Style Bee - 1 Base - 3 Early Fall Looks

1 Base – 3 Early Fall Looks


As we head into a new season I always make a point of reinvesting in some of my favourite longterm pieces. This year, more than ever, I’m focusing less on what I want to add and more on what I can make work harder.

I know it’s tough to resist loungewear these days but this time at home can be an opportunity to try things out that you might not have otherwise considered. Try pieces that may have felt awkward together before, give different silhouettes and palettes a chance. Worst case, you don’t love it and best case, you find some new ways to wear what you already have!

An item I struggled with last fall were cropped jeans, even though I love the style. I’ve been wearing them for many seasons now but making them work with ankle boots and more layered looks was something I wanted to explore.

Read on for three outfit ideas if you’ve got a pair of cropped denim kicking around!


I have to admit I was more than ready to bust out my go-to cool weather staple, the fitted turtleneck. I can’t help it, I just love them! This one is from the Canadian basics line KOTN and I have it in a few colours now.

A fitted taupe turtleneck and a pair of Riley straight cropped jeans (linked to the latest version) seemed like an unlikely pairing so I pushed myself to try it out.

  • TOP – FITTED TURTLENECK by KOTN (I wear a Small) //
  • JEANS – RILEY STRAIGHT CROP by AGOLDE (TTS I wear a 27 + I’m 5’7 for reference on inseam) // Similar shape/cut for less here (I have these in Bone and love them).
  • RUG – HOLLOWAY RUG gifted RUG & WEAVE // Use code: ‘LEE15’ for 15% Off any order, any time!


I say this every fall, and I’ll keep saying it, linen is not just a warm weather fabric. It’s perfect for transitional weather and layering because it’s so breathable and adapts to lots of temperatures. So while this trench was a spring addition, I’d always planned on wearing it well into the fall too. Pairing it with my snake print boots and a light taupe bag ended up being a happy accident that I’ll most certainly be repeating.

  • COAT – FERN TRENCH gifted ONLY CHILD (TTS for a relaxed fit, I wear a Small, ON SALE!) // Similar here and here in a shorter length.
  • TOP – FITTED TURTLENECK by KOTN (I wear a Small) //
  • JEANS – RILEY STRAIGHT CROP by AGOLDE (TTS I wear a 27 + I’m 5’7 for reference on inseam) // Similar shape/cut for less here (I have these in Bone and love them).
  • MINI TOTE – OLD – Similar option here and here.
  • BOOTS – OLD – Similar option here and here.


A black blazer black and almost navy denim, eeerrrm, no thanks. At least that’s what I would have said about this pairing not long ago. But now I’m kind of loving how the different black tones all balance each other out. The sharp shapes of the blazer and boots contrasts with the casual feel of the jeans and soft taupe turtleneck. A warm brown bag in a sleek shape ties it all together.


I may not go for pumpkin spice lattes (I’m sorry something must be wrong with me lol) but I’m down with some tasty fall tones! Turns out camel, taupe, washed black and caramel is a really comforting combination.

  • CARDIGAN – OLD – I found this beauty that’s very similar and would be my top pick for a replacement.
  • TOP – FITTED TURTLENECK by KOTN (I wear a Small) //
  • JEANS – RILEY STRAIGHT CROP by AGOLDE (TTS I wear a 27 + I’m 5’7 for reference on inseam) // Similar shape/cut for less here (I have these in Bone and love them).
  • BAG – OLDCLASSIC ZIPPER TOTE (very similar option)
  • FLATS – DREAM FLAT gifted (TTS I wear my usual size 7)

Now that I’ve pushed my styling boundaries on these cropped jeans I feel like they can do a lot more in my closet and I’m more confident that they work with ankle boots and my favourite layers for early fall. With the world being in the state it’s in, I’ll take even the smallest win!

So tell me, what piece will you try in some new ways this week? I’d love to know!


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  1. Darby says:

    I love your style:) I was wondering if you know where you got your little step ladder/ shelf from? I like how you have styled your shoes and boots on it and I always have a collection in my bedroom from trying them on with outfits. A little shelf would look a lot nicer than having them scattered on my floor!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      hi Darby, that’s an old one from IKEA called the Bekvam 3-Step Ladder. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to carry them anymore but you may find one on ebay or other secondhand sources. I did come across this one which is beautiful but $$$.

  2. Lene says:

    I really like look number 2! When I try out new things, I often mix them with my safe staples. A turtleneck, a blazer and a pair of jeans are all classic pieces, so trying them in a new colour combination is just the right amount of “out of my comfort zone” to me. I’ll try to style my beige ES wool Andys this week (yes, it is already cold enough for them where I live …). I feel like they look a bit too much like sweatpants/not professional enough for work, so I’ll see if I am able to dress them up a bit.

    By the way, your posts are my go-to for a bit of zen when I am having a tough day – thank you!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Great approach Lene! Trying new pieces with ones you’re already comfortable in is so clever. I just brought my wool Andy’s out too! It’s not cold enough but was really nice to see them again (after being in a storage bin under my bed). I agree that they’re a bit tricky to style for a more professional context. I’d try them with a crisp white shirt or a fitted black long sleeve & a classic red lip. Have a great week! xo

  3. Katherine says:

    These are all perfect! I just wanted to say that I love your blog! The environmentally conscious values that you embody are so important and I always trust your opinion about brands and clothing options. I really appreciate how you emphasize repurposing what you have instead of buying every new item that comes out each season. Thank you for your lovely writing!

  4. Mary says:

    Where is the “old” longer cardigan from? Brand?

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Mary, It’s from Han Starnes a knitwear brand that is not currently producing any product. Hopefully they’ll return one day but it’s been well over a year or two since they released anything.

  5. Mariana says:

    Petite woman (just under 5’4″) here. Lee, you’re right on. Slightly cropped kick flares and straight shapes work well for me. Best with sandals or flats in summer and ankle boots that just skim the hem or taller in winter. My challenge is all the high waisted styles. I’m short-waisted so prefer mid-rise but they’re nowhere to be found. That said, I like those Agolde Rileys.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Ah! That’s great Mariana, thanks for chiming in about that styling tip. Mid rise does seem to be harder to come by these days but I dare say it’ll be more popular again soon. I tend to look for the actual rise dimensions because some styles called ‘high rise’ aren’t necessarily as high as others. xo

  6. Nipa says:

    I’m looking for new jeans so that I’m not tempted to wear yoga pants while I work from home! I struggle with cropped pants as I’m just under 5’4” and I feel like they just make me look shorter! Any thoughts about cropped jeans for petite women? I’m trying to find new ways to wear blazers. I always think they’re too formal/dressy but am finding ways to dress them down… xo Nipa

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hey Nipa! I can’t remember where but I once read that cropped jeans in a straight or kick flare shape, were a stylists go-to trick to look taller (she was petite). I know it seems counter intuitive but I think it’s true! I would suggest not SUPER cropped but just about 1-2 inches above the ankle (where these hit my shin is maybe too short). This elongates the leg visually.

      Full length inseams are making their way back into style too so that’s something to consider. I love how this style would look over a block heeled boot!

  7. Ah, I love all of these!! Interestingly I find myself on the opposite end of this challenge, I have a pair of full length jeans, and I am experiencing quite the learning curve trying to figure out how to style those!