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October & November Vibes


Did this week feel long to anyone else? On Wednesday I woke up with a start thinking I had to get to my Thursday dentist appointment, then yesterday I woke up thinking I was late for Friday’s hair trim. Nerrrrp, wrong again. Anyway, I seemed to be getting ahead of myself all week, but before this entire month zips by I wanted to get my monthly vibes caught up! I missed October’s recap so I’m tagging it on to this one. I’ve been dropping the ball when it comes to life documentation lately but I still managed to snap some notable moments. Here’s a few photogenic scenes from my relatively mundane (not complaining!) life over here in Guelph, Ontario!

Style Bee - Monthly Vibes


Dobby and I cross this river almost every day on our afternoon stroll. I love it best when the wind and the water are calm and we get to sneak a peek at a Mallard couple floating along or on the very rare occasions that a beaver is hauling it’s latest victim toward it’s dam.

Style Bee - Monthly Vibes

One side of our house is pretty well covered with ivy. It’s not doing any damage to the structure so we’ve kept it and just try to deter it from completely covering the windows. It has only just finally given in to the fact winter is approaching but was lush and green well into November.

Whenever my local supermarket gets a good flower shipment in I try to treat myself and any hosts I’m visiting with a bunch. These white beauties lasted almost two full weeks! To me, nothing freshens a space like a mason jar full of green stems with white petals.

Style Bee - Monthly Vibes

This tree put on the most beautiful autumn display for us all this year. Changing ever so gradually it made for the perfect Fall colour spectrum.

Style Bee - Monthly Vibes


This little lounge junkie was as cute as ever over the last two months. He’s my pal when I’m having the best day and my pal when I’m having a total crap day. Always down for a good snuggle and a hilarious sleeping position. On one of our long walks he met a perfect little corgi lady name Diamond and I’m convinced they’re soulmates. She’s also one of the only pups he’s ever welcomed while on leash without a snarl.

Style Bee - Monthly Vibes


The fella and I took this sassy old girl out for a spin around the countryside. She’s a 1969 Porsche in the most glorious deep midnight teal and still purrs like a kitten, albeit a ferocious one. Dave is in his happy place in this photo for sure. She’s been packed up and tucked away for the winter but we’re already excited for next year’s cruises.

Style Bee - Monthly Vibes


The weather has been all over the map these last couple of months. One day you’re in a t-shirt and the next you’re digging out hats and mittens for snow flurries. To be honest, I kind of like it. It’s been giving me a chance to play with layers and work out ways to extend the use of my Spring and Summer faves. Here’s a look at some outfits and items I’ve been living in.

Style Bee - Monthly Vibes Style Bee - Monthly Vibes Style Bee - Monthly Vibes Style Bee - Monthly Vibes


It’s safe to say that, ‘How’s the wedding planning come along?’ is not my favourite question as of late. To be totally honest I wasn’t really into the whole wedding planning thing when we first got engaged. I was really resisting it and feeling horribly overwhelmed by all the tasks that loomed ahead of me. But like anything, once you start somewhere, the job never seems as daunting. I sat down and made a spreadsheet of all the import checklist items to get started with like: Venue, Dress, Guest List, Food, Flowers, Photographer, Invites, Website, Hotel, Bachelorette, Registry etc. etc. etc. Then I started compiling inspo, making calls, sending emails and setting meetings which has led to trying dresses, tasting food and signing contracts. So the balls are rolling and I’m feeling MUCH better about how the whole event is coming together and the progress so far. PHEW! 

Style Bee - Monthly Vibes

I had a great chat with my friend and photographer Jacklyn Barber. She’s just such a talent, a total kindred spirit and our meeting really helped to put my mind at ease. If you’re looking for an amazing wedding photographer who will capture your day in a  beautifully candid and genuine way, she’s your girl!

Style Bee - Monthly Vibes

I said yes to a dress!!! There were no tears or emotional break-downs but I knew the moment it zipped up that I was in my wedding dress. My Mum actually spotted it on the racks during my second try-on and I’m SO glad she did. Of course, I’ll divulge all the details and lots of picks…next year. What I can tell you now though, is that it’s very simple, off white, super comfy, made locally and all the materials are sourced in Canada. Yay! I really can’t wait to marry my handsome fella and dance the night away in it.

Style Bee - Monthly Vibes

This is a peek at the little barn we’ll be holding our ceremony in! Just try to imagine it all clean with simple white chairs, a leafy green arbour, boughs wrapping the pillars and lots of white accents. As promised I’ll share some more in-depth wedding inspo on the blog very soon!

Style Bee - Monthly Vibes


This last phase of renovations has been paaaainnsttakkkinnnggly sloooooooow. But that’s how it goes when it comes to DIY renos. Dave’s been working overtime on his current client project and bidding on some other exciting prospects so finding the time and energy to finalize our dining room and entrance has been tough. We’re on the home stretch (pun intended!) with baseboards and trim though so with any luck (and some serious elbow grease) we’ll have a functional dining room by Christmas!

