Style Bee - August Outfits #3 - Blue Wrap Top + Flax Florence Pant + Gemma Flat Sandal + Circulo Tote + Tassel Earrings



Today I’m doing something unthinkable within the mainstream influencer & blogging world. I’m repeating an outfit you’ve already seen.


Well, not exactly the same outfit, but it’s pretty darn close! Instead of feeling guilty for my lack of originality or deciding not to share this one, I’m choosing to see this as a sign that it’s just a great look and that’s all there is to it! It’s so strange that even after all these years of mixing and matching and making my closet work harder, repeating an outfit still feels taboo!

The funny part is that I actually thought I’d come up with an all new look, then when I was adding a link to the original post I realized, nope, this is pretty much identical to what I shared 4 months ago. The difference is that this version feels a little more casual and I’m sharing how I dress down a special piece for everyday wear in the notes below!

Style Bee - August Outfits #3 - Blue Wrap Top + Flax Florence Pant + Gemma Flat Sandal + Circulo Tote + Tassel Earrings
Style Bee - August Outfits #3 - Blue Wrap Top + Flax Florence Pant + Gemma Flat Sandal + Circulo Tote + Tassel Earrings
Style Bee - August Outfits #3 - Blue Wrap Top + Flax Florence Pant + Gemma Flat Sandal + Circulo Tote + Tassel Earrings


So no, ‘un-fancifying’ is not a word, however, it’s the best one I could think of to describe how I’ve been styling this wrap top. This one is a special piece within my closet and because of its unique colour (for me anyway) and the statement feel it has, I found I was saving it for special occasions. At the same time it’s really comfortable and such a pleasure to wear so when I’m pulling it out for more everyday occasions this is what I do:

1 – PAIR IT WITH A BASIC PANT: I find that the first and most obvious way to make a special top feel a bit more casual is to pair it with a comfy pair of pants. The elastic waistband and minimal design of the Florence pant combined with the low-key feel of linen is a nice balance to the tailored elements and raw silk of the top. In this case, the flax linen feels a bit more rough and ready than the ivory pants I wore in the first post.

2 – FLAT FOOTWEAR: My next step is to pick a pair of flat shoes to wear. A simple pair of slide sandals adds a laid-back feel and ups the comfort factor. This keeps the everything feeling pretty relaxed. Compared to the grey suede mules in the first post these leather slides are less precious.

3 – BOHO ACCESSORIES: A woven bag and tassel earrings are fun and summery additions to this look that add some interest without feeling fussy or over complicated. I like the added textures and love how the tassel thread is a similar colour to the flax linen pants. A little gold anklet has been my favourite summer addition to any look this year too!

There you have it, outfit repeating and un-fancifying all in one!

Have you tried wearing a special piece in your closet for a more average day?


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  1. Ana q says:

    Love this repeat look, maybe even more than the first! The flax pant with the minimal white slides is really pretty and makes that gorgeous shirt really pop. Love the palette, the vibe, and the subtle changes that make this more casual. Great tips as always!

  2. Sarah Winton says:

    Outfit repeating is great! The most sustainable pieces are the ones already in your closet. I think it’s important for influencers to remind everyone of that. That shade of blue is lovely on you, btw:)

  3. Charmaine says:

    I love repeated outfits. I wish more people would do it.

  4. Charlotte says:

    I think it is refreshing to see a “repeat” outfit, or, more accurately, a remixed outfit on a style blog. There is no one in the world that doesn’t repeat favorite outfits and outfit combinations, and so it is much more relatable to see it. The fun part about personal style is the mixing and matching, making something that you use over and over feel fresh and fun again. I’d love to see more “un-fancying” or outfit remix posts to inspire both closet creativity and versatility. Great tips, Lee!