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Wide Leg Crop Pant Review


I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Here in Guelph the temps hit double digits on Saturday and I think almost everyone who lives here was out enjoying the sunshine. It was glorious!! We took Dobby for a long walk around our neighbourhood and the look on his little face was pure glee. Safe to say we’re more excited than ever for Spring’s permanent arrival.

Now onto the post of the day! Every so often Everlane launches a new product that everyone seems to go nuts for and recently that happened to be the Wide Leg Crop Pant. This style of pant has been building in popularity over the last few seasons and it’s easy to see why. It’s flattering, fresh, empowering and gives a nod to style eras gone by without feeling overtly retro.

As you likely know, I’ve been a fan of this silhouette for a while now but this is the first time I’ve tried pants from Everlane. They kindly offered to send me this pair to test out and I alllllmost opted not to try them since I already have my fair share of wide leg pants. But it was a combination of FOMO, curiosity and the fact that I get asked all the time for a more wallet friendly option of the Kamm Pant that swayed me towards trying them. Long story short, I’m very glad that I did and I hope this review and comparison is helpful for those who have been on the fence about this pant style or interested in investing in a pair.

Today I’ll take you through:

  1. My review of the Wide Leg Crop by Everlane. *Size Update
  2. A side by side comparison of the Wide Leg Crop vs. the Kamm Pant. *Size Update
  3. My thoughts on whether to save or invest.

Style Bee - Everlane Wide Crop Pant Style Bee - Everlane Wide Crop Pant Style Bee - Everlane Wide Crop Pant


Here we have the Everlane Wide Leg Crop Pant in Washed Black. 

1 | FACTS |

  • Cost is $68 USD
  • Available in 3 colours: Washed Black, Bone and Mid Blue
  • Numerical Sizing (00, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12)
  • Made in China (responsibly)
  • Material is 99% Cotton and 1% Elastane
  • Machine washable

2 | FIT | 

  • I’m wearing a size 4. Typically I’m either a 2 or 4 in pants depending on the fit and I wear a 26/27 in denim. I’m just over 5’7, 125 lbs and consider my shape hourglass, with my widest area being my hips/butt. I found this size fits very well through the hips (which you don’t want to be too snug) but I had to have the waist taken in about 1.5 inches.
  • The waist hits right at my belly button. 
  • This is the original inseam length. I did not have these hemmed for a more cropped effect but it would be easy to do so if you’re under 5’5 and wanted some ankle to show.
  • These pants hug the butt nicely. They’re flattering whether you’re flatter or fuller tooshed (I am the latter). See side views below.


These pants will stretch considerably after being worn for a long time or several days in a row. 

If I was ordering again I would highly consider a size 2 instead, which might feel too snug at first but would likely stretch to fit like the 4 when new or freshly washed. 

3 | FABRIC | 

  • The fabric is super soft but still quite thick and sturdy. It’s awesome.
  • Even just the 1% elastane gives these a lot of stretch.
  • The washed black is just that, a faded black which pairs nicely with all colours.

4 | DETAILS | 

  • Tonal Stitching
  • Silver Top Button and Zipper
  • Slash front pockets, Square back pockets
  • 1 inch hem
  • Belts loops
  • Back darts for contour fit

5 | VALUE | HIGH. These pants are surprisingly inexpensive for the quality of the fabric, the tailored fit and the amount of detailing throughout. Definitely decent return on investment!

FAVOURITE PART | The fabric is very soft and feels great on. It is quite forgiving and wearable and would be comfortable for a long day of wear no matter what your activities are.

LEAST FAVOURITE PART | The pockets. To me these are the least flattering element on these pants. They are nice and deep which is a plus but when you walk even just a few steps they start to bulge outwards (you can see a subtle example of this above) and this creates added volume in the hip and lower torso area that most women won’t wish for. One solution would be to have them stitched closed, which I might consider since I don’t use pant pockets much.

Side note: My pants came with quite a few loose threads sticking out along the seams and on the waist at the belt loops. Not a big deal as they were easy to pull out or trim but this made them feel a bit unfinished. 

Style Bee - Everlane Wide Crop Pant Style Bee - Everlane Wide Crop Pant Style Bee - Everlane Wide Crop Pant


Here is a side by side comparison of the Wide Leg Crop and the Kamm Pant. I’m wearing the exact same boots and shirt and both images were taken minutes apart on the same day. No different filter tricks or edits either! I’m wearing a size 4 in both pants shown below (please see a sizing update for both) and had the waist taken in by my tailor 1.5 in on both as well. The inseam is also stock length on both.

So let’s take a closer look at the facts and compare shall we? 

