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After a long hiatus from brand collaborations I’m excited to share a special project I’ve been working on with EILEEN FISHER. This partnership was a natural fit because my personal style philosophies of fewer over better, timeless over trends and responsible over flippant are precisely what EILEEN FISHER’s team aims to provide their conscious customer with.

I’ve long admired this iconic brand for their enduring creative vision, outspoken commitment to sustainable production and keen focus on creating clothes that women of all ages and sizes can feel fabulous in (visit Behind The Label for so much more). So it’s needless to say, I was thrilled for the opportunity to introduce you to their latest innovation in effortless style known as The System, which is a series of 8 core pieces that are designed to be the backbone of your wardrobe.

These 8 pieces are: The Tank Dress, The Wide-Leg Pant, The Tank, The Easy Pant, The Slouchy Pant, The Long Shell, The Slim Pant and The Boxy Shell.

Each one is intended to be highly functional, designed to fit flawlessly and provide a failsafe way to get ready in 5 minutes or less. Additionally, all the items have been created from wearable, washable and thoughtfully sourced materials that will stand the test of time. I had the pleasure of trying the full system out and I can honestly say that it lives up to its promises!

The point of this particular partnership was for me to choose 1-2 items from The System that really stood out to me and to then style them into a few different looks. Gee, that doesn’t sound like my favourite thing to do at all! Oh wait, yes it does!

I thought I’d have a hard time deciding on my favourites but it was immediately apparent which ones were going to be heroes for me and I chose the Long Shell and the Slouchy Pant without hesitation. Together the two pieces make for such an understated, elegant set and the perfect base layer for literally any occasion.

To demonstrate their versatility, today I’ll be sharing how I styled these two system pieces for Winter now, for Winter later, for Spring and for Early Summer. So let’s have a look!


Style Bee - Eileen Fisher - The System


I chose the Long Shell (almost before I even tried it) because it’s a perfect simple tunic top that instantly injects effortless elegance into any look. The boat neckline is totally chic (but not too wide) and the high low hem is super flattering. Plus the Silk Georgette Crepe it’s made from is slightly matte and has the most delicious drape to it. This top will work with all my pants and skirts, tucked in, half tucked or left out and easily glides under blazers and over slim shirts for seamless layering.

Size Note: I’m wearing the XXS which is not a size I’ve ever worn in my life but seems to fit quite well. XS would have likely been fine too but as you’ll see there is still lots of room and there’s no gaping under the arms, which can happen with this type of top.


I was just going to feature the Long Shell on its own but once I paired it with the Slouchy Pant I was totally hooked on the set. They just felt so easy and sophisticated together that I couldn’t take them off. Even my partner Dave saw me preparing for the shoot and said, ‘Now that is sophisticated as hell!’ haha. Oh and did I mention that the pants have pockets? YUP!

I also wanted to keep these pants because they happen to fill an important gap in my closet, the Dress Pant gap. I have plenty of jeans, fun wide leg options and a couple fitted black pants but these are the perfect combination of smart and laid-back. They’re dressy but not too corporate and they’re formal but not too much of a trouser. They’re just a perfect balance of slim and slouchy and the fabric (same as the shell) feels like a dream and moves so fluidly. I already have a good feeling that they’re going to earn their keep!

Size Note: I’m also wearing an XXS in the pants. I think they’re fitting me a bit slimmer than intended but it’s a happy accident in a way because I love the fit. I’m also wearing them at my natural waist whereas if I wore them lower they’d slouch more.

Practicality: Both pieces are machine washable and wrinkle resistant (and easily steamed smooth) plus lint and pet fur just seems to glide right off. So despite being ‘silk’ they’re not at all precious or fussy. This fabric is basically magic!

So here’s what the base looks like on!

Style Bee - Eileen Fisher - The System Style Bee - Eileen Fisher - The System Style Bee - Eileen Fisher - The System Style Bee - Eileen Fisher - The System


Style Bee - Eileen Fisher - The System

Even though the Long Shell and Slouchy Pants are made of a lightweight fabric I wanted to give them a try for our current Winter season. So I turned to my usual layering tricks to make them cold weather ready and it worked! With a fitted white turtleneck under the shell and tucked into the pants the set almost takes on a jumpsuit look, which I LOVE! Then the coat, beanie and brown boots make it extra cozy and wearable. I’m also really feeling the touch of femininity a red nail adds too!

