Style Bee - Cecilia + Jolene

Cecilia + Jolene


First of all, thank you so much for all the well wishes on our engagement announcement! We’re very excited to be taking this next step together and really appreciate all the positive vibes.

Now, it’s time to talk about two pairs of black pants that I get constant emails and questions about, the Cecilia Pant and the Jolene Pant. Both by Elizabeth Suzann, both totally awesome and both the titles of two of my favourite songs! I wanted to show them in the same context as I know many of you are debating between the two styles. This way you can get a good sense about how they look and fit, at least on yours truly. Here’s my sizing for reference:

  • I am 5 ft 7 1/2 in tall and 125 lbs.
  • I have a 26 in waist and 37 in hips.
  • I’m wearing an old size S in the Cecilia Pant and had the waist taken in by about 2 inches (inseam is 25″) | Comparable to a current Size 0 Regular.
  • I’m wearing a size 2 Regular in the Jolene Pant with no alterations (inseam is 28″)


Style Bee - Cecilia + Jolene Style Bee - Cecilia + Jolene

I’ll start with the Cecilia Pant because I’ve had these in my closet for almost 2 years and I’ve worn them, literally, hundreds of times. Don’t ask how they’ve evaded so many outfit posts, I have no clue! Anyway, I bought them before Elizabeth Suzann changed their sizing but I believe the current size equivalent would be a 0 Regular (2 for a more relaxed fit). I quite like the cropped length but I might opt for the Tall next time I order them so they can take me into colder months. So here’s my two cents on what I consider the most essential pair of pants in my closet:


  1. The Cecilia has a high waist that hits right above the belly button.
  2. They fit snug through the waist, hips and leg all the way to a tapered hem.
  3. These definitely qualify as a slim, fitted pant.
  4. Gussets on the front and back keep the waistline sleek.


  1. These have a very forgiving amount of stretch to them thanks to 3% spandex.
  2. Despite the high waist they are very comfortable to sit in as there is lots of give in the fabric.
  3. The fabric is a similar thickness to a jegging but much more structured.
  4. They’re quite pet friendly and a lint roller will have them looking new in just a few rolls.
  5. They’re a true black but not as deep or rich a black as the Jolene Pant.


  • These hug the waist, hips and thighs but they never feel too ‘tight’, just snug enough to feel super lean and trim, which also makes them perfect for layering under tunics and longer tops.
  • I dare say it’s impossible to feel bulky in these.
  • They are much more sophisticated than a legging and there is no mistaking them for those.
  • They’ve doubled the fabric in the top 4 inches which helps ‘hold’ everything in and feels very slimming and flattering.
  • They are best for Spring, Early Summer and Fall.

Personal Notes

  • These are my power pants. I wear them to meetings, to dinners, traveling and just about everything in between. I always feel sophisticated and chic in them.
  • ES claims them to be wrinkle resistant and the perfect travel, which are both entirely true.
  • They do absolute wonders for the derriere.
  • After countless washes they have only faded slightly. (I use an enzyme free detergent which also helps)
  • They had a very strong chemical smell when they arrived (which I didn’t like) and it took at least 3 washes to get rid of it. Maybe that’s different now but it was unmistakable when I opened the box.
  • I’ve noticed that they stretch out after a couple wears now that I’ve worn them so much, but a quick wash returns them to their snug fit.
Style Bee - Cecilia + Jolene Style Bee - Cecilia + Jolene Style Bee - Cecilia + Jolene Style Bee - Cecilia + Jolene

Look #1 | Hat Janessa Leone | Petra Crop c/o Elizabeth Suzann | Cecilia Pant | Bryr Clogs | Vintage Bag (similar here and here) | Wave Cuff c/o Young Frankk | Rings c/o CLAUS (20% off with code CLAUSxSTYLEBEE until midnight tonight!) | Necklace Another Feather


Style Bee - Cecilia + Jolene Style Bee - Cecilia + Jolene Style Bee - Cecilia + Jolene

Now onto Jolene! I was very excited when I saw these in the SS16 Collection and couldn’t wait to give them a try. Truthfully, since they took a long time to arrive (though entirely worth the wait!) I haven’t had too many opportunities to wear them as it’s been boiling hot here for over a month but I’ve had them out for a few evenings and absolutely love them. As soon as the temps go down they’ll be on heavy rotation. So here’s my two cents on these new faves:


  1. The Jolene has an even higher waist that hits right at the natural waist for a super slimming focal point. I LOVE the waist on these so much.
  2. The fit is snug through the waist, hips and straight/relaxed through the leg to a cropped ankle.
  3. Gussets on the front and back to keep the waistline sleek and fitted.


