Style Bee - June 30x30 - Looks 23-25

JUNE 30×30 – LOOKS 23-25


Going into the weekend I had all sorts of intentions to push the style limits and try combos I would have never thought of before this #JUNE30x30 Challenge started. Then, I totally flipped the switch and ended up in the most easy and minimal looks from the challenge yet. As luck would have it, they’re actually three of my favourite outfits from the whole month so far! I guess it just goes to show that pushing the style limits isn’t always necessary to find new combinations you love. Simply reconfiguring go-to silhouettes, mixing up favourite pieces and a little laziness is all you need.

As we close in on the finish line of this experiment I’m paying close attention to what my co-hosts Andrea (Seasons + Salt) and Paige(Style This Life) are saying. Like me, Andrea is getting ready for full closet access again but impressively, Paige pointed out that she hasn’t even touched a couple of her items, which is admirable for sure. I think we’re all in agreement that this challenge hasn’t been too much of a ‘challenge’ (30 pieces is a lot) but it’s been a really rewarding exercise in evaluating one’s wardrobe and measuring how applicable items are to our daily life. I know it’s made my mornings way easier and been a whole lot of fun!

I’m excited to share my full round-up of 30 looks on Friday along with all my takeaways. But, until then, here’s a look at the latest 3 outfits I put together!


Style Bee - June 30x30 - Looks 23-25 Style Bee - June 30x30 - Looks 23-25

TEMPERATURE – High of 24º C and cloudy.

ACTIVITIES – I was in my workout clothes for most of the day because, well, you know how it goes. But after I finally got a workout in, I dressed up for a late dinner out before catching our friends play a show downtown. It was a fun night out and the perfect way to decompress from a very busy, slightly disheartening work week.

ITEM PERFORMANCE – These items are all closet heroes and I love how this look came together. I felt totally polished and put together for a night out and about and this blazer was the perfect topper for the weather. It’s also the kind of outfit I could happily walk home in after a late night. My feet were happy and I was plenty comfy. Oh and these adorable handmade earrings from my friend Korinne Vader finally made their debut and totally finished the look.


  • One statement piece of jewelry is all you need. I promise! For instance these earrings have way more impact on their own than they would if I tried to add a necklace or bracelet to the look.
  • A black base will never let you down. Ever! Add a contrasting top layer to soften the vibe. Bonus points if it’s in a summery material like linen.
  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, invest in timeless, well-made accessories in simple shapes. For example, these shoes are a true classic style I can wear for years and this vintage bag was made in Italy in the 70s but could have been released yesterday thanks to its clean lines. Simplicity is the name of the long-term style game.

  • LINEN BLAZER | REFORMATION | $228 USD | WEARING XS | MADE IN USA | Similar available now by Veronica Beard (Made in USA) | Similar available and on sale by VINCE (imported, size up)
  • BODYSUIT | old | Similar options here, here and here ($48-$72 USD) | All made in USA.
  • KAMM PANTS | Jesse Kamm | $395 USD | Wearing a size 2 | Made responsibly in California.
  • Save $20 off your first order from Garmentory! 
  • SOPHIE SANDAL | MARYAM NASSIR ZADEH via SSENSE | Black Sold Out. Awesome MNZ selection here (many on sale).
  • OXBLOOD BAG | VINTAGE | Love this option from Baggu  | $120 USD | Made in USA
  • EARRINGS | c/o Korinne Vader | $50 CAD | Made in Victoria B.C.


Style Bee - June 30x30 - Looks 23-25 Style Bee - June 30x30 - Looks 23-25 Style Bee - June 30x30 - Looks 23-25

TEMPERATURE – High of 22º C with sun and clouds.

ACTIVITIES – I was shooting for this post and Friday’s post all day so I wanted to finish the afternoon and enjoy the evening in something comfy and basic. I’d already worn this tee and jean combo so I knew it would fit the bill.

I spent the evening cooking up dinner and editing photos but I wore my flats and blazer to take Dobby for our usual long walk around the neighbourhood.

ITEM PERFORMANCE – I really REALLY like this outfit. So much that I can easily see this formula becoming a standard. Cotton tee, tucked into high-rise denim, with a boyfriend blazer, mules and my favourite bag. It’s totally timeless, wearable and I feel polished and chic in a nonchalant way.


  • Take jeans and a tee from basic to badass in two simple steps: 1) Add a boyfriend fit blazer. 2) Slip into a pair of sleek, sophisticated mules. Done and Done!
  • Light washes in warm weather fabrics like linen, cotton and soft denim make for a fresh palette anchored by a couple of black leather accessories.
  • A blazer and jeans suddenly feels Summer ready with a cropped ankle and a rolled cuff. Just that little bit of skin makes all the difference.

  • LINEN BLAZER | REFORMATION | $228 USD | WEARING XS | MADE IN USA | Similar available now by Veronica Beard (Made in USA) | Similar available and on sale by VINCE (imported, size up)
  • CLASSIC FIT JEANS | Madewell | $115 USD | Wearing 26 take your normal size | Similar style made in USA.
  • WHITE COTTON TEE | c/o Tradlands | $49 USD | Wearing XS | Ethically Sourced and Sewn in the United States.
  • Save 10% with ‘STYLEBEE10’
  • ELOISE BAG | The Stowe | $387 CAD | Made in Canada.


Style Bee - June 30x30 - Looks 23-25 Style Bee - June 30x30 - Looks 23-25 Style Bee - June 30x30 - Looks 23-25

TEMPERATURE – High of 19º C with lots of wind, sun, clouds and a thunderstorm thrown in.

