Opelle x Style Bee

Opelle x Style Bee


Opelle x Style Bee

Today marks the official launch of the limited edition OPELLE x STYLE BEE bag! I couldn’t be more thrilled to share the end result of this special collaboration with one of my favourite Canadian accessory brands. When I first started this blog, I secretly dreamt of one day working on a project like this, so when the opportunity presented itself at the start of the year it’s safe to say it was a dream come true!

I wasn’t sure what to expect when it came to the process of designing and creating a bag but I couldn’t have asked for a better team to show me the ropes. It was a total pleasure from the first brainstorm session with Amy Malcolm (founder + designer) and Beth Nicholson Crago (artist + creative director), to choosing leather and hardware, to finalizing details, right through to seeing the finished product in all it’s glory (see more about the making of here). Now I get to share the results with you!

All the details about the choices we made and what makes this a perfect little bag are below but feel free to skip ahead and shop the OPELLE x STYLE BEE bag in BLACK and ROCHER right now! 

Opelle x Style Bee


Opelle x Style Bee


Opelle x Style Bee


We put a lot of consideration into this collaboration and the details of this bag. We wanted it to embody the aesthetics and philosophies of our respective brands, while at the same time creating both a beautiful and functional accessory that’s made to be worn for years to come. With that, I’ll just take a moment to give you the run down on some of the different elements of this bag and why each one matters.

Opelle x Style Bee Opelle x Style Bee

SHAPE: I’d been searching for the perfect circle bag for ages and when I saw OPELLE’s plans to launch their Tam-Tam style earlier this spring I knew it would be the perfect shape to use as the base for our collaboration. I just love the fully circular design and how it adds an instant jolt of uniqueness to any look. It’s also really great to wear since it lays flat against your hip and moves with you as you’re walking. I particularly like how the construction of the bag gives it structure without making it feel too forced or rigid.

Opelle x Style Bee

SIZE: What I love about this circle bag is that while it’s a compact 8 inches in diameter, it’s surprisingly practical, thanks to an 1.5 inch depth, and holds everything I usually toss into the abyss of a larger bag. Without flinching it can accommodate all the following items at once:

  • iPhone 6+
  • Wallet
  • Keys
  • Lip stick
  • Gum
  • Tampons
  • Hand cream,
  • Concealer
  • Roll-on perfume
  • Hair Comb
  • Business cards
  • 4 x 6 Agenda
Opelle x Style Bee Opelle x Style Bee

COLOURS: We decided to offer two colour ways for this bag style, one being my forever favourite colour, BLACK and the other being a beautiful warm neutral known as ROCHER. We love Rocher because it’s a fresh alternative to brown or tan but still extremely versatile and perfect for the warmer seasons ahead. I especially love how it looks against white denim and natural flax linen. We opted for warm gold hardware on the black bag and cool silver hardware on the rocher version.

Opelle x Style Bee


Opelle x Style Bee


Opelle x Style Bee

DETAILS: OPELLE bags have always stood apart for me because of the keen attention to every little detail and this one is no different.

  • Hand-picked and hand-cut top-grain Italian pebbled leather. This leather is very durable and can take a major beating before ever showing any signs of wear.
  • Each one is fully lined with durable cotton twill.
  • Interior seams are reinforced with piping so you’ll never have to worry about losing change down a hole.
  • A slim front pocket with magnetic closure is perfect for quick access items like business cards.
  • An interior pocket is ideal for your cell phone and helps keep things organized.
  • High-quality solid brass hardware throughout.
  • Removable, slim, cross-body strap allows the bag to be worn hands free or as a clutch.
  • Removable black leather and rocher suede tassel charms adds a pop of character and movement.


QUANTITIES: Only 10 of these beauties will be made in each colour so you’ll know you’re one of only a handful of lucky ladies with this special bag!

Opelle x Style Bee


All of OPELLE’s bags are made to order in the fine city of Toronto and by keeping production hands-on and in-house Amy and her team are able to ensure that each piece is a specimen of perfect quality, created ethically, sustainably and realized exactly as intended. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the OPELLE studio and can attest that while the team may be lean, everyone is highly talented, hardworking and absolutely lovely. They welcomed me into their space and graciously answered every novice question I could think of. If there’s ever been a team of makers worth supporting, it’s this one!

