Oh friends, today’s post is a very special one! The long anticipated Cold Weather Collection by Elizabeth Suzann has launched and we’ll be taking a look at some stunning wool pieces. As you may already know, ES is a brand that is close to my heart and a company that has truly defined what it means to offer a thoughtfully created collection of exquisite clothing.

Creating this post brought up lots of emotions, from pure glee to teary-eyed appreciation, having only dreamt of such opportunities when I first started out in this space. I’m honoured to be working with the Elizabeth Suzann team and grateful for this opportunity to share some of their wearable artistry with you!

In today’s post we’ll take a look at:

Now let’s dive right in because there’s a lot to explore!

Partnership Disclosure: This blog post was produced in partnership with Elizabeth Suzann and contains items that were gifted in exchange for coverage here on Style Bee. As always, all opinions and creative executions are my own.

Style Bee - Cold Weather Styling with Elizabeth Suzann


Liz Pape, Founder/CEO, and the Elizabeth Suzann team have so eloquently expressed the intentions behind the Cold Weather Collection that I felt it best to let their words introduce you to what the next generation of this line is all about:

Our Cold Weather Collection, CWC for short, is built for cooler weather from a custom, US domestically-sourced wool-alpaca blend. Ritual and comfort are at the forefront: garments that provide repose, strength, and confidence, but that also leave a little to the imagination. Warm, thick, and luxurious wools imbue a sense of safety and warmth. Familiar silhouettes are like old friends. Layers and jackets are barriers between your body and chilled air, but are also pieces of wearable art.

The cornerstone of our CWC, first launched in 2016, has always been the supply chain. Weโ€™ve been working since then to establish a fully traceable and 100% domestic wool, with animal welfare standards and production methods in line with our values. After years of research and development, we are incredibly proud to finally offer a wool material that is traceable, domestic, and Climate Beneficial. 

Fully domestic wool production is significant because it means that the wool is grown, processed, dyed, spun into yarn, and woven into fabric all in the United States, predominantly on the east coast, keeping a very small carbon footprint. The finished wool is then cut and sewn into garments at our studio in Nashville, Tennessee.

Liz has shared more thoughts and details about the CWC here and on the ES blog here with more soon to come about the wool ranch, fibre processing and weaving. It’s so fascinating to learn about these key parts of the process, which have typically remained veiled from customers. I’m grateful to Liz and her team for the work they’ve done to tell the story of how their garments come to life so thoroughly and thoughtfully.

The Cold Weather Collection will be available year round and will join the Signature Collection (intended for year-round, any-occasion wear) and the Warm Weather Collection, all offered in a full size range of 000 to 28. Sales open every Monday at 9 AM CST until the order cap is reached each week.


Typically, when planning a collaboration, I agonize over which pieces to add to my closet. I hum and haw over every possibility and exhaust all conceivable combinations. However, when I first saw the CWC preview, I squealed with joy of course, I knew instantly which pieces would be making their way to my wardrobe.

The Clyde Trench in heavyweight charcoal wool and the Andy Trouser in lightweight fawn wool jumped out as the perfect pair to introduce to the rest of my cold weather closet. There are lots of beautiful shapes and styles in the new collection (the highly sought after Cocoon Coat and the LS Harper Tunic to name a couple) but these were the pieces that I felt I’d be able to wear most during the imminent cold weather ahead and for years to follow.

I’ve been wearing and testing these two garments as much as possible over the last week or so in order to share my thoughts on how they’re going to perform and just how much cold weather they can really handle. I hope my thoughts will help you decide if they’re the right investment for your style and closet too!

First up,



The best description I can offer for the wool Clyde Trench is that it is at once tremendously special and entirely familiar. It feels akin to the embrace of an old friend you’ve not seen for ages. While much may have changed for you both, it’s as if no time has passed either.

The wool Clyde Trench envelopes its wearer in not only warmth and comfort but with the encouragement needed to embrace a new day with an open mind and honest spirit. That may be too much credit to give most garments, but not this one!