This look has date night or dinner with friends written all over it and I can’t wait to take it for a spin soon!

ITEMS: Long Shell | Slouchy Pant | White Turtleneck | Cognac Boots | Black Bag | Cocoon Coat* | Nail Polish | Beanie* |*Linked to similar

Style Bee - Eileen Fisher - The System Style Bee - Eileen Fisher - The System Style Bee - Eileen Fisher - The System Style Bee - Eileen Fisher - The System


Style Bee - Eileen Fisher - The System

I loved how the first Winter styling approach worked out so I thought I’d try another variation that was more applicable for a typical day. I used the same slim turtleneck trick but the grey version gives it a cozy feel and a denim top coat definitely keeps it extra casual. A brown tote is the perfect way to warm things up and my Pistol boots felt like an ideal way to add a dose of durability to the look. A few simple accessories like a small brass necklace, a classic watch and my usual glasses give the whole look a bit more character while still maintaining a minimal vibe.

I could definitely wear this look for a workday, client meetings or a weekend of brunching and visiting with friends.

ITEMS: Long Shell | Slouchy PantGrey Turtleneck* | Black Ankle Boots | Necklace | Duster Coat* | Brown Tote | Glasses | Watch | *Linked to similar

Style Bee - Eileen Fisher - The System

Style Bee - Eileen Fisher - The System Style Bee - Eileen Fisher - The System Style Bee - Eileen Fisher - The System


Style Bee - Eileen Fisher - The System

I wanted to see if I could put together a Spring look that’s timeless, sophisticated and totally achievable in under 5 minutes. So I literally set my phone timer and went for it! I threw on the two core pieces first and immediately reached for my olive loafers and my trench coat. For some reason those two items scream Spring to me. Then I threw my hair up, cuffed my pants and coat sleeves, added a watch and my go-to bag. If I didn’t need my glasses to see what I was doing the whole time I would have put those on at that point too. This look is a classic for sure but an all black base gives it a sleek contemporary feel that’s fresh and totally nonchalant.

I definitely channelled my inner Parisian for this one and now I’m even more desperate for warm weather to get here!

ITEMS: Long Shell | Slouchy Pant | Black Bag | Loafers | Trench CoatGlasses | Watch

Style Bee - Eileen Fisher - The System Style Bee - Eileen Fisher - The System Style Bee - Eileen Fisher - The System Style Bee - Eileen Fisher - The System Style Bee - Eileen Fisher - The System


Style Bee - Eileen Fisher - The System

So yes, summer is a long ways off for us Canadian folk but it will be back eventually! One of my warm weather Wish List items last year was a matching set but I never ended up committing to one. Turns out this set is the perfect solution and just begging for any and all things the happy season of Sun and fun has to offer like a backyard BBQ, a casual wedding or a night out on the town. My calendar has started to fill up with events already and I know a foolproof option like this set is going to come in very handy.

I decided that for my final rendition, I’d style this base with a breezy kimono (and without), a super simple slide sandal and add some interest with a statement pendant and a speckled hide clutch. I just wish I’d had time to paint my toes black and had thought to add a bold red lip! Regardless, the result is a super chic look that secretly feels like you’re wearing PJs. Hello favourite fashion hack!

ITEMS: Long Shell | Slouchy Pant | Clutch | Slide Sandals | Kimono | NecklaceGlasses | Ring

Style Bee - Eileen Fisher - The System Style Bee - Eileen Fisher - The System Style Bee - Eileen Fisher - The System Style Bee - Eileen Fisher - The System Style Bee - Eileen Fisher - The System

So that’s how I’ll be styling my new EILEEN FISHER Long Shell and Slouchy Pant from The System.

It’s amazing what a simple set that feels fabulous can do for both your closet and self-esteem. I can’t wait to wear these instant heroes now and in the warmer months ahead!