ACTIVITIES – We woke up early to get cracking on a busy day. While Dave rebuilt our entire staircase (Yep!), I made us breakfast, spent the day on blog prep, zipped out for lunch, and finished up the day by cooking up a big batch of home-made pasta sauce, my all-time favourite Sunday dinner.

ITEM PERFORMANCE – These two tried and true faves never miss a beat. Every time I wear my T-Top I wonder why I don’t have it in 10 more colors. Thinking I’ll finally add another one to my closet this Fall.

I have to confess I ‘cheated’ for the first time in the challenge. I wore my Clyde Vest out to grab lunch because it was a little chilly for just this top and well, I really wanted to wear that vest! No regrets.


  • Try a side tuck in lieu of a front tuck for a cool asymmetrical look. It works great with this raw silk T-Top because it’s a soft fabric that drapes beautifully. Stiffer fabrics don’t always cooperate as well.
  • Roll your cuffs up for just a hint of additional styling. 
  • A big, caramel coloured tote is the perfect addition for a simple black and denim look. It keeps things simple but adds a dose of colour and a strong shape into the mix.

  • T TOP | c/o Jamie + The Jones | Wearing S/M | $188 USD | Made in responsibly in USA.
  • CLASSIC FIT JEANS | Madewell | $115 USD | Wearing 26 take your normal size | Similar style made in USA.
  • Save 10% with ‘STYLEBEE10’
  • CLASSIC TOTE | Cuyana | $195 USD | Made responsibly in USA.




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  1. Andrea H says:

    Those MNZ sandals are sooooo dope. Love them on you! It’s always fun for me to see how you style jeans, all of these looks are fabulous. As always, the style tips are my favorite part! 🙂

  2. Jessica says:

    Hey Lee! Just sitting here pondering how this is your “lazy”?! These looks are great! The blazer over jumpsuit looks so contemporary and fresh as business wear!

    Also loving look 3, and I have a question about your Madewell jeans: you’ve noted in your 30×30 posts that readers are recommended to take their regular size, but I remember an older post saying you sized down and got them slightly altered? Could you clarify? Been wanting these since last summer but have to order online!

    Thanks so much!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Ah! Thanks so much Jessica!

      So it would appear that Madewell has adjusted the sizing of these jeans since I got mine 2 years ago, when they were running big. Based on some recent reader feedback (who’ve bought their usual size and liked the fit) and the new sizing recommendations on the site I figured TTS was more accurate now than my experience. I hope that helps! They’re such a great pair of jeans!

      Ps. I almost always have to have the waist taken in on my denim but this may not be the case for you!

  3. Lynne says:

    Hey Lee!

    I know you haven’t posted any fitnesswear in the past year that I’ve been following you – but I figure I’d still ask: I have been trying to find a pair of good quality trainers for gym for the longest time and have not gotten anywhere. I really don’t want to support Nike or any of the fast fashion/non-sustainable brands but can’t seem to find any alternatives. Do you happen to know any sustainable brands that make good quality running shoes/trainers?

    Thanks so much in advance!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Lynne, Great question! I would say the #1 recommended ethical running shoe I’ve seen is by All Birds. I want a pair SO BAD but they don’t ship to Canada 🙁 If you’re in the US definitely try them out. Otherwise I’m still on the lookout for good options. I have a pair of VEJA trainers I use for the gym but they’re not ideal for running (IMHO). Sorry I can’t give you more options, it’s a tough category!

  4. Eva says:

    I love LOVE that blazer + tee + light-wash jeans look. How did you find the sleeves on the reformation blazer? I tried out a similar-shaped coat of theirs at the beginning of the year and found the sleeves too long and didn’t want to deal with the cost of getting them altered (it worked out for the best because I wound up getting an incredible tweed coat in Edinburgh).

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Eva! The sleeves on this blazer are fairly long but not as long as they were on a coat I got from Reformation last fall. Because I almost always roll my blazer cuffs, the length is ideal. I’ve had other jacket sleeves shortened before and it was inexpensive and made such a difference. Definitely worth it if that’s the only thing not working for you. I’m sure that tweed coat is amazing! xo

    • Eva says:

      Good to know re: sleeves. I don’t know why I felt like it would be particularly expensive, but that’s what I built up in my mind. I was mostly irked that a mildly expensive coat would need alteration. This is the coat I ended up splurging on. As a red-head, the coloring is spot on:

  5. Krystal says:

    Yesyesyes on the side tuck! It’s easy, waist-highlighting, and visually interesting. Nice work!

  6. Patricia Kay says:

    These outfits–all 3 =favs—are the reason I love your creativity with beautiful pieces! Never-fail. Fresh’n’classy. Beautiful every time.
    And the fun of it all is that when I am planning what to wear or simply opening the closet door, I eagerly refer to your posts. Scan a few shoots and boom! Pull out my pieces, put them on, & never look back. Walk out with joy & confidence.
    Gorgeous earrings! I agree— one outstanding piece of jewelry says it all. I am also learning how to creatively add the bag/tote thanks to all of your amazing tips.
    Looking forward to the Friday “overview”! AND the 10×10 with Unfancy!
    Bless your week with peace & joy?

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Patricia! Glad you liked these ones too 🙂 Couldn’t be happier to hear that my blog is a great reference for you, that’s wonderful! I hope you’re having a great week so far. xo

  7. Ah so true…we all need to work the “little laziness” more…especially when it is the result of implementing a plan! The same theory can be applied to our home’s decor. Plan the work, work the plan and then sit back use it and enjoy. Nice inspiration for a Monday. Thanks!-Laurel