  • PRICE: $595 USD
  • SIZE/FIT: I’m wearing a size Small. For reference I am 5’7 and about 125 lbs. It’s roomy enough to fit over chunky knits and wide sleeved tops easily. There is lots of room through the torso and hips as well. See how the front panels overlap generously below.
  • MATERIAL: Heavyweight blend of 60% Climate Beneficial Wool, 40% Alpaca, domestically sourced in the US. Learn more about the wool here.
  • The wool is considerably thicker than it’s lightweight counterpart used for the Andy Trouser. It’s both voluptuous and supple, making it incredibly cozy but still highly versatile and easy to move in.
  • WARMTH: I know many of you will be wondering if it’s warm enough for deep winter in Ontario and my honest answer is, sadly no. Even with strategic layering, this coat will be an indoor only option for much of the deep winter (Jan/Feb) up here.
  • That said, it’s not necessarily off the table for us either. My plan is to wear it outdoors for as long as I can then switch to indoor use or occasions that don’t call for a lot of time outside. I’ll simply swap it for a puffer/parka when forced to face the frigid winds of winter.
  • I’d say it’s ideal for more moderate climates and temps anywhere from 10 C down to -10 C (50 F – 14 F) with the right layering and warm accessories.
  • A NOTE ON SLEEVE LENGTH: The sleeves on this coat are quite cropped. I might see if my tailor can let them out since the cuffs are triple layered and that will help them overlap with my gloves and cut out the cold that sneaks up there.

  • COLOUR: This heathered charcoal is the quintessential dark neutral that lends itself to an endless array of palettes and wardrobes. It’s generously flecked with light greys throughout.
  • CARE: Hand wash with cold water and wool detergent. Lay flat to dry. For a sharp suiting look, press on high heat with steam and a wool clapper.
  • I don’t intend to launder this piece unless something major happens so similar to my Andy trousers, I’ll simply spot clean and air out between wears with the occasional freshen up via wool spray. You can read more about how I care for my knitwear here.
  • PILLING/SHEDDING: Due to wool’s short staple fibres, some pilling is to be expected in areas of high friction (under sleeves or along the hip where a coat or bag might rub). Use a sweater stone or sweater comb to remove pills.
  • I’ve noticed that the coat has been sloughing off excess fibres but I expect that will taper off with time. The lightweight wool hasn’t been shedding nearly as much though.


Next up,



These Andy’s are unlike any pants I’ve ever tried. The cozy cloud-like combination of wool and alpaca has the friendly feel of fluffy flannel with the luxurious touch of cashmere. As noted on the product listing, theses pants are as wearable in the real world as they are around the house, making them uniquely poised for whatever the day may call for.

As I tend to run cold, these have been a tremendously cozy treat for the gams. It’s entirely possible that I’ll be wearing these pants every single day this winter. I’ve been pairing them with a simple, fitted tee and a block heeled boot for the moment but won’t hesitate to sub in a chunky knit and proper snow stompers when winter lands.


  • PRICE: $365 USD
  • SIZE: I’m wearing a Small regular. More on sizing below.
  • MATERIAL: Lightweight blend of 60% Climate Beneficial Wool, 40% Alpaca, domestically sourced in the US. Learn more about the wool here.
  • While the wool is lightweight, it has a considerable volume. The weave is tight enough to block the cold out and the organic waffled texture adds refinement and interest. This fabric is unique to any wool or knit pants I’ve worn before and seems to be impervious to wrinkles!
  • COLOUR: I love this fawn colour in a pant because it’s unexpected and yet manages to work with a vast array of earth tones, rich hues and of course, all the neutrals. I’d say it falls right between camel and beige and lends itself to both cool and warm palettes equally.
  • CARE: Hand wash with cold water and wool detergent. Lay flat to dry. For a sharp suiting look, press on high heat with steam and a wool clapper.
  • I probably won’t be washing these unless absolutely necessary. I’ll spot clean and since wool has natural antibacterial properties I’ll simply let them air out between wears and freshen with a wool spray. You can read more about how I care for my knitwear here.
  • PILLING: Due to wool’s short staple fibres, some pilling is to be expected in areas of high friction (inner thigh, seat or hip where a coat or bag might rub). Use a sweater stone or sweater comb to remove pills.
  • WARMTH: These are much warmer than I’d expected and extremely soft, as in, zero itch factor. I think they’ll perform very well throughout the winter months ahead. Given their roominess I can easily wear a pair of tights or thick knee socks for added insulation on particularly frigid days. I’d say these are ideal for temps anywhere from 10 C down to -15 C (50 F – 5 F) with the right layering and coat.