If you’re in the market for comfortable, versatile clothes, designed beautifully and produced responsibly consider taking a look at all 8 pieces from The System.


This post contains affiliate links and was created in partnership with EILEEN FISHER. Products and compensation were received in exchange for the feature. Style Bee is committed to collaborating with responsible and socially conscious companies and makers. Thanks for supporting this space and the brands that help make it possible.

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  1. Lisa says:

    You’ve done a terrific job with these 2 pieces, and I would choose the same 2 myself . I’ve owned just a few EF pieces over the years (2 are in my wardrobe right now) but the Canadian pricing is putting them out of my reach now. Even my favourite local boutique , which was the only one in the city carrying EF, stopped bringing in the line because of ever-increasing pricing (US Dollar exchange). I love, love her clothes, but at almost $400 for the pants and $250something for the top, it’s a very pricey outfit. I know every reader is in a different income bracket, but still……..anyways, I am on the lookout for similar pieces at even 2/3 of the price. I currently own a drapey layered silk tank and a cashmere poncho from her line – both of which are now a few years old, and both bought on sale.

  2. Mary says:

    I’ve just realized that you remind me (style-wise, of course) of my late piano teacher. She was an extraordinary person and dressed with the same nonchalant, artistic vibe as you. And I agree with your partner, this is pure sophistication!

  3. Allison says:

    Wow I love all the looks you made. I love the idea of this simple black base to build upon but with 2 small kids I think I need to find more sturdy fabrics.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Allison! A black base is a failsafe trick I just keep coming back to. Maybe it’s lazy but ah-well! haha I agree that a sturdy material is key with the kiddos. This silk is surprisingly durable and being machine washable it feels much less precious. The stretch crepe is probably a better option for you though! Thanks for reading! xo

  4. Lilia says:

    Love all the outfits! I have learned a lot on how to match clothes. I am planning on get a pair of the Rachel Comey booties same as you worn. After some researching, I noticed they run small than normal US size, so could you give me some advice on the sizing part? Like what size you usually wear and which size you chose for this pair of booties. Thank you in advance!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Lilia, that’s great to hear! Oh awesome! My Mars boots are easily my favourite shoes. I’m typically a size 7 and got my most recent pair of Mars boots in a 7 and they are perfect. (My sister in law just got a pair in her usual size too). Rachel Comey shoes tend to run slightly narrow but otherwise I’ve found them TTS. If you have a wide foot and are between sizes I would go up 1/2 a size otherwise order your normal size and expect to break them in a bit. They take a few wears to relax but once the leather has warmed and molded to your foot they feel amazing. Hope that helps! xo

  5. Jane says:

    Thanks for this lovely post! I’ve been eyeing those Elizabeth Slides from Nisolo and I’m curious how walk-able you find them. I have about a one mile walk to and from work every day and my shoes have to be able to get me at least that far. Love to hear your thoughts!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      My pleasure Jane! Thanks for taking a look 🙂 Ok, so the Elizabeth slides are very comfortable and I LOVE how they look on, but I don’t find them especially great to walk a lot in. They’re totally fine for a quick walk downtown or when I know I’ll be off my feet or just standaing for a bit at an event or dinner but I wouldn’t choose them for any kind of consistent trekking. Could just be me but I find my foot wants to shift in them a bit so my heel doesnt always stay in place. For a mule they do stay on quite well though. I’ve had other slides that fly off and that’s no fun! Hope that helps! xo

  6. Tory says:

    Where did you get your gold bracelet?

  7. Krystal says:

    Related comment: Love the Parisian-inspired outfit!