Opelle x Style Bee

Opelle x Style Bee


The best part about this bag is that you can wear it for just about any occasion. I’ve been using it for running errands, dinner dates, market visits, special events and everything in between. I love that it’s a statement bag without being obnoxious at all. You can wear it with jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers for an urban-chic look or wear it with this seasons’ culottes and a crop top for a contemporary vibe. Obviously, that’s my favourite way! It’s begging to be swirled around at music festivals or brought along to a summer wedding or vacay. The opportunities are pretty much endless!

Opelle x Style Bee


Since I love you guys and this collaboration would never have happened without you, we’re giving one lucky lady a chance to win her choice of OPELLE x STYLE BEE bag! I wish I could send one to all of you but quantities are super limited so fate will have to choose! The entry requirements are easy as ever:

  1. Simply leave a comment below with your choice of either BLACK or ROCHER and let me know where you’d love to wear it this Spring and Summer!
  2. Visit my Instagram for more ways to enter! Post goes live at 12 pm EST.
  3. Open to everyone. Winner will be selected at random on Friday May 6th.
  4. GOOD LUCK!!

Opelle x Style Bee

Opelle x Style Bee


Opelle x Style Bee

Finally, I just want to say a huge thank you to Amy and Beth of OPELLE for this dream opportunity! The whole adventure was an absolute blast and one of the best learning experiences I’ve had to date. You ladies are such an inspiration! 

LOOK 1 – Tam-Tam Black OPELLE x STYLE BEE | Black Top old Elizabeth Suzann (similar option here and here) | Pants Jesse Kamm | Sunglasses Céline c/o SBG | Wedges Rachel ComeyShape Cuff c/o Stvdio Brooklyn  | Necklace c/o Young FrankkSplit Ring c/o Claus

LOOK 2 – Tam-Tam Rocher OPELLE x STYLE BEE | Top + Pants Elizabeth SuzannWedges by Coclico c/o Garmentory | Watch c/o Chapter 10 (similar) | Sunglasses Céline c/o SBG | Necklace made by moi


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  1. Mun says:

    Congratulations! What a super exciting milestone:)

  2. Andrea says:

    Entered on here & Insta too????????????This bag is absolute perfection doll????I would love to have the black if I get lucky enough to be blessed with this beauty????Thanks a bunch for the amazing opportunity lovely☺️????????????????

  3. Leigh says:

    Rocher for sure. I would wear it to my summer weddings.

  4. Jane says:

    I would love this bag in black! So cute and classic

  5. Sonja Wong says:

    What a perfect bag! I would use the black version to walk around our city this summer after our baby is born–it’s the perfect size!

  6. Julie Bates says:

    Oooh I’d love this bag in either colour, but I think I’d have to go for my standard black!
    Beautiful collaboration, congratulations!

  7. Vicky Jiang says:

    Rocher for sure! I own so much clothing in black and white that it would be such a nice neutral contrast. Would be so cute to take on errands and casual strolls around Uptown Waterloo!

  8. Patty says:

    Love love this bag especially the Rocher color..it is so chic between the color and unique shape…defintely would carry this on my date nights with hubby over the summer to dinner and drinks….Thanks for this awesome giveaway…..fingers crossed.

  9. Dana L says:

    I am in love with this bag! And the option to wear it as a cross body it a definite plus! My favorite is the Black! I wear a lot of black and grey so it would be perfect. I would definitely wear this gorgeous bag when I travel this summer and wear it on the go or out in the evening. I have been a lover of Opelle for a long time and everything about their bags are fashion forward while serving its purpose. So I thank you for this amazing chance!

  10. Marloes says:

    Black!!!! Love the style! Never even considered a circle bag but you’ve made me a fan, congrats on the launch!

  11. Kendall Follert says:

    black! I’m moving to nyc from la for grad school and I would love to have a fresh bag to carry my essentials with me as I explore the city

  12. Sarah says:

    The Rocher is such a beautiful and unique color! I’d love to bring it with me on my summer trip to Barcelona!

  13. Bogna says:

    Richer because it’s such a neutral. It would be my everyday bag and since I don’t really switch out bags that means it goes everywhere. Shopping, eating out, trips, etc etc

  14. Sara says:

    The black bag would be perfect for the five different concerts I have on my agenda this summer! Beyonce, Dolly Parton, HAIM, Ryan Adams, and Tegan & Sara – I could wear it to all of these and more.

