Style Bee - June 30x30 - Looks 9-11

JUNE 30×30 – LOOKS 9-11


Something about dressing for the weekend is just a little more fun than during the week, isn’t it? Especially when the weather is marvelous and you get to hang with good friends, sleep-in past 8 and eat some tasty food. I hope you had a great weekend and a chance to relax a bit and get outside to enjoy these wonderful long days!

Over the weekend I also had a chance to get caught up on the #June30x30 feed and read through some of your comments and thoughts so far. As usual, everyone is doing a great job! We’re seeing lots of skirts, dresses, linen tops and fun patterns coming out and I love it. The general consensus seems to be that 30 pieces can go a lot farther than we even thought to begin with and that some of the colours we used to reserve for Fall and Winter are totally applicable to Spring as well. Of course, I couldn’t agree more with either insights. It seems like the community still has lots of energy and we’ll be sure to hit the halfway mark going strong! Woohoo!

If you haven’t already be sure to check out the feed and catch up with my pals ANDREA (SEASONS + SALT) & PAIGE (STYLE THIS LIFE) to see the fabulous looks they’ve been getting up to! Andrea is killing it in her new Kamm Pants and Paige totally convinced me that stripes and rosé are a match made in heaven!

Now it’s time for a quick look at the last three days and outfits 9, 10 and 11!


Style Bee - June 30x30 - Looks 9-11 Style Bee - June 30x30 - Looks 9-11

TEMPERATURE – High of 25º C and cloudy. The afternoon was hot but breezy and the air cooled down nicely in the eve.

ACTIVITIES – I was working in the office to wrap up the first phase of a big project then I had a fun evening of catching up with some girlfriends over wine, guacamole and lots of laughs.

ITEM PERFORMANCE – This was the first time I wore this cropped jersey tank, which I picked up at the OOAK Spring Show and I LOVE it (check out the awesome Toronto line Hoi Bo). It’s super comfy and just the right length to tuck into a pair of high waist pants without feeling bunchy at all. I also really like the high neckline, which is elegant and great for layering under necklaces. I know it’s going to be a staple all summer long.

During the day I just wore my black slide sandals but wanted to elevate the look slightly for an evening out. This was easy to do by swapping in my patent leather block heels and adding a statement necklace. A bold red lip didn’t hurt the situation either!


  • Black pieces can be made warm weather ready by pairing them with earthy tones like flax and olive. 
  • Add some continuity by repeating one colour. In this case my black top, sandals and bag work nicely to give the look a cohesive feel.
  • Elevate a simple look easily by adding a couple of luxe materials like a patent leather heel and a bold sculptural pendant. 
  • Try adding a statement coat to a simple black and flax base. It’s guaranteed to take the look to a whole new level!

  • JERSEY CROP TANK | Hoi Bo (not online but they have dresses, tanks and other amazing pieces in the same gorgeous fabric) | Made in Toronto
  • GREEN DUSTER (s/o but other colours available) | Ali Golden | Wearing M but take your normal size. | Made in responsibly in India. | Save $20 off your first order from Garmentory
  • FLAX FLORENCE PANT | old ELIZABETH SUZANN (linked to current version) | $205 USD | Wearing Size S | Made in USA
  • SOPHIE SANDAL | MARYAM NASSIR ZADEH via SSENSE | Black Sold Out. Awesome MNZ selection here (many on sale).
  • ELOISE BAG | The Stowe | $387 CAD | Made in Canada.
  • NECKLACE | c/o Young Frankk (sold out) | Made in USA


Style Bee - June 30x30 - Looks 9-11 Style Bee - June 30x30 - Looks 9-11 Style Bee - June 30x30 - Looks 9-11

TEMPERATURE – High of 29º C and sunny. Definitely hot but the breeze saved the day.

ACTIVITIES – Errands, dog walks, blog prep and a backyard BBQ with friends in the evening.

ITEM PERFORMANCE – I’ve been so looking forward to wearing this look all month and it didn’t disappoint, for the most part.  The only trouble with this skirt, as I’ve mentioned before, is its susceptibility to moisture. It’s so beautiful and fun to wear but the moment I get too hot (ie: inclined to perspire) or come into contact with any moisture it shows. So when I’m cool and there’s a breeze everything is perfect but when humidity creeps in I start to get a little paranoid. So note to self, save this one for dry days and temps under 27!

