Style Bee Fall Foundation Closet

Fall Foundation Recap


Remember, like forever ago, when I did a Fall Foundation capsule closet comprised of 12 items and then styled them into 12 different looks? Well, if you do awesome, but if not no worries because today I’m taking a look back through all the items and outfits and assessing how successful my third foundation capsule was.

If I’ve learned anything from these exercises it’s that a lot of planning and a lot of honesty make for the best closet. I’ve also come to accept that I probably won’t ever have the ‘perfect wardrobe’. BUT all dreams need not be crushed! Really, I’ve just had to acknowledge that fact because my definition of what a perfect wardrobe looks like is always evolving. And now that I’ve admitted that thought I feel so relieved. You mean I don’t actually have to have this whole thing figured out? Ha!

So let’s take a quick look at the 12 pieces I included in the Fall Foundation Capsule.

Style Bee Fall Foundation Closet


I started this capsule by outlining why I picked each item so I thought it would be worthwhile to re-review now that I’ve worn them all a few times. So here’s my honest assessment of each:

  1. Green Tunic – This is by far my favourite top right now. I’ve worn it easily 20 times already and won’t be slowing down anytime soon!
  2. Flares – I loved these jeans even more than my summer version. But if we’re being particular (which I am), I wish the inseam was ever so slightly longer. They work with my lowest boots but that’s all.
  3. Grey Tee – Still one of the comfiest tees ever. I only wore it twice on the blog but a lot of other times behind the scenes.
  4. Leather Jacket (similar) – So, I love my leather jacket but I really don’t wear it that much. I think it’s partly because of the fickle weather we have and partly because of the silhouette. It just feels a little boxy and cropped sometimes.
  5. White Long Sleeve – This is such a good staple. I actually wore it yesterday while I was writing this. No complaints!
  6. Rachel Comey Boots – These were my biggest investment this season and I don’t regret it for a second! I ordered 1/2 a size smaller than usual and they’ve melded to my feet perfectly. I love the colour and the heel height is perfect for all day wear.
  7. Long Dress (black version) – So I LOVE this dress, I really do, but I just don’t think the fit is quite right for me. The fabric is an actual dream but the hem is just a little too tight for my power walking ways and I felt a little self conscious about how wide the pockets made my hips.
  8. Sweater Cape – I wear this fella on the daily. It’s a hit! I just wish it wasn’t such a magnet for corgi fur!
  9. Striped Tee – This tee has been on major repeat all season. I love the thickness and the cropped length so much!
  10. Plaid Pea Coat – This coat is one of my favourite collaboration pieces to date. It’s been a great addition.
  11. Pumps (similar) – I love these heels and they always get compliments but I only had one or two occasions to wear them in real life this season.
  12. Black Skinnies – As you know, I think these jeans are awesome! I tried the straight leg instead of skinny this time and while I think it’s very flattering, I’m still either a flares or skinny leg girl at heart.

So there you have my candid thoughts on every piece I chose. If I was repeating this capsule again next Fall I’d probably switch out 3 or 4 pieces but otherwise I was really content with my options. Overall, I’d give this foundation capsule a B+.

New let’s take a quick look at all the outfits I managed to make from those 12 items.

Style Bee Fall Foundation Closet


These were easily my 4 favourite looks from the capsule. I judged their merit by not only the visual outcome but the comfort and confidence I felt when wearing each one. Because we all know it doesn’t matter how great something might look, if you don’t feel great, it’s not a keeper. I suppose these are technically my two Fall uniforms. Long sweaters, boots and jeans for the WIN!

Style Bee Fall Foundation Closet


Well, since I’m being honest here, I’m not entirely sure. I have plans to do a Winter Foundation capsule in the new year but after that I’m planning to reassess my whole approach and Closet Mission. Not in a scrap it and start over kind of way, more in a streamlining sort of way. My goal is to create a system to make curating a fabulous small closet a really simple and rewarding experience. Until then I’ll be sharing a bit about my switch to natural beauty and skincare, interviews with a couple amazing new makers and lots of other good Style Bee stuff!

As always, thanks for reading and joining me here in this tiny corner of the interwebs!


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  1. Mun says:

    I just love the idea of a capsule wardrobe but I do need courage to pull it off. Maybe it could be one of my closet goals next year. Let’s see.

  2. karine s says:

    As someone who is trying to follow your closet missions and replicate my own behind the scenes, I appreciate your candid feedback on your favorite pieces, pieces that just didn’t work, etc. Scaling back my closet and making purchases to fit an overall goal has made getting dressed so much more effortless, but I can’t say every piece I thought I ‘needed’ I truly did- so I’m happy to know I’m not the only one! And thank you for recommending the Rachel Comey Mars boot- I just invested in a pair and similar to her tulip sandals I bought this summer, they are perfection!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Karine, That’s so great to hear! I like how you describe your closet additions as ‘purchases to fit an overall goal’. Such a good way to put it. I’m so glad you’ve loved your Mars Boots. Rachel Comey is by far my favourite shoe designer 🙂 xo

  3. Jodie says:

    Love the recap!
    It’s Thanksgiving here tomorrow, and I’am thinking I’ll go with my version of the gray tee outfit- thanks for the inspiration.
    When’s your winter capsule coming out?
    Has it stopped snowing there?
    I’am still doing no shopping.. Might go into 2016. This month was my birthday so I got a few items and with Hanukkah/ Christmas next month I’ll get a few things too…
    Makes it s lot easier!
    Have a great week.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Jodie! Thanks so much my love! It’s stopped snowing here but I know it’s only temporary. Good for you on the no shopping! Not an easy thing to maintain throughout this crazy season. I’ve been pretty good too actually, I picked up a swimsuit from Hackwith for my February Coast Rica trip and I just ordered pants from Elizabeth Suzann’s Holiday collection. Might grab a few things over this weekend but I’m definitely not feeling as though I NEED to be shopping which is great. Winter capsule is likely to be ready at the start of January! xo