My current measurements (26.5 inch Waist / 37.5 inch Hip) land me pretty much right between the Small and the Medium on Elizabeth Suzann’s size chart. The regular inseam length is slightly cropped on me but I’m a bit too short for the tall inseam since the tall ends up low in the crotch and requiring a tailor to bring up the hem. A conundrum indeed!

As such, I thought it might be helpful to see how the wool Andy’s compare in size from Small to Medium. The team kindly offered to lend me a sample from the shoot to try out (so a new pair wasn’t made just for this). Below you’ll see a side by side comparison of how they fit.

The difference is subtle but significant. I liked the fit & look of both sizes but while the medium was very comfortable and gave me a touch more length in the leg, I opted for the size small. Overall the medium just felt a bit on the baggy side. I was hoping for a more tailored than relaxed fit and with a few full days of wear, the small has softened a little bit through the seat and leg to fit precisely how I’d envisioned.

For reference, I also wear a small regular in the Andy Trouser in midweight linen.

There you have my thoughts on the Clyde Trench & Andy Trouser

If you have any additional questions please feel free to share in the comments.



I was absolutely smitten with both fawn and charcoal, the two core colours that Liz chose for the CWC, so I decided to use them as the inspiration for a week of outfits. I was delighted to see how the looks could range from downright practical, even fit for a hike, to ensembles that were elevated and refined enough to grace a holiday party or an evening at the opera. Let’s have a look, shall we?


An effortless pairing of luxurious wool and minimal basics for an easy-going work day.


1 – A light colour scarf in a cozy material can do wonders to freshen up an outfit. I wear a lot of dark tones in winter so light accessories add a pop of contrast.

2 – Once October ends I never leave home without a pair of gloves. That’s less of a tip and more of a life lesson.

SOURCES: CLYDE TRENCH (wearing a Small) gifted // ANDY TROUSER (wearing a Small) gifted // IVORY SCARF gifted // WHITE LONG SLEEVE (wearing a small) // MINI DAY TOTE gifted s/o similar here // GLOVES old (linked to similar) // BEANIE gifted


Playing up an earthy palette of caramel, moss, fawn and chocolate, while using texture to create contrast and intrigue.


Wearing a fitted bodysuit under a silk top is sometimes all you need to add a bit of additional warmth while keeping the look minimal.


All winter long you’ll find me wearing knee socks or even tights under my loose or wide-leg pants. This helps to cut the draft and keeps my legs warm.

SOURCES: ANDY TROUSER (wearing a Small) gifted // CAMEL WRAP COAT (wear a small) // GEORGIA TEE (wearing an OS) // SUEDE BOOTS (on sale!) // KNEE SOCKS // IVORY SCARF gifted // LEATHER HEADBAND & BAG


This smoky, layered look is far from predictable and ready for anything.


Wearing a shawl or large scarf on the inside of a jacket adds a surprising amount of insulation without the bulk of a sweater.

SOURCES: CLYDE TRENCH (wearing S) gifted // CANADA SCARF // GREY TURTLENECK (wearing a Small) // WOOL CLYDE PANTS old (similar here) // BEANIE // RIMA BOOTS (TTS but narrow) //  BOX BAG gifted MINOR HISTORY // BELT old (similar here) // GLOVES old (linked to similar)


Making all my silky sartorial dreams a reality with this floaty look. It’s as soft as it is sultry and oversize proportions play up the drama.


