Style Bee - March Vibes '16

March Vibes ’16


Style Bee - March Vibes '16

Well that’s that! We’re 1/4 of the way through the year already. GAH! These months are going by way too fast and I doubt that’ll be changing anytime soon. As much as I’m excited for what’s ahead I don’t want to wish away the days so let’s take a quick look back at the busy month of March. 

Style Bee - March Vibes '16

While the days are zooming by at super speed I’ve been trying to ‘live the little things’ and make note of the everyday beauty around me, which usually means capturing dancing daylight, sultry shadows and of course, lots of flowers and plants! Natural light + pretty plant life is easily one of my favourite combinations to see. As such, I’ve basically surrounded myself with little green friends and rarely endure a whole week without some pretty petals on my desk. Dave says no surface is safe from my plant hoarding and it’s true! I suppose I could have much less visually appealing hoarding habits though.

Style Bee - March Vibes '16


I was a major homebody during March, even more than usual, but I’m okay with that. I think a lot of people gravitate towards their home base during the winter/spring season change. It’s a time to refresh, reorganize and clear out the homestead for the longer, brighter days ahead. For me there is really nothing as satisfying as a clean, decluttered house (or at a least a few rooms) to enjoy.

Dave’s been working his butt off on the kitchen and bathroom reno and it’s finally at a point where I can really see it coming together. He just finished tiling the shower and the backsplash and they look amazing. It’s pretty crazy what a little grout can do! There’s a sneak peek of the shower niche below.

Style Bee - March Vibes '16 Style Bee - March Vibes '16



I had the opportunity to so some styling and photography for Urban Outfitters Beauty last month and it was a blast. One of the perks of the project was that I got to keep all the products and test them out. I must say Rosebirch + Co. is a really fabulous, all natural line of bath and skincare products. I’ve been particularly loving the Facial Scrub, Bath Soak and Body Oil.

Style Bee - March Vibes '16 Style Bee - March Vibes '16

I also had the pleasure of working on a feature for The Style Line. The piece was all about my hometown, Guelph and all my go-to spots around the city. I had the chance to work with Jacklyn Barber, a super talented photographer who’s work I’ve admired for a long time. We had a blast hopping around to cafes, flower shops and our fave vintage spot. Check out the whole post here.

Style Bee - March Vibes '16

I also had the chance to style 3 looks for a collaboration with FASHION + Hudson’s Bay featuring pieces from three of the season’s upcoming trends. My favourite was the ‘Street Style’ look below. I styled a pair of Levi’s distressed denim with some simple sneakers, stripes and a chic backpack for a casual urban vibe.

My interview game was tested a lot this month. Answering insightful questions is a tough but rewarding exercise as it makes you stop and really think about what you’re up to.   I was honoured to be featured as part of Garmentory’s ‘Women We Love’ series where they interview stylish ladies and dig a bit deeper into their connection to fashion. You can read the interview here and check out the latest instalment with Elise Joseph, one of my long-time style muses.

I guess it’s fair to say I got around this month! 

Style Bee - March Vibes '16


My little prince has been loving his extra long walks and filthy fetch sessions lately. This rainy weather means mud and this little low rider sure kicks up a lot onto that furry belly. Luckily he’s starting to come around to the term ‘bath’. Basically it means he gets a bunch of attention, kisses and a treat for good behaviour. His life seems impossibly hard, doesn’t it?

Style Bee - March Vibes '16


I sort of dropped the ball on documenting my style this month, especially when it comes to flat lays. Honestly, I was mostly wearing rain boots, skinnies and turtlenecks but these are a few of my prouder sartorial moments.

Style Bee - March Vibes '16 Style Bee - March Vibes '16

SPRING 10 x 10 

I’m so excited to be doing another 10 x 10 challenge next month! It was such a fun exercise last spring and I felt it was a great way to show how much you can do with a super lean wardrobe. Here’s a little sneak peek at what I’m planning. White, black, olive and burgundy are getting involved and I love it! Stay tuned for the full first post which goes live April 11th.

Style Bee - March Vibes '16

Oh and SAILOR PANTS!! I am beyond obsessed with these wide legged, high waisted, cropped little pretties.

Style Bee - March Vibes '16

What have you been up to all month? Any trips or getaways planned for April? Do tell! I need to live vicariously through all you jet setters and go getters out there. All the best for the month ahead! 


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  1. Kim says:

    When I was about 12, I made wood stools-similar to yours- with homemade patchwork cushions for my two sets of parents for Christmas. I was beyond pleased with my creation! They, being into somewhat more upscale furniture, were very appreciative but probably not as eager to incorporate them into the interior landscape as I would have been. My Dad passed away, sadly and unexpectedly in the fall, and that reminds me that I have to get that stool back! Happy Spring!

  2. susyolivia says:

    So happy that you’re getting all the recognition/ opportunities / etc. that you deserve, lady!! You’re such an inspiration in terms of how you’re living your life embracing what you love, I can’t tell you how much I admire you. Feels bizarre to be saying to someone through the internet but it’s true <3

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Susy, Thank you so much for the kind words of encouragement! I can’t tell you how much your support means to me, but it means a TON! I totally know what you mean about saying things through the internet, haha. Happy April and have a wonderful weekend!! xo