    Unrelated comment: Using the search bar on the site only results in a few posts, and I can’t find any sort of “view more” button (for example, we’re traveling to Canada in a few weeks and I am looking for inspiration for what the heck to wear – I’m from Florida! – but I can’t view many posts that way). Just FYI!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Krystal, Thanks for letting me know. My developer tried improving the search results previously but unfortunately WordPress has some limitations. I’ll ask her to take another look but in the meantime the best way to search through outfits is via the Outfits page which is an archive of all my looks. Hope that helps! Enjoy your trip to Canada! xo

  8. Anne M says:

    Normally, I’d be hesitant to try anything so deeply colored, but since they state they dye the clothes with safer chemistry, I’d be willing to try. That said, I like the pants (yea pockets!) and the tunic that you have chosen, but I think I’d like to try the tunic in the Raisonette. The boxy shell link above goes instead to a slim shell that doesn’t appear to be part of the system. I’d like to have that anyway, since it comes in a lovely Dark Pearl (which is a light grey).

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Anne, Yes to pockets indeed! The Raisonette and Dark Pearl are gorgeous colours too! I believe the original Boxy Shell may no longer be available but the link is to a very similar option. Thanks for sharing your picks and for reading! xo

  9. Thrilled that you’ve partnered with Eileen Fisher, Lee! I’ve been admiring EF clothing and practices from afar…and love seeing them featured here.

    Of the System pieces, my choices would be the same as yours – the slouchy pants, in particular, caught my eye. When it comes to pants, I’ve been searching for something…but haven’t been sure what. Loose but not too baggy or wide…super comfortable but not sloppy…versatile enough to wear at home or work. Hmmmm…perhaps these are it!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Dana! I’d been admiring EF from afar for ages too. I tried on a whole bunch of their FW at Nordstrom and LOVED the fabrics and construction. So happy to have a couple pieces to call my own 🙂 They have a great selection of pants right now and I love that everything is interchangeable. Hope you find an option that works for you! Have a great weekend! xo

  10. Catherine says:

    When I saw that you partnered with Eileen Fisher I became wildly excited. Her pieces are some of the most foundational & versatile in my closet. I have this silk shell as well and I couldn’t agree more with everything you wrote. It’s a stunning simple piece. It also pairs well under cropped sweaters for the fall/winter. Excited to see how you continue to style it!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Catherine! I’m so happy to hear that! As soon as I saw the Shell I was smitten. It’s something I’ve been looking for for ages. Great call on the cropped sweaters too! Layered my T-Sweater over it as soon as I finished my stories and love the look 😛 xox

  11. Hilary says:

    This is a great collaboration, Lee! I love how you styled every look. This came at just the right time, too – I splurged on a pair of Eileen Fisher pants near the tail end of last year, but haven’t worn them much because I couldn’t figure out how to style them for some reason. (I think it’s the stretch crepe fabric throwing me off in particular – just never had a fabric quite like it in my closet.) The pants I got look really similar to the ones you styled, so you’ve given me plenty of ideas! I think the Long Shell was the perfect pairing choice for the pants. Thank you for yet another fabulous post.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Hilary! I’m so glad to hear that! The stretch crepe is a glorious fabric but it’s certainly unique so I can appreciate why it would be a bit daunting. Happy this helped and hope you get lots of use out of your EF pants this Spring! xo

  12. Charissa says:

    Love, love, love! These pieces are very sophisticated. My favourite look is Spring hands down. My picks would be the tank dress and the wide leg pants … These definitely look like elevated basics.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Charissa! Those are great picks too, the tank dress is the most delicious jersey fabric and the wide leg pant is the perfect option if you’re new to that shape. I may have added one or two extras to my Spring closet because they’re all so good! Have a great weekend! xo

  13. Lia says:

    Great collaboration, Lee! I like all of these looks so it’s hard to pick a favorite! Maybe the last one? For some reason it screams classy bride to me even though it’s black.

    Unfortunately, as you found out, EF clothes run about 2 sizes big on average which means I’m completely sized out. I’ve been hoping they will normalize their sizing but seems like it’s not going to happen.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Lia! I was totally thinking the last one could be a modern bride look, or at least a classy wedding guest 🙂

      I had heard the sizing runs large but I’d only tried on sweaters and other items previously so I didn’t notice a huge difference. The pants surprised me though, I was like there’s no way I’m going to squish into an XXS but then they fit great! I believe all the System pieces are available in petite sizes, which could be an option for you.

      Thanks for reading! xo