I like to use the strap on a cross-body bag to keep my scarf and coat secure on windy days.


A scarf can be an intentional part of your look both indoors and out. Drape one over your shoulders when inside to add interest to a simple look and to keep in a little extra heat.

SOURCES: CLYDE TRENCH (wearing S) gifted // FAWN SCARF borrowed // LINN TEE (wearing OSM) gifted // SLEEVELESS BODYSUIT s/o (wearing M) similar here // FLORENCE PANT MOSS (wearing M Reg) // MATEA ANKLE BOOT (TTS) // LUMEN NECKLACE s/o similar here // MINI DAY TOTE gifted s/o similar here // GLOVES old (linked to similar)


Leaning into my love of brown and black with lots of cozy textures and chunky fits that are begging for a winter market or a snowy stroll in the city.


Another trick keep closure-free coats from blowing open is to use a large hair claw to secure the front. Hidden by a big scarf and further held in place by a cross-body bag, no one is the wiser!

SOURCES: COCOON COAT old (linked to similar) // ANDY TROUSER (wearing a Small) gifted // FAWN SCARF borrowed // TOBACCO CHUNKY KNIT gifted (wearing an XS/S) // VINTAGE BAG // TORTOISE HAIR CLAW // PISTOL BOOTS // TORTOISE HEADBAND


I love the way this one challenges my notions of a practical outdoorsy look. It’s every bit as ready for a forest hike as it is for a street style snap.


Backpack straps are an easy way to keep a scarf or shawl secured on your shoulders and let you go hands-free.


ES loaned me this beautiful belt to style in this post and I love how it transforms the look of the Clyde Trench. If you’d prefer less of a statement check out the Greta Belt.

SOURCES: CLYDE TRENCH (wearing a Small) gifted // FAWN SCARF & ASAWA BELT borrowed // WHITE TURTLENECK (wearing a Small) // SKINNY JEANS gifted (wearing a 27) // RACHEL BOOTS (I sized up to an 8 from my usual 7) // GREY BEANIE // BACKPACK gifted (similar here and more affordable here)


Closing out the week of looks with one that’s as ready for a visit with friends as it is for breakfast in bed!


For folks with long hair, keep your locks knot-free by tucking the ends into your coat collar. This keeps your neck cozy and avoids any scarf-induced dreadlocks at the nape of the neck.

SOURCES: CLYDE TRENCH (wearing a Small) gifted // ANDY TROUSER (wearing a Small Reg) gifted // OATMEAL CREWNECK (wearing a Small) // CARAMEL TOTE (s/o linked to similar) // IVORY SCARF & REKNIT GLOVE BOOT gifted // LUMEN NECKLACE s/o similar here


Keep an eye out for an upcoming IGTV spot that shows how all these looks came together and even more cold weather layering tricks.




PARTNERSHIP DETAILS: Huge thank you to Elizabeth Suzann for partnering on this post! As noted, some of the ES pieces shown above were gifted or loaned as part of this project. Links to the ES items shown above are not affiliated, however, this post does contain some affiliate links. This means if you see a piece you like and decide to shop via the links above I may earn a commission. Thanks for your interest in discovering and supporting the thoughtful brands that support Style Bee!

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  1. ABby says:

    Hi Lee,

    I ordered a small in the trench after reading this post and just received it. Itโ€™s VERY oversized! Just curious if you tried an XS or considered sizing down to an XS. I have the OSM in the Harper jacket too (weโ€™re similar sizes) and that still fits bulky sweaters underneath – so wondering why you decided to go with a S for this one. Thanks in advance!


    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Abby, Sorry for the delay in replying to this question. I had previously tried the Small in the Canvas version of the Clyde Trench and felt that the shoulders fit well and I liked the oversize fit for layering. Especially in the wool I wanted lots of room to wrap it around my body. I feel like the Harper OSM is still even roomier than the Small trench.

