It’s been quite some time since my last Life Lately post and I’m excited to share that they’ll be returning on a regular monthly basis!

I really enjoy sharing these candid captures of life beyond style content. Essentially, they’re my version of a #photodump, just here on the blog instead social media. I hope you’ll join me for a look back at some of the highlights from the first month of 2022!


An improvised standing desk.
Coffee on the summit of Steep Hill.
The thinking rock. A perfect spot for pondering life and making plans.
A frozen lake.
Snowy winter mornings.
Steep Hill Cottage looking cute and covered in snow.
Project scheming with Ruhl Builds.
A trillion perfect snowflakes.
Pine needles and fire wood.
Frosted windows.
A cold evening skate.
A setting sun.
A full moon.
A bit of colour.
Candle light.
Face Masks.
Finger foods.
Hair plans.
Doubling up on head warmers and turtlenecks.

A winter bear.

A lazy lioness.

Daily fire devotion.
Winter walks.

Selfie silliness.

The road home.

Thanks for tuning in!

What was the main theme of your January?

Leave me a comment here!

  1. Mary Grogan says:

    Simply beautiful pictures! Always appreciate your newsletter.

  2. Annalise says:

    The frozen lake is absolutely gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing such wonderful photos, I love them! <3

  3. Rya says:

    I moved to Florida, but these photos actually make me miss the snow! Just lovely and cozy.

  4. Dreams and Zeros says:

    Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing! x

  5. Kirra says:

    Thanks for sharing all these photos. The snow looks lovely but the frozen lake is amazing! It must be really cold to freeze a lake.
    I love your pets, they look very settled and seem to be enjoying winter despite the cold. Hope you did too!

  6. Sharon Stanley says:

    Oh Lee! These pictures are (most) everything I love about Winter…my favorite season second only to Fall. If there were cows and my people and pets it’d be perfect (you can take the girl outta the farm but you can’t take the farm outta the girl!). Your photography skills are brilliant because you capture a feeling with each pic. Given the choice I’d take the kitty’s life (Evie? I think). Beautiful!