Style Bee - Everlane Wide Crop Pant


  • $68 USD
  • Made in China
  • 99% Cotton 1% Elastane
  • Washed Black (+ 2 more colours)
  • Inseam length is 26.5 in | Rise 11 in | Leg opening 21.5 in
  • Runs slim through hips
  • Zip Fly
  • Slashed front pockets (deep), Square back pockets
  • Machine Washable, Tumble Dry
  • On the market 1 week


  • $395 USD
  • Made in California
  • 100% Fine Cotton Canvas
  • Rich Black (+9 colours)
  • Inseam is 28 in | Rise is 13 in | Leg opening 22 in
  • Runs slim through hips
  • Button Fly
  • Slit Front pockets (deep), no back pockets
  • Machine Washable, Line Dry
  • One the market 10+ years


My black Kamm pants stretched considerably after being worn almost daily  for a few weeks. Additionally, the original pair I had ended up having a fabrication flaw, which resulted in a tear near the button fly. Certainly not ideal, but JK customer care was very responsive and gladly exchanged them for a new pair in a size 2, which were quite snug at first but have since relaxed to fit more like the 4 when they were new. See them on here and here.

If you don’t intend to wear them all day, every day you might prefer a looser fit to start with as they’ll only stretch out with lots of continued wear and walking. 

Style Bee - Everlane Wide Crop Pant


It’s no secret that Kamm Pants are a serious investment. It’s also no secret that they’re an iconic, designer piece that Jesse Kamm has been making for over 10 years now. Seeing as Everlane just released their version a week ago they had lots of opportunity to improve on the fit and functionality of this classic style and while they did a great job, for me, the classic Kamm Pant remains the ultimate favourite in my closet. That said, had I not already had them, my desire for this style might have been satiated by the Wide Leg Crop.

These pants are clearly very similar and to an undiscerning eye they might be interchangeable however, to me these are two distinctly different pants. The truth is they both feel great on and I love the silhouette they create. But we all know the devil is in the details so let’s get to the nitty gritty.

WIDE LEG CROP PROS: The stretch fabric is forgiving and the pockets are easy to use (although they bulge out). They have a slightly more casual vibe overall. Of course, the price point is definitely one of their main selling features too. The shorter inseam makes the ‘cropped’ look easy to achieve for most heights.

KAMM PROS: The higher waist sits at your true natural waist and the deep slit pockets (which are functional but snug) create a smooth, tapered hip which is very flattering and slimming. The longer inseam gives the illusion of a long leg and makes them easier to pair with boots in colder temps. The black is a true black. The pant leg falls straight down instead of flaring out which is visually elongating. These are made ethically in small batches in California.

So which pair is right for you?


  • Budget is your main concern. Seeing as they are a fraction of the cost your bank account will be relatively unaffected.
  • You’re new to the wide-leg pant style. If you’re just dabbling with this pant silhouette then you’d be wise to try it out with less risk.
  • You don’t care how long-term they’ll be in your closet. If you’re not a long-haul shopper then investing in expensive pants is likely outside your protocol anyway.
  • Stretch is your jam. If you need some give in your materials these have got it.


  • You’re set on the original iconic version. These are the holy grail of the wide-leg pant (IMHO) and nothing out there has captured the same shape and aesthetic quite as well. There is a reason these have had a cult following for many years.
  • You’re happy to wait and save up. I saved up for my Kamm Pants for months and bought basically nothing else all season but they were totally worth it to me.
  • You value made inland, slow-fashion products. These are made in small batches in California and Jesse Kamm only sells on her own site and through select indie retailers.
  • You plan to wear this style for years to come. These pants are made to last a really long time and if you want to you can get a TON of use out of them.
  • You’re ok with a sturdy cotton canvas that does not give much with movement. I find them very comfortable but it takes a bit to get used to.

Basically, both options are excellent it just depends on how committed you are to the style and what’s feasible in your budget. Hopefully with all these facts you can make a call you feel good about! 

Style Bee - Everlane Wide Crop Pant

I hope this review and comparison was helpful!

Have you ordered a Pair of the WIDE LEG CROP PANT by Everlane or do you have your heart set on the KAMM PANTI’d love to know!

WIDE LEG CROP (Washed Black, Size 4) c/o Everlane | Chambray Shirt (Linked to similar option, imported.) | Mars Boot by Rachel Comey | Bag Vintage (Linked to Similar) | Kamm Pant (Black size 4) by Jesse Kamm (more black pant sizes here)

I received the Wide Leg Crop Pant c/o Everlane however this post is not sponsored nor is it affiliated with any of the aforementioned brands. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links which allow you to shop and support Style Bee at the same time. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Kelly says:

    I feel like I’ve said this before on your blog, but you have the best reviews! I really appreciate the attention to detail and that you really get into the nitty-gritty. I’ve owned a couple of pairs of the Everlane wide leg crop pants for 3+ years now, and I now know that wide legs are a staple/basic pant silhouette for me. That said, there are some aspects of the Everlane pants that I’m not in love with…and now that they are wearing out (I’ve worn them to DEATH), I’m saving up for the Kamm pants! Based on your review and your pros/cons, I feel a lot more confident in that decision–thanks!