  • These are made from cotton twill and have no stretch, yet they don’t feel confining, just more structured.
  • Despite the high waist they are very comfortable to sit in and they will give/stretch out slightly after a long day.
  • The fabric is a similar thickness and texture to a light wool pant.
  • These will pick up lint more easily but again, a roller reverses the damage easily.
  • They’re a truly deep, rich black which I love.


  • The Jolene’s hug the waist and hips but relax through the thigh and leg so you feel trim and sophisticated but never as though they’re ‘tight’.
  • They feel very flattering and slimming without giving too much away.
  • These are ever so slightly dressier than the Cecilia and absolutely perfect for work and corporate settings.
  • Again, ES has geniusly doubled the fabric in the top 4 inches which helps ‘hold’ everything in and feels very slimming and flattering.
  • They are best for Spring, Fall and Winter.

Personal Notes

  • I haven’t washed these yet (or felt the need to) as they have held their shape pretty well so I can’t comment on fade or washing but I don’t foresee any issues.
  • The Jolene’s lend themselves well to tucking tops and sweaters in, which I love for the Fall and work meetings. Shirt hems with likely show under the Cecilia.
  • I originally ordered the size 4 based on the fit guide, model measurements and caution to order up if in between but they were huge on me. I switched them for a size 2 and they fit really well in the waist and hip but I wouldn’t have minded a slightly slimmer leg. I might have even gotten away with a size zero but I didn’t want to risk them being too tight in the hip/crotch.
Style Bee - Cecilia + Jolene Style Bee - Cecilia + Jolene Style Bee - Cecilia + Jolene Style Bee - Cecilia + Jolene

Look #2 | Slim Signature Blouse Equipment (wearing XS) | Jolene Pant c/o Elizabeth Suzann | Watch c/o CLUSE | Tote Cuyana | Loafers Everlane | Rings c/o CLAUS (20% off with code CLAUSxSTYLEBEE until midnight tonight!)

So those are my honest thoughts on two of my favourite pairs of pants. Feel free to shoot over any additional questions you might have about them and have a wonderful weekend!

 This post is not sponsored. All opinions are 100% my own. Sizing suggestions are based on my personal experience but you know your body and your fit preference best. Elizabeth Suzann offers great customer service and may be able to help you better assess your perfect size. 


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  1. Alexis says:

    Great review! Now I know that the Jolene next up on my list!!

  2. Sara says:

    Ok, this report seals the deal. The Jolene pants are going on my “To Buy” list for Fall. I think they’ll be just what I’ve been dreaming of!

  3. Kaja says:

    Thank you!!!!! I was weighing these two pants and this really helps!

  4. Hannah says:

    Leigh, I love how thorough and thoughtful your reviews are–so helpful! I’m looking for the right pair of “power pants” right now, so this is lovely. I’m wondering how these compare to the ponte pants from Brass, which are on my list because I have to look professional for work but also be able to roll around on the floor with the kids I work with…so hoping for something with lots of give to accommodate that! Also, I have never yet encountered a high waist that I don’t detest. Any ideas for mid-rise pants that might be similar to these and ethically made? Are the Brass pants similar in the high waist? Or maybe I just haven’t tried the right high waisted pants yet? Thanks a million!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Hannah! I really like the Ponte Pant from Brass but would classify them as more of a legging than a proper pant. The waist is quite high on those as well and slightly more constricting as it’s a fairly stiff panel of very sturdy elastic. They’re great and I’ve worn them for many hours at a time but I’d have to say the Cecilia is more comfortable, flattering and professional looking overall. I think the Cecilias might hold up better to lots of floor rolling and stains, etc. They’re really easy to spot clean. Hope that helps!