  15. Ann says:

    Both bags are gorgeous but I would have to go with the black with gold detailing. It would look amazing with my cream high rise denim flares, my black Rachel Comey sandals and a t-shirt. I would be ready to go anywhere!

  16. Shannon Y. says:

    Gorgeous! I’d bring it with me to conferences for nights on the town that are a little dressier than usual.

  17. Jessica Kostenko says:

    The Rocher color really is a great neutrall! I hope to wear it in the warmer months when I just want to carry the essentials and be able to adventure freely where ever the future holds. 🙂

  18. Linda says:

    Black always! I’d wear more for a dressy touch.

  19. Mary D. says:

    A splendid collab! Such attention to detail. The Rocher would be a lovely companion during my summer excursion to northern New Mexico.

  20. Leticia says:

    Congrats on this partnership! 🙂 I love the Rocher colour.

  21. Megan says:

    A wonderful combination of classic and modern. I would wear the ROCHER with my new Korinne Vader linen top (another talented Canadian designer)!

  22. Maggie says:

    Love that you verified how much it can hold! The black is gorgeous.

  23. sonja wong says:

    This bag is the perfect size for walking around town, which we do often! I would love to wear this bag in black around town this summer when I have my new baby.

  24. Katie says:

    Congratulations on achieving your dreams! Not only is that incredible, but the bag is as well. I’m in love with the rocher edition. It’s perfection. I’d love to take it with me on my visit to Portugal this summer. Having one bag that works in every situation would be my dream! It would leave more room to fill up my suitcase with other treasures to bring home!

  25. Mary Ann says:

    Congratulations Lee! Love the bag and I’d choose the black one. Id definitely be taking it on my trip to Nashville this summer. Thanks!

  26. Alisa says:

    I could totally see the black one with a wedding ensemble I’m planning at the end of May, AND at a beer garden for Happy Hour later in the summer! Perfect dressy/casual vibes!

  27. Margaret McNeal says:

    Rocher! Would rock it with my Elizabeth Suzanne clyde pants and Georgia Tee in linen—the perfect summer sophistication!

    On insta: reblogged, following you, following Opelle, commented!

  28. Jennifer L says:

    Oh man, do I really have to choose which color? As gorgeous as the black/gold combo is, I think I’d have to say Rocher for a lovely everyday bag. Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. Dorothy says:

    The black version would be perfect for a wedding I’m attending in Winnipeg this summer. Congratulations on the dream come true, Lee!

  30. Sarah F says:

    Wow these turned out so cool! I’d definitely rock the BLACK while playing festivals with my band this summer or while travelling on the west coast. Congrats again!

  31. Nicola says:

    These turned out so well!! I would love the black bag and I would wear it on weekends exploring New York City. It’s such a perfect size and shape!

  32. Caroline says:

    What a stunning bag! I’d use the crap out of it in the black. Thanks for this giveaway!

  33. Sara Patterson says:

    I love the black, and I’d love to wear it while traipsing down the street in San Sebastian and Amsterdam this summer. Thanks!

  34. Eden Chan says:

    What a beautiful bag! Congrats on this fabulous collaboration! I would adore having this bag in black. I work for a nonprofit planning special events and this would be the perfect glam-but-functional bag for all of my events!!

  35. Laura says:

    So lovely!!! I would love that black beauty!

    • Laura says:

      Ps I would wear it with everything and would love to take it with to Palm Springs!

  36. Sarah Kramer says:

    Gorgeous! I’d wear it in Rocher this Spring while adventuring in Crete with my little sister.

  37. Sarah Andersen says:

    What a lovely bag- the black and gold colorway would add a graphic punch to any outfit and its a classic through and through. I love smaller crossbody bags for being functional and stylish- I’d wear mine on my cross-Canada road trip I’m planning this fall!

  38. Leigh Woodfield says:

    My first instinct would be black but I am trying to live life on the edge this year. So ROCHER would have to be my choice.

  39. Ardith says:

    Congrats Lee! Such an amazing collaboration. I would love the black bag . I would love to have it for my trip to Guelph this summer when I visit Court. Happy Birthday as well. Looks like you are having a great day.

