Style Bee - Look 25

Look 25 – Céline


Style Bee - Look 25

When it comes to high-end designer fashion I’m almost 100% content to just admire from afar and accept that I will never actually own any of it. Whether it’s the season’s must-have Chloé bag or a perfect pair of Manolos I remain relatively unstirred. But one label I covet without reprieve is Céline. To me, the brand embodies minimalism at it’s finest, keen attention to the most minute detail, femininity with function and timeless, clean lines that will never be anything but chic. The only thing standing between me and a Céline bag is my budget *whimper* but one day I plan to visit Paris and make one of those babies mine. While that dream is a long way from reality, after months of coveting a pair of Marta Sunnies (with Havana frames and green lenses, to be exact), I have finally checked them off the wish list!

This realization came about when Smart Buy Glasses got in touch to collaborate on a post. I’ve declined a few partnerships from sunglass retailers before because I make it a mandate not to feature anything on the blog that I wouldn’t buy myself. But before I even realized Céline’s were an option, I was blown away by their selection of classic designer frames (Ray-Ban, Persol, Tom Ford to name a few) and their prices are easily the best I’ve seen in Canadian $. But there they were. The perfect Marta’s, just waiting for me and all my heart eyes. The deal was sealed, they arrived within 48 hours and were on my face in mere moments.

Style Bee - Look 25 Style Bee - Look 25

These frames are what Dave would say are, ‘Serious business’, meaning they’re large and in charge but I love it! I’ve been feeling as though my style has simplified enough at this point that it could handle just the right amount of drama and boldness. I took them for their first official outings this weekend at a friend’s wedding and again for a Sunday evening date night. I decided that they’d make their blog debut with a few of my favourite summer items (white denim and linen stripes) that I’m transitioning into fall with a chic black coat and black boots.

So if you’re in the market for new sunnies, definitely have a look at the Smart Buy selection. SO many options for prescription frames and contacts too, all at really great prices.

Style Bee - Look 25 Style Bee - Look 25 Style Bee - Look 25 Style Bee - Look 25 Style Bee - Look 25

Céline Marta Sunnies c/o Smart Buy Glasses | Coat + Top old Elizabeth Suzann (coat in grey | solid tee) | Tank Everlane | Denim Madewell | Boots Acne Studios | Bag Cuyana

Thanks to Smart Buy Glasses for partnering on the post, as always all opinions are my own. Thanks as well to my love for taking these pics!


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  1. Andrea H says:

    These are gorgeous! Oozing style for sure. How did you know they would work for your face? Or did you try them on previously? I worry about ordering sunglasses online because of that.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Andrea! SmartBuyGlasses provides the lens width of each model so I based it on previous frames I’ve worn and liked the look of. These were 46mm (which isn’t huge) but the frames are thick so they end up looking oversize, which I was going for. Generally I stick to lenses that are under 49 mm since I have a narrow face. Hope that helps! xo

  2. Abbi says:

    I 100% agree. Celine gets me every time!! Love these on you :)!

  3. Ashley says:

    I absolutely LOVE these sunnies (and this look)! So adorable!

  4. b. says:

    i have the céline caty’s. black on black.

    put it this way :

    my husband ran them over in what was one of the top-three worst days i’ve ever had, ever. i loved them so. so. so much.

    he gave me a new pair, out of season, and hard to find, on that next birthday. he knew what was good for him. 🙂

    • Lee the Bee says:

      The Caty’s were also on my list! Black on black is chic A.F. 🙂 Your husband is a smart man. Celine’s don’t get run over without consequences! haha

  5. Katie says:

    Get it gurl! Those sunnies are fly as hell!!! I love me some Céline too. Love. L.O.V.E. A Céline accessory can literally supercharge the most basic outfit. I have a pair of Céline sunnies as well, and they are the ONLY pair of sunglasses I have and use at this point. Because I need no other. They are so perfect, and if you take good care of them, will last a long time. I’ve had my pair for two years now, and they still look fab!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Haha! Amazing! Celine bags are seriously the holy grail of accessories! I’m in love with these sunnies and they feel like they’ll last a long time too. Now I just need to not loose them! :s Thanks Katie!! xoxo

  6. Amie says:

    I just got a pair of big and bold Dolce and Gabbana’s from SmartBuyGlasses. I love them! I love the Celine’s, but every time I seem to try sunnies with thick frames, they seem to overwhelm my face. 🙁

    I know you’re not wearing any in this post — but I wanted your input on “gold” jewelry. I’m in no position to be investing in solid gold, but I’ve been on the hunt for some gold toned layering necklaces. Research indicates that gold plated seems to be the worst quality, but that’s all I seem find and its not like it’s always super cheap either. I had one pair fade and turn bronze on me within a couple wears. Suggestions on what to look for and your experience?

    • Lee the Bee says:

      That’s awesome that you’ve had luck with Smart Buy Glasses! I hadn’t heard of them before but Dave said he had been perusing their site for a while. So many great options! I think because I have a prominent nose and forehead I can get away with thicker frames. One of the few things a big nose is good for haha!

      I recommend looking for gold filled pieces rather than gold plated. It’s definitely my preference as it holds up way better and doesn’t tarnish or leave your skin green. Another option for gold-plated pieces is to put clear nail polish on the surfaces that touch your skin, like the inside of a ring, so it acts as sort of a sealant, but I have only done that a few times and can’t promise it will work! As you know I love Laite Atelier for minimal gold pieces (she uses gold filled) and I also really like Hart + Stone (from BC) for simple everyday pieces and stacking rings.

      Hope that helps! xo

    • Nicola says:

      I second the statement on gold filled. Basically what that means is that there is a larger coating of actual gold. You can get it in different carats. There are guidelines protecting the terminology “gold filled” that say it has to be 5% of the weight.

      Gold plated and gold finish can mean pretty much anything and can be a whole lot of different metals.

      If you want to replace just the chains of a piece I really like the product and prices of Rio Grande. They have yellow and rose gold filled chain and eateries.

      (I used to work in a bead store)

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks for your insight on gold filled Nicola! Much appreciated xo