Otherwise this outfit is the perfect June get-up. It has so many of my favourite elements mixed together in a simplistic, feminine and timeless format. It’s very comfortable and I can easily imagine myself wearing this for many years yet.


  • Make any look weekend ready with the simple addition of a basket bag. It’s such a classic way to inject some summer market vibes.
  • Balance a full skirt with a slim fitting top for an ultra flattering, feminine silhouette.
  • Make life easier by wearing a bodysuit instead of a tank so you don’t have to fuss with creeping hems and bunching around the hips/waist. 

  • BLACK BODYSUIT | old but linked to similar by MIAKODA via IMBY | $68 USD | Size S | Made in USA of organic materials.
  • SILK SKIRT | old but linked to similar by ELIZABETH SUZANN | $195 USD | Size S | Made in USA
  • SOPHIE SANDAL | MARYAM NASSIR ZADEH via SSENSE | Black Sold Out. Awesome MNZ selection here (many on sale).
  • BASKET | Le Birkin Basket | $120 USD | Handmade in Portugal | I have the size Small.Similar option also Available on ETSY for less in the size shown.
  • NECKLACE | old Young Frankk | BRACELET | c/o BIKO | $55 CAD | Made in Canada


Style Bee - June 30x30 - Looks 9-11 Style Bee - June 30x30 - Looks 9-11 Style Bee - June 30x30 - Looks 9-11

TEMPERATURE – High of 30º C and sunny. AKA: Hot as a pistol. 

ACTIVITIES – We had a lazy wake up, took Dobby for a walk and enjoyed a tasty brunch in the yard before the sun got cray. Then I hunkered down for an afternoon of blog prep in my cool(ish) studio. All of a sudden, 5:00 rolled around and it was time for a Sunday dinner with Dave’s family. This look was the perfect loose, lightweight set for the hottest Sunday of we’ve seen yet this year.

ITEM PERFORMANCE – Whenever it’s really hot I go for super simple looks and loose layers. This one kept me comfy and cool all day. Both items are a blend of natural materials (Silk/Hemp top and Cotton/Linen shorts), which helps them be both breathable and temperature regulating.

Before I discovered this black pair, wearing shorts was always a chore. But these are a pleasure to wear and have been a staple in my closet for several summers now. The high waist, made of a thick elastic in combination with the wide a-line cut of the leg make them very comfortable and flattering. Plus, they go with just about everything in my closet!

I love the elegant colour palette in this look and I think it helps to refine the outfit overall, since otherwise it’s quite casual and relaxed. But the soft contrast between ivory and washed black, paired with soft greys keep it light and sophisticated.


  • A simple front tuck was all this look needed to feel styled rather than thrown together. It also helps to create a more defined waist and long leg which is especially necessary with shorts.
  • Mimic soft shapes through soft colours in your accessories to keep an outfit feeling light. 
  • When it’s hot but you’re not into exposing a lot of skin opt for pieces that fall away from the frame like these a-line shorts and this Georgia tee with banded sleeves that flare out. The repetition is visually pleasing plus it’s very practical from a temperature standpoint too. 
  • When shopping for hot weather items opt for breathable materials (cotton, linen, hemp) whenever you can or you probably won’t be comfortable. 

  • GEORGIA TEE | old Elizabeth Suzann (linked to similar) | $155 USD | Wearing OS | Made responsibly in USA.
  • TIRHAS SADDLE BAG | c/o FASHIONABLE | $138 USD | Made responsibly in Ethiopia.





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  1. Shae says:

    All three looks are lovely, but #9 is my favorite! (1) Did you spray the MNZ shoes with any sort of protectant/how are you caring for them? (2) And do you find the linen florence pants get super wrinkly/did you steam them for this photo? I’m hoping to get a linen pair soon!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Shae!
      1 – No I haven’t sprayed them with anything. Because they’re patent leather, dirt wipes off easy or doesn’t stick to begin with.
      2 – This pair of Florence Pants is from the first signature collection so they’re very lightweight and wrinkle easily. The new linen is thicker and wrinkles less for sure but they do wrinkle after you’ve been sitting for a while. Honestly, though, they’re the best summer pants ever!
      Hope that helps! xo

  2. Charissa says:

    Sunday for the win! I love this outfit. I am not a huge fan of shorts, but this outfit just works. It looks effortless, chic and very comfortable.