  40. Kelsey says:

    Congratulations on the collaboration! The bags look great!! 🙂
    My pick would be the Rocher Bag. I have several weddings coming up this summer, and this would be the perfect accessory!

  41. Mary says:

    Oh this is so dreamy, Lee! Nicely done. I would love the Rocher bag – I haven’t seen another bag in that color and it’s the perfect neutral. I wish I had had it for my trip to Italy last month, but it would be the perfect every day bag for adventuring around Boulder, CO this summer, fall and every season after that!

  42. Fiona says:

    These are beautiful! I would wear the Rocher shade with wide-legged linen pants and a striped Breton top while taking my son out for an after-dinner ice-cream in Rehoboth Beach.

  43. Teresa says:

    Gorgeous bag! I especially love the Rocher version. I’d wear it to summer weddings! It would go with just about any dress I’d wear.

  44. Kayla says:

    I would choose the BLACK version! Always got to go with the classic. I’d love to wear this bag to art shows, coffee dates & everything in between this spring & summer. Just lovely!

  45. Emma says:

    Classic bag – perfect for all sorts of things. I am headed to a conference and would love this in Black to have something that is professional in color and lines, but still funky. Would pair with some of my neutral pieces from Elizabeth Suzann!

  46. Susyolivia says:

    This design turned out way lovelier than I ever could have imagined! I love the shape and the colors, I can’t decide which I like more 🙂 I think I would go for the tan as a lighter neutral for spring. Congrats on this beautiful collab!!

  47. Monica B says:

    It’s beautiful! I’ve been so excited to see this. I’d love the bag in Rocher. I love how it looks as a clutch, perfect for date night with hubby.

  48. Maria says:

    Congrats on the great collaboration! Your blog introduced me to Opelle and I splurged this last fall on their Baby Ballet. I would love this bag in Rocher. It would look perfect with all the summer outfits I have planned for a trip to Greece this summer.

  49. Katy Peterson says:

    What a great bag design! I love the black, although the rocher is lovely too! I’d wear it to upcoming weddings, downtown for dinner, and even to Saturday markets in town.

  50. Meghan says:

    Congratulations on the collaboration and thank-you for introducing me to Opelle. I love discovering Canadian brands. While black is always my go-to I would choose the Rocher colour for a versatile summer bag. I can imagine wearing this bag on a sunny weekend day at the market. The crossbody design would be perfect for keeping my hands free for the beautiful flowers and delicious treats that I find at the market!

  51. Amy says:

    I love the Rocher! It is the perfect compliment to my new pair of Bryr clogs…

  52. Julia says:

    The Rocher color is simply stunning, I love how matte the leather is! Beautiful and classy (as well as classic)! I would wear this for a trip to Charleston, SC I’m taking at the end of the month — I’ll be maid-of-honoring at my best friend’s wedding and this would be perfect for all the attendant events we’re doing (bachelorette party/rehearsal dinner/tea/brunch). It’s just so chic.

  53. Angie Hill says:

    I love them both!! I would pick the rocher one and style it with a white shirt dress and some cute sandals.

  54. Tess says:

    I love the black with gold but the tan one is gorgeous too! So nice!

  55. Sarah says:

    So sophisticated and beautiful. I’d love to wear this bag to an outdoor concert or movie – events that I always try to take advantage of during the summers in Boston!

  56. Sarah B says:

    Would love the black bag which I would wear with the dress I made today. It would be lovely to use it whilst walking along the seashore in Cornwall. Not sure if you’d post to the UK but I wish you every success with this lovely bag.

  57. Tess says:

    I would love the black with gold hardware! But both are beautiful! Great job!!

  58. Poonam says:

    Lee, huge congrats on such a wonderful collab! Both colours look gorgeous, but I’m a forever fave all-black-everything gal myself. I feel like this bag would be sublime for exploring any and all cities this spring/summer, with ample room for all the essentials. Well done, lady! Also: happy birthday! 🙂

  59. Heather E. says:

    Nice! The Rocher shade is perfection. I’d wear it with everything, and especially for occasions like my cousin’s wedding 🙂

  60. Kate says:

    This is such a great achievement! Congratulations on making something so beautiful!

    I would go for the black, it’s so beautiful and practical at the same time!