  5. Suzanne Janzen says:

    Hello Lee,

    Since there is so much to say about the pants, I thought I would share my experience. I am 5’6″, waist 26″ and hips 36.5″ and 120lbs. Going by the ES size chart, I ordered the Cecilia in a 4R. They fit a little loose in the leg, I think I will have the waist taken in, but amazingly still look good. Lydia over at ES was willing to let me exchange them, after wearing them for a month, I was impressed with that. I decided to keep them and ordered another pair of Cecilia’s in a 2T, I like the fabric, really easy care and I want them long for fall and winter, or to roll up. I am currently waiting for the new pair to arrive.
    I have thought about ordering the Clyde in a 2T, just have to make sure I can get them over the hips! Lydia at ES is a super help with all those little questions for shopping on line. I hope this helps someone

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience Suzanne, so helpful! Glad you were able to land on the right pair. Lydia is always really great to work with, isn’t she? Next time I order my Cecilia’s it will be between the 0T or 2T for sure. xo

  6. Rosanne says:

    Dear Lee,

    This review is super-helpful. I have a quick question on the Jolene vs Cecilia fabric. You said the Cecilia is a bit like a jegging. For those of us (ahem) who know not the jegging, how heavy or thick is that? Like VPL thin? Or will my Jockey’s for Her remain sufficiently discreet? And is the Jolene also like a chino fabric? That is, a substantial cotton twill?

    I’m thrilled to hear that the Cecilia is amenable to alterations. I’ve yet to meet a pair of pants that doesn’t need a little nip in the waist but I did wonder about this particular cut and now I know!



    (I actually found your site a few months ago while looking for reviews/info on the Cecilia pants. And now you’ve given me a review! Thank yoU!)

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Rosanne! So glad you found my blog.

      I’d say the fabrics are a similar weight and thickness but the texture is different. Cecilia is smooth and Jolene has more texture. A jegging is a mix between a legging (spandex) and a jean (denim). I think you’d be fine wearing whatever underwear you like under the Cecilia (but there is a chance the lines will show slightly as the seat is fitted).

      The Jolene is more of a light-to-mid weight cotton twill. Not thick or too thin at all. It’s a beautiful material!

      Both pants are very amenable to alterations. The waist gussets make is a cinch (literally ha!) for tailors to adjust. I might end up getting the Jolene’s taken is a touch so they stay nice a snug even after lots of wear.

      Hope that helps! xo

  7. Koyuki says:

    I’m wondering if sizing might be a significant component in why these two pairs look so different on you? My measurements are similar to yours, except I’m shorter, and I wear a 0 in the new-sizing Cecilia. I initially followed the size chart and ordered a 2, and they looked similar to how your Jolenes look in these pictures. They weren’t necessarily too big, but I didn’t think the fit was quite right – too much buckling and creasing – so I exchanged for a 0, and those were perfect. I’m willing to bet that you would need a 0 in the new-sizing Cecilias to make them comparable to the altered old-sizing S pair you have on now. In other words, I’m thinking that your Cecilias are in effect one size smaller than your Jolenes…

  8. Courtney says:

    Hi Lee,

    Great post!

    I just received the Jolene pants in a 4, and they are huge. My initial thought was that they just weren’t right for me, but after this post I am wondering if I should try the 2. I am so back and forth about the two pairs (Cecilia & Jolene). Okay fine, I’m back and forth between the Cecilia, Jolene, Florence and Clyde! By the time I receive my exchanged pair we will be into the Fall. Which of your ES pants do you see getting the most use out of in the Sept, Oct, Nov months?



    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hey Courtney, I definitely see the Jolene being more of a Fall/Winter pant than the Cecilia. Mostly because of the fabric and partly because the Cecilia’s I have are cropped. I’d definitely try the size 2 if you still love them. I’ll also be wearing my Clydes (I have the cotton pair in cream and a wool pair in size 4), they’re great with ankle boots and sweaters. Glad the post was helpful!! xo

    • Courtney says:

      Thank you so much, Lee! Last question-You said you may have even been able to go with a 0 in the Jolene’s. When you walk around do they fall lower on your waist (aka does the crotch drop) or did you say that simply for the leg tightness?


    • Lee the Bee says:

      Ah! Such a good question! I said that mostly for the leg width because I like how the waist fits a lot, but I am wearing them today and noticed that the crotch does drop slightly depending on the waist tightness. For example, before lunch waist was dropped slightly (still hitting above belly button) making them roomier, after lunch, definitely nice and snug haha. If the 4 was really huge on you, maybe go for a 0. I think they’ll stretch out as much as needed if they are super snug to start, whereas the 2 might fit great immediately but stretch out to be a bit looser than you want. Just my thoughts though! ES customer care is super helpful too if you need specific garment measurements. xo