      If you feel like you’re swimming in it and would like a slimmer fit, I’m sure ES would be happy to exchange for an XS. I hope that helps!

  2. Ting Zhang says:

    Thank you so much for the styling tips, which are always helpful! Last spring I bought a Harper Jacket in Cotton Canvas for my mom, and she has been loving it. I also tried it on, and is still thinking about it. I decided to buy one for myself, but is hesitating between the cotton one and the linen one. They have their own characteristics and styles, and are so hard to decide. Any suggestion?

    For the new year, I want to make some progress on my dissertation (I’m a PhD candidate), and I hope my family, my friends and myself will be in good health. Same wishes to you too!

  3. Natalie P says:

    My favourite looks are 2, 4 and 7! The fawn Andys look so great with the moss Georgia! Us Vancouver people are organizing a meet up for December, and I can not wait to see these wool pieces in real life! They are gorgeous!

  4. Timea says:

    Thank you for this post, Lee! I love all the looks, especially Look 4 ๐Ÿ™‚
    Your cold weather outfits are so inspiring! This is my first winter in Canada. I hope I will survive the freezing temperatures.
    xo Timea

  5. Melissa says:

    Thanks so much for your review! I wish I could have this entire collection. If you had to pick one, which would you choose between the wool Clyde Trench and Cocoon Coat?

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Ohhhh that’s a tough one! I think I’d have to say that the cocoon coat is the one. If I didn’t have the original version, I’d have opted for that one in this collection, probably in Fawn. From a practicality standpoint the Clyde Trench is probably the winner but the cocoon coat is incredibly special. The kind of coat you wear for a lifetime. I hope that helps! xo

  6. Hanusia says:

    Thanks for another great post, Lee! Those pieces are absolutely stunning, and I love all of the outfits you created with them. (The pants in particular seem like the deliciously perfect mix of style and comfort.) I just moved to a much colder climate and am feeling nervous about the winter, so your cold weather layering tips are definitely going to come in handy!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks for reading Hanusia! I hope you’re settling in well and I’m glad these tips will be helpful for you. Winter can be daunting but it has its charm for sure too. xo

  7. Ellen says:

    Hi Lee,

    I love the cold weather tips! I’m getting ready to move to Alaska, so I think these ideas will come in handy. I also wanted to say thank you for your beautiful blog. I have been reading for about a year. Your blog has been my introduction to fashion and I have learned a lot, but more importantly, it is a place of beauty and serenity. I love reading your blog over a cozy breakfast with coffee on Saturday mornings, and no matter how stressful work is, your posts help me relax and always inspire. Thank you.

    Best wishes,


    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thank you for the lovely note and your readership Ellen! I really couldn’t hope for better feedback than this and I’m so happy this space serves as a positive part of your week. Means the world. xo

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thank you for your lovely note and readership Ellen! I couldn’t hope for better feedback and I’m so glad this space serves as a positive part of your week. Means the world. Good luck with your move to Alaska! xo

  8. Mirella says:

    Love love love everything about this post. Was hanging out for your CWC post and it did not disappoint! Absolutely adore these ES pieces on you. Alas they are not in my budget but maybe one day…. I hope you enjoy and cherish them! X

  9. Bettina says:

    Hi Lee, thanks so much for this dreamy blog post! When I saw on instagram what the new subject was, I was so looking forward to taking some time to dive into the post, which I just did. Your pictures are beautiful and the outfits you put together are absolutely breathtaking, and no it’s not an exaggeration. The colors, the combination of the items, it looks absolutely perfect and it did give me lots of ideas to style for the colder season! It’s also going to make me think even more about these ES pieces, they all seem to incredible to wear! Just had a question, are you really wearing the Clyde Trench in look 6? Because the sleeves seem a lot different from the other photos with the same coat. I don’t know if it’s because they’re juste folded, but they also look wider and made me think of the cocoon coat.
    Just out of curiosity, what made you choose the Clyde Trench and not the cocoon coat? I really like both, was just wondering what your take on that one is.
    Thanks again for sharing and congrats on this great collaboration!

