Style Bee - Spring Colour #4



Doing a bit of a 180 from yesterday’s sky blue and fresh white look with these spicy colours and a more relaxed silhouette. The weather here has been feeling a lot more like fall than it does spring so I guess my subconscious was drawn to these tones.

We often think of colour as a seasonally driven decision, however, I don’t buy into those somewhat arbitrary rules so much anymore. Colour choices can, and should, be guided by more than just the time of year we’re used to seeing them in. As much as I love a light and airy palette, I also enjoy piling on olive green, rich cognac and silky black when the mood strikes.

Read on for more about this look and today’s collage inspired by it!

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Style Bee - Spring Colour #4
Style Bee - Spring Colour #4

I’ve received a few messages lately from folks who’ve been encouraged by the way I style my pieces throughout the year and I’m so glad this approach has been coming through!

I used to be of the mindset that as soon as spring arrived on the calendar, all my fall & winter pieces would get stowed away. These days though, not as much. Sure, some pieces like snow boots, heavy sweaters, turtlenecks and puffer coats do get to retired for a chunk of time, but much of my closet can easily be worn throughout several seasons.

For instance, this rusty ribbed top was a piece I loved wearing in the fall but it didn’t get a lot of use this winter so I’m putting it back on the roster for spring. My green duster is another piece I bought for fall but it ends up being more useful in the spring and late summer. My silk Florence Pants are a year-round staple for sure and these heels are just a fun upgrade from slippers for the time being.

A seasonal approach to style can certainly help to get you started, but that said, I think that letting go of conventional wardrobe restrictions is one of the first ways to start making more out of what you have.

Today’s styling prompt (or whenever you’re putting together your next outfit) is to pull out a favourite piece or two from the current ‘off’ season. Try wearing them now and see how that feels! Maybe you’ll realize that it can still work or maybe not, but either way you gave it a go.

SOURCES: GREEN DUSTER* old ALI GOLDEN // SQUARE NECK TOP gifted EVERLANE (wearing S) // SILK FLORENCE PANT by ELIZABETH SUZANN (wearing a M Reg) // SUEDE HEELS* old L’INTERVALLE (Canadian brand) similar style in black, navy or olive for $128 CAD // KATE HOOPS by MACHETE // *Linked to similar


Style Bee - Spring Colour #4
Style Bee - Spring Colour #4
Style Bee - Spring Colour #4

Today’s collage feels decidedly springier than the outfit and I think it might be my favourite one yet. Maybe that’s because it was much harder to get ‘right’ than the first three were.

I usually work from right to left on these, building the layers upwards, but I couldn’t seem to find the perfect final piece to add some graphic energy. So I stopped for a while and left it alone. Then, a few hours later I dug out a magazine I’d already skimmed and opened it right up to an editorial spread with these glorious bold Bodoni numbers!

It was a much needed reminder that creative solutions can rarely be forced. Instead, a little space and time are usually all they need to present themselves.

Thanks for tuning into Spring Colour #4!

Tomorrow is the last day of this little series and it’s possibly my favourite look of the bunch! I hope your week is going as well as can be expected and you’ve been inspired to take a little time for creative pursuits.


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  1. I have never written before, but want to thank you for your thoughtful, helpful, life-enhancing posts – from travel photographs and commentary to gentle nudging toward a balanced work/family life through the lens of our choices for clothing as we move through our days. It is all intimate and practical and spot on.
    Thank you : )

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