I wear on an average summer day while writing/editing at home, running errands or maybe grabbing a quick work sesh at a cafรฉ.


A: I like a well-constructed dome closure in the crotch (for easy bathroom breaks!). A soft & stretchy material that’s easy to move in and hugs my frame. A comfy cut is key so I prefer a thong or high cut bikini and I look for versatile colours for easy mixing and matching!


A: I love to tuck my tops into pants, skirts and under jumpers but they tend to ride up or get bunchy during the day. Bodysuits make styling so easy, fuss-free and require no adjusting as I move around.


A: Usually no because it’s more comfortable without, especially when the suit is well designed and lined. Sometimes if I’m wearing a knitted bodysuit and want to get a couple of wears between washes I’ll wear underwear.


A: Sometimes I go braless and Everlane’s bodysuits are double lined so they offer a bit of support and good coverage. Usually I will wear a soft bra like this (with optional padding), which is the one I have on in these photos.


NOTE: The style series was produced in partnership with Everlane, however, this post is not, I just really like bodysuits!

OUTFIT SOURCES: BODYSUIT gifted | STRUCTURED BAG | ANDY PANTS gifted | SIMPLE SLIDE SANDALS* | GOLD NECKLACE* | ANKLET* | EARRINGS gifted | *Currently unavailable but linked to similar option

That’s day 1 of my August outfits! Thanks for tuning in and see you tomorrow with look #2.

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  1. Alejandra says:

    I just love this idea of blogging!
    Been finding much inspiration in Andreaโ€™s posts too, so your version of it is also quite appealing. It is like Pinterest but with tips and ideas. Great great!

  2. sarah winton says:

    I love the idea of bodysuits but I think it’s tougher for ladies with big busts to find a good one. I’m looking forward to seeing your August outfits!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      That’s a good point Sarah. I find the Everlane options really stretchy, which could help but I can definitely appreciate that bodysuits might not be for everyone. So glad you’re into the August series ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Friday lovely! xo

  3. Emily says:

    Quick Q: Do you design your own website? It’s absolutely stunning! So crisp, clean, and timeless. Just like your outfits!

  4. Christine says:

    I was unaware Everlane had bodysuits now. I am seeing a few styles that would fit well in my wardrobe, including the one you are wearing here! Out of curiosity, do you find their bodysuits to be shorter or longer? I often have trouble finding bodysuits that fit properly due to my longer torso.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Christine, I think these are well-suited (hehe) for folks with a longer torso and the fabric is super stretchy. I find the thong back one is the longest over the bikini ones. I’d measure a one piece or bodysuit you like the fit of and compare it to the size chart. Hope that helps!

  5. Rachel says:

    Love this outfit! How do you like the Andy pants compared to the other Elizabeth Suzann silhouettes, specifically, the Clyde pants?

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Rachel! I really like the Andy Pant and find that compared to the Clyde they feel a bit more minimal and streamlined. I love the clyde on other folks but wasn’t always a fan of them on myself because of the added bulk of the side pockets. The shape of the leg is similar between the Andy and Clyde as it’s quite tapered. I have the regular length in my Andy’s and they’re much more cropped than the clydes, which I roll. I think both are great it just depends how much you want pockets ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. Erika says:

    Looking forward to reading this series! ๐Ÿ™‚

    About bodysuits. How do you avoid the visible bodysuit/panty line? I find bodysuits often have a noticeable line which is tougher than on panties, which looks bad when wearing fitted and even semi-fitted trousers… any advice?

    Have a great August!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Erika! I usually choose a bodysuit with a thong base for under fitted pants or skirts, then there is not issue with lines. Under jeans and pants with back pockets I’ve found that these bikini based ones are okay and since they’re very stretchy they don’t dig in too much. I like the bikini base for under skirts or shift dresses. I hope that helps!

  7. Eszter says:

    What a fun series! Looking forward to the daily weekday outfits. I always love your style notes and the science behind putting an outfit together ๐Ÿ™‚