    • bettina says:

      …I meant, in look 5, not 6! Are you wearing the Clyde Trench in look 5 was my question, just got the numbers mixed up with so many outfit ideas!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Bettina! Thank you for this thoughtful feedback on the post, I so appreciate you taking the time to dig in and I’m so glad it inspired some ideas for you.

      You’re absolutely right that the coat in Look 6 is not the Clyde Trench, sorry about that! The one I’m wearing is the original Cocoon coat from the 2016 release. Still one of my most treasured pieces from ES. I’ll swap out that link now, thanks for catching that!

      I love the Cocoon Coat but felt the trench would be more casual and practical for the cold here since the collar is a bit fuller, the sleeves are longer and the shape of the coat seems to wrap the frame a bit more. I also felt the trench would lend itself to being belted more easily. The Cocoon shape is incredibly beautiful though and really makes for an elegant statement.


  10. Nipa says:

    Even with all the fashion research I do, I always find brands that are new to me, in your posts! Wish I could afford this one as I love the coat and belt. Also, I was really happy to see that you use Laundress products, as I just ordered a number of products from them (Sorry, I did it before I saw your posts, otherwise would have used your links!) xo Nipa

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Ah, that’s awesome Nipa! Love the Laundress line. I’ve had one bottle of the shampoo for years and all you need is a tiny drop to spot clean so much! It works wonders on my lighter knitwear that shows stains easier. Not to mention the glorious scent! You’re so kind to consider the links, no worries! xo

  11. Julia says:

    Thank you so much for this review! Do you think it would work to reverse the colors with the outfits you put together? Having the trench in the light color and the pants in black?

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Julia, Yes, I think the reverse combo would be gorgeous! I LOVE the Clyde Trench in Fawn and I think the pants in the Charcoal would be really great as well. I love that the colour options are so lean because it makes it easy to mix and match! Hope that helps. xo

  12. Pamela says:

    Great cold weather ideas, thank you. I spend time in both AB & BC during winter so very helpful to have lesser-cold and greater-cold weather options. I am also between sizes on the Andy, in that I take a Small but since I’m 5′ 9″ the Tall version is good for length, but since most of my height is in my legs (I’m a 33 inch jean inseam) the crotch of the Tall ends up hanging low, which worries me in a thicker fabric like this wool. Do you have any thoughts on the Andy? Having actually tried it, is there enough hem length on the Small Regular to let down the length so my legs don’t freeze in winter? ๐Ÿ™‚ p.s. I love seeing your face smiling directly at the camera in this post, your loveliness shines through.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      So glad these ideas are helpful Pamela! We go back and forth a bit between the west coast and Ontario so it’s always tricky to rethink how to dress for such varied climates.

      Totally get your sizing conundrum as I’ve found the same with the Tall crotch falling lower than I like. I’m wearing the SR Andy’s now and checked the bottom hem but I don’t think you’d be able to get much more length as there’s not much additional material in the existing hem. You could try the Tall and see how it feels. The fabric is very soft so the inner thigh seam isn’t scratchy. I hope that helps!

      Thanks for the kind note on that photo! I allllmost nixed it but felt like it best conveyed how I was feeling during the shoot ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Kat Foster says:

    Thanks for the styling post – it’s giving me ideas on how to style my similar Japanese wool overcoat that I picked up at Value Village for a few bucks. And of course your colour palette is a dream! I love the look of the new ES pieces but my pulse started noticeably racing when I saw the prices, especially with the conversion to Canadian dollars and factoring in inevitable customs charges…$700-1100+ for an overcoat with cropped sleeves that’s essentially indoors only just isn’t practical in Canada…but in Nashville winter, sure.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks for reading Kat! I’m so glad that this post gave you some styling inspo. That was my goal for this one as I realize that ES isn’t in everyone’s budget or practical for every closet. Stay cozy out there! xo