Style Bee - Fall 10 x 10 Challenge - 2016

FALL 10 x 10 – 2016


Yay! Friday has arrived, it’s a long weekend here in Canada and I’m so excited to be kicking off a Fall edition of the 10 x 10 Challenge! I’d really wanted to do a Summer series but the season got away from me so I’m extra psyched about this one. I’ve done quite a few variations of this challenge before (Spring 10×10 2015 | Summer 20×20 | Fall 12×12 2015 | Spring 10×10 2016) but I keep coming back to it each season because I find it super useful and a ton of fun. I’ve got all the details below about what’s involved, my 10 items, why you should try it, other blogger inspo and how to participate.

Now let’s get started!

Style Bee - Fall 10 x 10 Challenge - 2016


The best part about the 10 x 10 Challenge is how simple it is. 

  • Pick 10 items from your closet.
  • Style them into 10 looks.
  • Give yourself 10 days to do it. 

That’s it!

Now, no one’s going to be jumping down your throat if you bend these rules a little. It’s supposed to be fun, enjoyable and thought provoking not frustrating or confining. It’s really just about about getting creative and pushing your style boundaries a little more than you normally would.

Accessories like jewelry, bags, hats and scarves are extra and you can totally keep your workout gear separate too.


The only part that takes a tiny bit of consideration (like less than 10 minutes) is the initial items you choose. It’s entirely up to you but a good starting point would be something like:

  • 4 TOPS
  • 1 DRESS
  • 2 SHOES

Don’t overthink it or it will feel forced. Add another shoe and ditch the dress or switch a top for a skirt! You should definitely pick the pieces you’re excited to wear!

COLOUR: I usually opt for neutrals with 1 pattern and a pop of colour from 2 categories like a top and a pair of shoes. But if you want to get cray with tones, patterns and prints, go for it!

WEATHER: Check that forecast. I’ve had some seriously chilly times when I underestimated mother nature’s fickle ways. Not this time though!

LIFESTYLE: You’re much less likely to cheat if you pick items that suit the activities you do most. For me that’s working in the studio, running errands, walking Dobby, casual meetings and dinner with friends/family. Nothing super glam or overly formal. If you work in a more corporate office setting that’s ok too! Consider trying a 10×10 for work and then let loose in the evenings.

SHAPES: Lastly, you’ll just want to opt for items that interchange well in terms of silhouettes. Keep in mind whether something is high waisted, tucks in, layers easy etc.

WORKSHEET – Use the simple 1 page worksheet to jot down your thoughts and takeaways from the experience!

Style Bee - Fall 10 x 10 Challenge - 2016


While I didn’t want to overthink my choices, I did try to focus on pieces I would actually wear on an average day (like this outfit). Items that are currently weather appropriate and would be comfortable during my day-to-day activities. The weather here fluctuates a lot so I tried to grab items that would be easy to layer and give me flexibility with varying temps. Looks like highs will range from 20ºC to 14ºC (which is gorgeous Fall weather for us) and lows will range from 11ºC to 6ºC (which is definitely chilly!).

Confession: I found this challenge the hardest one to choose for yet. After 2 years of this lean closet mission I think I might actually be close to a point where I love everything in my wardrobe, so I really felt like I was leaving things out this time, whereas before it was much simpler. I digress…

So here’s what I chose:

Style Bee - Fall 10 x 10 Challenge - 2016

1 | NEWBURY BOOTS (OLD 4 yrs +) by Rag & Bone – I’ve had these boots for so long now and they’re still a favourite of mine. They’re classic, super comfortable and give you legs like a ballet dancer. I bought them when they were made in the USA but they’re now made in China (same price though of course). Similar Responsibly Made Versions: Everlane | Fortress of Inca | Rachel Comey | ATP Atelier 

2 | STRIPED 3/4 SLEEVE TEE (n/a OLD 2 yrs +) from Joe Fresh – A cheap old impulse buy that turned into a closet hero. To be honest I’m surprised this top is still in such good shape but I hand wash and hang dry so that might be why. Here are a few responsibly made versions worth looking into! Responsibly Made Versions: Everlane | Amour Vert | The Great

3 | CLYDE PANTS (OLD 1 yr +) by Elizabeth Suzann – I love these pants and wear them all the time but I find myself feeling self-conscious about my hips when I wear them in photos, time to remedy that! I’ll get into sizing and fit in the outfit post.