Until then, here’s some pretty finished spaces in the house.

Main floor bathroom, office hat wall and happy corner and the finished kitchen.

Style Bee - Monthly Vibes

The upstairs bathroom window ledge has been completely overrun with plant babies. They want even more light than I can give them but they seem to be doing OK for now.

Style Bee - Monthly Vibes

Thanks for checking in today friends! Hope you’ve got a wonderful weekend lined up! We’ll be celebrating an early Christmas with the Vosburgh’s so ours should be full of good food and even better company. 

See you Monday with a post on how I’m styling 2 of my Spring faves for Winter! 

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Lee, would you mind sharing atleast the company/designer you bought your dress from? I’m getting married this winter and have had such a hard time finding ethical options for wedding dresses that are simple/minimalist and not priced out of this world. I really think someone needs to start creating simple dresses made from natural materials and selling them with dye kits or something so you can actually re-use the dress legitimately. One-use dresses are just not a sustainable or environmentally friendly option no matter how ethically they’re sourced and made. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Elizabeth, My dress is by Anais Annette. They are a sister duo and make seriously stunning gowns right in Kitchener ON that are timeless but very elegant and often unconventional. Their specialty is lace and source all their materials in Canada. The dress I chose has a silk noil base so it’s very comfortable. I believe their line is typically under $2500 CAD. If you’re anywhere near Guelph I would highly recommend The Modern Bride as they carry several Canadian brands (incl. AA) and many minimal styles. I would also check out Sixpence Bridal Boutique for both new and secondhand options. My dress consultant bought hers there and said they have a gorgeous selection of pre-worn gowns. Hope that helps! Congrats on your wedding! xo

  2. Emily Mahi'ai says:

    “How’s the wedding planning going?” is the worst. ?
    Hopefully people don’t constantly ask you “So how’s married life?” after the wedding. It’s been a year and a half and people are still asking me that and I wish they would stop, it’s such a weird question. It’s like you’re literally asking someone how their marriage is. What if it’s going badly?! I mean, it’s going great, but it’s such an intensely personal question… like, you don’t go up to people and ask “so how’s cohabitating life?” Or “how’s dating life?” I’ve made a vow to never ask people how married life is because it drives me so crazy. ?

    (Oops, rant over)

    • Lee the Bee says:

      So glad I’m not alone in my annoyance! haha I am already dreading the ‘married life’ questions and the ‘when will we see baby?’ ones especially! Of course when it’s friends that’s OK but when it’s ppl you’re not close with it feels so intrusive. Glad to hear you and the fella are doing great though 😉 xo

  3. Carly says:

    I’m completely new to your corner of the Internet and I’m absolutely obsessed! Love your impeccable style and overall approach to fashion –you’ve inspired me to try a 10x 10 closet challenge!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Carly! I’m so glad you found your way here 🙂 That’s so great to hear! I hope you give it a try, it’s so fun. I’ll be hosting another 10 x 10 in January too! xo

  4. Nancy says:

    *raises hand* This week has been awfully slow for me too, especially since last week was a short week for me. It’s been hard getting productive again. I’m totally obsessed with all the plants in your apartment! I know exactly how it feels when you say they need more light than you can give… Seattlite here with only one window. Oh well, it doesn’t stop me from hoarding houseplants. 🙂 It was lovely to get a glimpse into your life for the past two months. Have a wonderful weekend, Lee!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hey Nancy, I’m glad I’m not the only one or the only plant obsessed lady around here 😉 If feel so bad as they get taller and keep reaching but they’re right in the sunniest window I have, poor guys. Thanks for stopping by lovely! xo

  5. Katrina says:


    Love these posts where we get to peek into your everyday life! It’s also reassuring to see you wearing the clothes you blog about- not that I ever thought you were the type to have two separate wardrobes!!
    Your wedding plans sound perfect to me! I love the simplicity of it all- would you mind sharing a picture of your ring? I know it can be seen as tacky to boast a close-up, but my partner and I are currently on the ring hunt- and I’d love to see it bit more closely! 😀

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Katrina! Oh yeah, definitely only one wardrobe for this gal and I’m entirely fine with that. I’ve read a few posts on different blogs where they talk about being in sweats all day and just getting dressed up for shoots. It seems so bizarre to me!
      Glad to share a picture of my ring with you. This photo is pretty close and you can find lots of inspo on the designers website (ATTIC), they’re absolute geniuses when it comes to timeless jewelry. Happy ring hunting! That’s so exciting 🙂 xo

  6. Jodie says:

    Glad to see monthly vibes! I’ve missed them.
    Dobby is always so cute.
    Your house looks amazing, you must be so happy. How awesome that dave can do that!
    Congrats on things coming along with the wedding. Such a cute venue.
    Have a good weekend celebrating Christmas with your family! Xo!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Yay! Thanks Jodie! We definitely love our little abode so much and can barely remember the state we found it in. Oooh, it was rough haha. Thanks for checking in babe, hope you have a great weekend. xo