Style Bee - Fall - Look 9

Fall Foundation – Look 9


Style Bee - Fall - Look 9

Whenever I’m not sure what to wear or what level of dress the occasion calls for, I opt for black and white. And it has yet to let me down. It’s one of those rare style tricks that works for any size, age, ethnicity or even gender. The funny thing is, whenever I wear an all black and white look, someone always seems to use the word ‘chic’ to describe it and I think we all know how much I love that word (too much albeit). Come to think of it maybe that’s why I love this combo!

Of course, black and white looks are a tried and true go-to for many of us but sometimes the harsh contrast can come off as cold or uninviting. Frankly, I’m ok with that, but I like how this look has a few casual elements that help soften it up. For example the light-weight, loose fitting tee could just as easily be paired with ripped denim and chucks. A combination of textures with buttery leather and a calf-hair clutch add some intrigue. Little details go a long way too, like rolling up your jacket sleeves to add another pop of white or wearing a gold necklace to add just a hint of warmth.

So next time you’re in doubt about what to wear, maybe try a straight up black and white look and see how it feels!

Style Bee - Fall - Look 9 Style Bee - Fall - Look 9 Style Bee - Fall - Look 9 Style Bee - Fall - Look 9 Style Bee - Fall - Look 9


Style Bee - Fall - Look 9

Leather Jacket old (love this one, this one and a faux option here) | Everlane Tee | Yoga Jeans via Grey Rock (available soon in black, indigo here) | Primecut Clutch | Necklace c/o Kathy Welsh | Shoes old from Loeffler Randall (love these) | Celine Sunglasses c/o SmartBuyGlasses (similar option for less here) | Nails RGB Dove 



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  1. Jodie says:

    Black and white for the win!

  2. Kate says:

    I had a conversation with one of my classmates a few weeks ago about how it can be intimidating to approach someone who looks really put together when you might not be feeling great about how you look. I think that might actually be part of the intimidation that people feel with black and white ensembles – whenever you wear black and white you look more put together and therefore more, as you say, chic. And that totally intimidates people! It’s a bold move in a time where color is everywhere. For me though, black and white is like home base that I venture out from by adding a bright scarf or cardigan. So this outfit hits home to me- it’s classic, clean, and still a little funky. Those shoes add such a killer accent! The white heel is very unexpected. Love it!