Style Bee - Fall 10 x 10 Challenge - 2016

4 | OLIVE TUNIC (n/a OLD 1 yr +) by Elizabeth Suzann – Favourite cold weather item. I wore this in last years Fall 12 x 12 and had to bring it back for this one. Lots more to say about this hero soon! Responsibly Made Versions: Everlane (in Grey and Navy) | Eileen Fisher (many colours) | Jamie + The Jones (olive tunic with short sleeves) | Black Crane (beautiful shape and cement colour)

5 | TURTLENECK (n/a OLD 2 yrs +) from Zara – I have this sweater in 2 colours and wear it A LOT during the FW months. It’s great for layering and staying cozy without any bulk but it’s on it’s last legs so I wanted to give it some limelight. Responsibly Made Versions: Betina Lou (love these and made in Canada!)| Everlane | Amour Vert (black and striped)

6 | MODERN LOAFERS (NEW) c/o Everlane – LOVE these shoes so much. They’re the perfect touch of menswear chic that my closet needed. More on fit and such in the post.

Style Bee - Fall 10 x 10 Challenge - 2016

7 | SWING DRESS (NEW) c/o Sotela – I can’t get enough of this amazing dress. It’s seriously SO comfy and versatile. I’ll divulge more when I style it.

8 | BLAZER COAT (n/a NEW) by Reformation – I looked for a structured, but not too structured, simple, black coat for so long and I managed to nab this beauty on mega sale. I’m calling it a blazer/coat because it’s the perfect in-between layer. Other Responsibly Made Versions: Everlane (very similar overcoat)Everlane (unstructured coat) | Objects Without Meaning (long and navy) | Rag & Bone (blazer) | Soft Joie (light + casual) |

9 | T-SWEATER (currently n/a OLD 1 yr +) by Jamie + the Jones – It’s my personal belief  that everyone should have this sweater in their closet. I honestly can’t go a week without wearing it. It will be back in stock soon but here are a couple Responsibly Made Versions: Elizabeth Suzann (Eva Top) | Amour Vert (cable knit) | Base Range (sweatshirt) |

10 | SKINNY JEANS (OLD 1 yr +) c/o AYR – Easily the most slimming pants I’ve ever worn. Thicker than a jegging but softer than a jean and I love the super dark indigo blue.

For this challenge I really wanted to test these looks in real life but since I can’t shoot an outfit post every day this is what I decided to do:

  • Shoot outfits 1-5 this weekend. 
  • Post about 1 look each day during the week with all the details, deliberations etc.
  • Share the ‘real-life’ version on my Insta Stories each day as proof that I’m really wearing it. There is a good chance it won’t look identical to the post but I’m alright with that.
  • Repeat for looks 6-10 the following week. 
  • Full recap to be published on October 24th.

My goal is to wear only these 10 items all the way through (starting Monday), even on days when there is no post. So technically my 10 items will have to stretch over 12 days unless I cheat on the weekend, but I’m cool with that. Hope that sounds good!

Style Bee - Fall 10 x 10 Challenge - 2016


Good question. I love this exercise and think it’s absolutely worthwhile for everyone, whether you’re into capsules and lean closets or not! Here’s why:

  1. CLARITY – It’s remarkable that everyone I’ve seen take this challenge has noted how much it helped them streamline their sense of personal style. You will quickly see how little you really need to have a distinct style that feels genuine and unique to you but still offers a lot of versatility.
  2. CREATIVITY – This little exercise forces you to get creative without feeling confined or spending any money. The time frame is short so there’s no stress about missing out on other outfits and you get to really test the limits of the ones you have. I’ve yet to come across someone who didn’t discover an outfit they would have never tried otherwise but ended up loving.
  3. INSIGHTS – It’s a super simple way to reaffirm the looks you love to wear, discover 1 or 2 new ones that you can return to and rule out anything you’ve been tempted to try but didn’t love. It’s also a great way to approach packing for travel or to try your hand at a mini capsule closet.

WORKSHEET – Use the simple 1 page worksheet to jot down your thoughts and takeaways from the experience!

Need more convincing? These ladies have all done a 10 x 10 Challenge and shared tons of wonderful insights and takeaways from their experience. Check out Caroline’s Fall Closet Remix over on Un-Fancy (can’t wait for our winter remix!), a great Summer 10 x 10 from Andrea of Seasons + Salt and Paige of Style This Life and I loved how simple Bay to Baltic kept her looks too. All worth a look and definitely peruse the #stylebee10x10, and #unfancyremix hashtags for more real-life documentation.

Style Bee - Fall 10 x 10 Challenge - 2016


This challenge officially kicks off on Monday October 10th so you’ve got all weekend to decide if you’re going to join and, if so, which 10 items you’re going to include. If you do decide to try it, which I hope you do, be sure to tag your posts with #stylebee10x10 so I can find you and share some favourites when I wrap up at the end! It’s a great way to connect with other lean closet-ers doing their own 10 x 10 and such a fun source for inspiration. Hope to see you there!