  3. Patricia Kay says:

    Yes, thank you! This week we will be at the cabin for the summer. Northern MN is always interesting what weather it decides to present, as you know well in Canada! So I have had to include a light wool sweater & a few other cool weather pieces…. kept them cozy & comfy… the 30x 30 mix!
    Love your phrase: “…the person we put out into the world”. It has taken me most of the spring into summer posts to catch on to creating new & fresh outfits, and it has been worth every breath! The little yet powerful touches you model…. earrings, bracelets, bags, etc I am once again “giving space to”, so when I leave the house, just that touch of earring that adds joy to the outfit and pulls other pieces together—–Wonderful. It means I do not get dressed 15 minutes before I have to arrive at a meeting; I actually enjoy getting ready! I always dressed with fun and classy pieces when I was working( taught College English), enjoying every outfit. When I retired, I slipped out of “dressing”….. wore windpants, sporty tops….. all ok, but I have realized through your postings, running errands, meetings, coffee with a friend, even the store errands, I can be who I was created to be! So you are teaching me how to step back into with ease, respecting & honoring who I am & even more, honoring those with whom I am meeting by as you said, putting me out into the world that reveals honoring & respecting others by taking time , fun creative energy into getting ready to meet with them!
    Funny …. it really is not about me… it all about others and how lovely they are!
    Ok. Done? But I simply had to share the amazingly wonderful impact these posts have had because Identity is so key. My identity is not in my clothes, it is in God who created me. BUT He created me to be a beautiful woman on the inside AND the outside. So how I present myself is very important! Can yiu feel my joy & excitement?!??

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Patricia, I can definitely sense your excitement and I love it! I’m so glad my style yammerings have been helpful for you. Thanks for the positivity and enjoy your first week at the cabin, I hope the bugs aren’t too bad 😛 xo

  4. Mun says:

    Those MNZ sandals have been on my list for the longest time. How do they wear? Are they comfortable?

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hey Mun, I LOVE these sandals so much. They’re super comfortable and wearable. I actively choose them to walk the pup and anytime I know I’m going to be walking but want to keep my footwear looking chic. The style took a bit of getting used to since it was knew for me but I’m fully into it now 🙂 xo

  5. Paige says:

    That skirt is simply made for you. The color and the cut are just perfect! I also find wearing shorts less than enjoyable, but I’m excited about my new Everlane pair and I hope they keep surprising me with their comfort-level.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks you so much Paige! The right pair of shorts is such a summer closet game changer isn’t it? So glad you’re enjoying yours too 🙂 xo

  6. Stacy says:

    Hi Lee,
    I notice you wear a lot of beautiful white and ivory tops, like your ES one that look like maybe they’re semi sheer. Sorry if this getting too personal, but what kind of bra do you recommend for no show through? I’m not into the black bra white shirt trend haha.

  7. Andrea H says:

    I have been a fan of those black shorts since you first got them – they’re SO GOOD! I am thrilled that ES is offering some this season, and they are definitely super tempting. Something about a full-legged short always looks so good!

  8. Alison says:

    Have you considered wearing a slip under your skirt? I wear one sometimes as another buffer between myself and my more delicate garments due to sweat concerns, even if there’s no sheer/see-through need. It’s helped me feel more relaxed on those hot days, and also ensures the outer skirt or dress stays fresh a little longer!

  9. Patricia Kay says:

    Wonderful post— all flowing & becoming for summer days/events.
    #1 & #2 are my favs! Love the duster look & the color of your skirt is luscious!
    Thanks for showing your basket purse; I have had o e for years and ended up using as a decor piece on the shelf at the cabin! I will be tooting it this summer?
    What I am learning from you/style bee —create new use of my great pieces in my wardrobe:
    For example, I have a white duster,; I have worn it with a black linen pant, khaki linens, but have needed to step it up with crop top, shoe, bag combos. The more I “play” with pieces in 30×30, I am learning to also “play” with adding the accessory pieces/colors. No fear of being wrong!
    I appreciate your tips always. Today you mentioned the 3 black pieces and you have the 3 cream/taupe pieces with black short.
    And—it is a gift —-when getting balanced in this area, I am discovering it affects balance in all areas: body-mind-soul-spirit!
    Happy Blessed week to YOU?

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thank you so much Patricia! I couldn’t agree more with your insight on how style contentment affects other areas in our lives positively too. The more I’ve explored personal style the more I appreciate it’s integral impact on our day-to-day mindset and the person we put out into the world.

      Are you at the cabin yet? If so, I hope your stay is off to great start 🙂 xo