  61. Jess says:

    These circular bags are perfection! I would totally rock the black year long! Also, the rocher would be perfect for all the spring/summer weddings/bridal showers… including my own bridal shower & weekend getaways with my girls before getting married in the fall 🙂

  62. Emily says:

    I love reading your blog each day and today’s post was so exciting. Congratulations! I love the classic Black bag. I could see myself wearing it to the opening of my new shop in PEI.

  63. Meghan says:

    I have been looking for a black leather cross body bag, and this one is perfect! Beautiful, it would fit right into everyday life.

  64. patricia says:

    Well done you! The bag is beautiful, what a fun and successful collaboration. I would love to wear the black or rocher Opelle x Stylebee on all of my spring/summer adventures: museum trips with my kids; vineyard jaunts with friends; visiting members of Congress for work. I admire the functional cross body style (hands free for coffee, children, holding on for dear life), circle shape (classic yet unexpected), and understated elegance.

  65. Courtney says:

    Hi Lee!

    Beautiful work-very timeless. I would love the Rocher color to add diversity to my collection of black and chocolate. I would definitely take this to Rhode Island this August for my friend’s wedding + day trip to Boston!


  66. Heather says:

    Blac, definitely! I love how this bag is classic, chic and quirky all at the same time. Would be perfect for NYC adventures.

  67. Kisha says:

    Round bags are indeed unique and I usually find the biggest *problem* I have with most of them are the depth…not practical for everyday use. But it sounds and looks like you’ve got that covered! In true to me fashion, I’d go with the black with gold – a combo you just can’t go wrong with! (mad as my everyday bag; I’d wear it every where!)

  68. Rebecca says:

    Definitely the black. I live in a city and walk everywhere. I always feel weighted down because I carry a bag that is too big. This beauty will hold all my necessaries but keep me traveling light. Love it!

  69. Amy S says:

    Congrats! The bags are beautiful! I’d love to have the rocher one for several summer weddings but also on my everyday commute.

  70. Alexis says:

    Congratulations Lee!! The bag is gorgeous! I love both colors but would probably choose the black for everyday wear. I’d wear it with everything, it seems perfect for running errands and is small enough to go out with or carry for summer weddings! Congrats again Lee and thanks for the oppurtunity to own such a special bag!

  71. Gwen says:

    Gorgeous bag! Winning the Rocher would be a dream come true! It would be a great bag for running errands, going out to dinner, summer picnics, and celebrating friends’ birthdays and weddings. Fingers crossed!!

  72. Lygie says:

    Congratulations on such a lovely collaboration! The rocher colorway is super chic, and the round shape is unique. I would love to bring it with me on my upcoming trip to Miami Beach.

  73. samantha says:

    Congrats! They are both beautiful!! It’s so hard to choose, but I think I would go with the black. It would come with me to Richmond, VA, and Sedona, AZ, this summer. I have been looking for a smaller bag and this would be perfect! Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  74. Ali says:

    Exciting project, lovely result. I love the rocher colour for summer weddings.

  75. Holly says:

    Oooh oooh, I’d go with the black! I’ve been looking for a nice bag I can go out with for a nice summery dinner or concert that is still substantial in size. This seems perfect!

  76. Sophie says:

    Such a beautiful bag! I love the black version and I know it would be absolutely perfect for spring errands.

  77. Kathryn says:

    A beautiful bag at the perfect size! I’d love to bring the rocher bag on all my summer road trips.

  78. Kristen says:

    I love the Rocher!!! These bags are so beautiful, great job!

  79. Katrina says:

    I love the Rocher! Such a perfect tan/neutral color. I have been looking for a lighter colored cross-body bag for a while. I would live in it all summer long from biking to the farmer’s market, to our roadtrip to Utah in August!

  80. Ona says:

    I love love LOVE the rocher version! It would be perfect for my trip home thanks to its versatility and small size since I like to pack light. I could see myself wearing it all day long as my go-to bag, from fleamarkets during daytime to nightlife alike. It’s just the perfect size to carfy everything one needs without having enough space to lug half my possessions with me as happens with bigger bags.

  81. Marla says:

    Great bags! I would love to have the rocher bag for my trip to NYC.

  82. Jodie says:

    Congrats Lee!
    What a gorgeous bag! Xo!