Style Bee - Winter Wish List

Winter Wish List


A well considered ‘wish list’ or ‘shopping guide’ is probably one of the most helpful tools when you’re trying to curate a lean closet, reduce impulse shopping and maintain a clear vision for your personal style. With a few major sales coming up, now is a great time to get your lean closet wish list in order so you can snag a few pieces on sale and avoid buying random things that only look good because they’re discounted.

I found my Fall Wish List very useful for pulling my capsule closet together and even though I didn’t buy everything on the list I still felt as though I made some really positive additions to my style and wardrobe. In fact some similar items have carried over onto this list, which is a good indicator that my style and taste is pretty streamlined. So here’s a look at the items on my radar for the upcoming holidays and Winter months.


Style Bee - Winter Wish List

1 – Sara Barner Circle Bag I’ve followed Sara Barner on Instagram for ages and every time she posts about her process or a new piece she’s created I swoon, hard. I’ve also been looking for the perfect black bag for ages. Something unique, durable, functional, extremely well made and timeless. All of Sara’s bags fit this description but the Circle and the Ruby are my favourites.

2 – Capote Coat Lauren Manoogian has been on my radar in a big way this year. Her textile collection has a cult following and I think what sets her apart is being a true artist (and weaving guru) not just another fashion brand. I dream of having one of her pieces (particularly the Capote Coat in Cement) in my collection to wear for years and years. This is a great article on Lauren, her process and her studio.

3 – Georgia Midi Dress Last winter I decided not to get a dress for holiday parties and well, I survived. But it would have been really great to have something elegant and versatile to wear to various holiday events. After about a year of ogling this silk beauty by Elizabeth Suzann I finally pulled the trigger. I can’t wait to wear it 100 different ways over the winter and during my trip to Costa Rica in Feb.

4 – Forestière NecklaceSara MacLellan is an Ontario based fibre artist and jewelry designer who’s collection is my latest obsession. I absolutely love her work and design philosophy. From the materials she chooses, to the naturally dyed palette she works with to the finished pieces, everything just hits home for me. I can’t honestly say which necklace is my favourite (they’re all so good!) but I love discovering local talent that is setting the bar really high!

5 – Block Shop Scarf At this point I think I can safely assume that a Block Shop Textile scarf will always be on my wish list. I LOVE the one I have and get so much use out of it but I’d love to add something with cooler tones to my repertoire. By keeping most of the pattern in my closet to scarves I find I can always add a bit of energy and intrigue to a look without it being overpowering.

6 – Black Chelsea Boot Somehow Acne Studios never fails to design the perfect black boot. I couldn’t have dreamt up a more timeless and understated yet substantial Chelsea boot. The proportions are sublime, the sole is a sturdy stacked leather and the toe is just pointed enough to keep the silhouette contemporary. {Insert praise emoji} I’d be remiss not to admit that this pair and this pair have also been haunting me.

Now of course, if you do the math you’ll quickly see that this short list adds up. There’s little chance I’ll be winning the lottery anytime soon so not everything on the list will makes it’s way to my closet but over time and with some good will from Santa I might be able to snag one or two goodies.

Style Bee - Winter Wish List


So how does one make a good wish list? It’s easy to simply write everything you’ve ever dreamt of having on a piece of paper but that won’t do much good. Instead, start by thinking about the next 3 months. What is the weather going to be? What activities will you be doing most? What is your budget? What do you genuinely need? Keep your list to 10 items or less, which sounds easier than it is. Don’t settle! This is a wish list right? So don’t sell your dreams short by under cutting what you really want. Then, put the list away and forget about it for a few days. Next time you review it ask yourself if anything fell off your radar when you weren’t thinking about it. That’s a good sign that perhaps an item might not be as high a priority as you thought.

As I’ve mentioned before, I typically make notes throughout each season about certain items I would have really liked to have in my closet. Then when the season is about to roll around again I refer to this list. Sometimes things are no longer necessary or my tastes have changed but often I’ll find myself drawn to the very same styles again. This is a good indication of what I’ll get a lot of use out of and what pieces will fit well into my personal style.

So if you feel like it, take 10 minutes today to jot down the key pieces you’ve been looking for or keeping safely stowed in your cyber shopping cart. You might be surprised by how short your list is and by what items actually make it on. I even made a cute one you can print out and send to Santa or just tuck away in your planner. DOWNLOAD THE STYLE BEE WISH LIST HERE

Style Bee - Winter Wish List

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  1. Melissa says:

    Love that Elizabeth Suzann dress

  2. Kate says:

    Love this post! I just started filling in my own wishlist with a white cable knit sweater and some wide legged trousers. I wish I would have waited to use yours, it’s a beautiful print!


  3. mary says:

    awesome picks as always! i love your taste and advice. thanks, lee! xoxo

  4. Maria says:

    Well, you may have found the PERFECT Chelsea Boot! {Insert praise emoji} I’ll be adding this to my wish list as well!