Style Bee - Fall 10 x 10 Challenge - 2016



This post contains affiliate links. When you shop via the links above I may make a small commission from a sale. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Style Bee! 

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  1. Amanda says:

    Oh boo, I wish I’d seen this last week. I’ll probably choose 10 pieces tomorrow and play along late by myself, haha.
    Love your picks! Fall is a tricky time. When I was pregnant I did a 3-month fall capsule wardrobe (with more than 10 pieces ;)) and ended up wearing the same outfits all September because it was so warm. Splitting up the year into 4 capsules is hard in Canada – well, in my parts at least – because of the temperature fluctuations. I think Dec/Jan/Feb, March/April/May, etc, make the most sense. Wow, that was a tangent. Sorry 😉 Off to check out your most recent 10×10 posts!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hey Amanda, You can start at any time! But it is definitely a lot of fun to participate with everyone. We’re going to be doing a winter 10×10 (most likely in January) so maybe consider joining then?

      I know what you mean about the seasons. This September was SUPER warm where I am too (S. Ont) but it’s gotten pretty chilly over the last two weeks. For once we’re actually getting real Fall weather and I’m loving it! xo

      Ps. Tangents always welcome!

  2. Andrea H says:

    Hi Lee!

    I love the color palette you have going on here, sooo good. I can’t wait to see your outfits! 🙂 I’d love to join in on the winter round, let me know when(ish) you think you might be doing that!

    Thanks for the shoutout 😉

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Andrea! I will absolutely let you know! This one was a little last minute but we’ll have lots of lead time for winter. Likely early January (during which I’ll be on a shopping fast no doubt haha). Xo

  3. Paige says:

    I can’t wait to see how these items come together for your 10 outfits! I may just see if I can put something together and join you – we still have such warm temps, I feel like I’ve barely gotten into my fall wardrobe, but it would be a fun way to kick of the season. The J+J sweater is on my wishlist, can’t wait to see the new one. And, thanks for the shout out! 🙂

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Paige! I know, it only just got cold enough for most of these items, but an extended Summer is never a bad thing for us up in Winter Land haha. Hope you can join but if not the Winter Session will be great too! You’ll LOVE the J+J sweater, I have no doubt 🙂 xo

  4. Love that you’re doing this and sharing! Just finished following the Unfancy 10×10 on her blog and IG…and looking forward to following another round here!

    My schedule is very intense this fall, so I’m debating whether to join in…but even if not, reading the posts is a huge place of fun and ease for me these days. My own wardrobe is super-small – I most likely do 10×10 much of the time without meaning to. If I join, a key motivation would be wearing MORE pieces than I usually wear…in the process expanding the edges of my comfort zone slightly while remaining mostly “me” and comfortable.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Yay! Thanks Dana! So glad to hear that. I learned so much following Caroline’s remix so I think it’s valuable whether you take part or not. I love that you’d be coming at it from a different perspective, to wear more. If you can’t join in this Fall then you can totally join in during the Winter session! We’ll give lots of heads up! xo

  5. Kat says:


    I’m so excited to do this challenge with you! I plan on picking items very similar to yours- except the Clyde pants, not sure I’ll ever be able to rock something like that! Also, it’s really obvious that you read all the comments and really took your reader’s wishes too heart ❤. That’s the reason you’re my favorite bloggerand I check your site everyday!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Kat, Thanks so much! So happy to hear you’re on board for the 10 x 10. YAY! Excited to dig in on Monday 🙂 Have a great weekend. xo

  6. Christina says:

    I am new to your blog and am enjoying looking through all of the posts. I look forward to seeing how you style your outfits. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Alyssa says:

    Hi! Currently working through my own 10×10 this week after Caroline finished hers last week, and I was inspired by the learnings. I’ve already gotten so much out of this project by day 5, and I’m SO happy — it gives me not only a lot of clarity on what will ACTUALLY be practical to buy, but I’ve also gotten some insight on how I really feel about certain items in my closet. For example, I included a pair of my Swedish Hasbeen cutout clogs that I bought second-hand and while they are so flattering on and I love their look, they actually don’t work in my day-to-day life at all, and I notice that I’m significantly less happy with my outfits when I try to work them in. SO, this morning I gave myself permission to swap out the shoes for something more practical, and am SO much happier for it.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Alyssa, this is the best kind of feedback to read! Thank you for sharing! I’m so glad you’ve found the 10×10 exercise helpful and discovered such a significant insight about your style. I think shoes are a common week point in lean closets (and wardrobes in general). You want to love certain pairs but sometimes they’re just not quite right. I can’t tell you how many different ‘pumps’ I’ve tried to love haha. Keep at it lady! xo