  2. Morgan says:

    I had been debating between the 2 and 4 for the Everlane crop so hearing that they stretch out is very helpful. Thank you!

  3. Andreanne says:

    Thank you for that post!
    I ordered the Everlane version and I was really disappointed though. They are very unflattering on me!
    I’m looking forward for the Tessa Hughe et Samantha Pleet versions !

  4. This was so helpful, thank you!! Saw the Everlane pants release and immediately wondered if they’d be a good alternative to the Kamm pants, but hesitated to get them. Now I’ve decided I’ll wait and save for the Kamm!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Glad you found the post helpful Morgane! You won’t be sorry you saved for the Kamm pants. They are kind of life changing πŸ™‚ xo

  5. Janet says:

    Great post Lee. Reading your review helped me finally decide to order the Kamm pants. I have been admiring the Kamm pants for awhile now and I decided to order them in tobacco. I got them a couple of days ago and I love them. They are beautifully made and the colour is perfect for my wardrobe. They are a big snug around the hips even though I carefully measured myself. I was wondering if they might stretch out a bit but the cotton is so thick I doubt that will happen. I am exchanging them and getting the next size up.
    I also plan to order a second pair. The silhouette is perfect for me and the Kamm pants are amazing. Now I have to decide on colour #2.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      I’m so glad to hear that Janet! Tobacco is next on my Kamm Pant wishlist (they weren’t available when I got my Salt White ones or I would have). They will probably stretch out about .5 in with wear but if you feel they’re too snug in the hip you’re better off sizing up and having the waist taken in (that’s what I did since my measurements indicate I’m a size 2 but they were too tight). So glad to hear you’re loving the silhouette! I’m a total convert now πŸ™‚ xo

  6. Kaja says:

    Lee, thank you for taking the time to answer the question that was on our mind! I was wondering how these would compare to the Kamm pants, and if you would still feel the Kamms were worth the investment. I think I will be holding out and saving for the Kamms. Do you like to wear them in the heat of summer? I’m moving to the Middle East for a couple of years and I’m questioning whether the cotton canvas is too heavy in the sticky heat.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      My pleasure Kaja! I don’t think you’ll be sorry you waited for the Kamms. That’s awesome that you’re going to be spending some time in the middle east! To be honest, I don’t wear my Kamm’s when it’s really hot (like 30 C or higher), I opt for linen instead so you might want to hold off. That said, everyone in California seems to love them and it’s hot there! All the best. xo

  7. Mun says:

    Thanks for the wonderful comparison. I don’t own the Kamm pants but I ordered the Everlane ones as soon as I saw them. They arrived yesterday and when I put them on, I fell deeply and passionately in love! Now I want the black pair too! xx

  8. Lindsey says:

    I just got mine in the washed black yesterday and I love them so much! The only thing is they are a perfect fit now (aside from the gaping at the waist as you mentioned) and I am worried they will stretch out too much and be too baggy. I know with denim and leather you should always buy a little snug since they tend to relax with wear but I’m not sure these will bounce back or not. Wondering if I should exchange them for a smaller size. How have you found them to be?

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hey Lindsey! Mine have definitely stretched out with wear. If you really want them to fit as they are now I’d probably go for a size down. Even with the waist taken in they’re quite a bit looser after a full day of wear. I’m sure they’ll be OK after a wash. Hope that helps!

  9. Alexandra Marie says:

    I *love love love* this style of pant but I think I’m going to have to sit this one out. If all goes well I’ll be hitting my second trimester in March and third in June. I found out January 1st, and it has definitely shaped my wardrobe/shopping goals for this year, haha. I’m hoping this style will still be available next year!

  10. Lo says:

    Thanks for such a thorough review and comparison! I’m in love with that mid-blue Everlane pant, but I have some denim pants that are just similar enough that I can’t really justify them right now. I hope they’ll keep rolling out more color options!

  11. Gracie says:

    Thank you for the review! It was just timely as I was all ready to save up for Jess Kamm sailor pants (it comes up to $550+ in my local currency :x) but recent check on the size chart tells me that I can’t fit into them πŸ™

    I’ve wrote in for sizing help as well and was told their largest size, a 10 measures 30.5″ at the tiniest waist. But I literally have a H-line figure with not much of a waistline hence that is still too small for me. (my natural waist is a 33″). It seems strange to me as I’m usually a US medium so I’m not sure if the pants are only targeted for slim ladies? Guess it’s a no-go for me.

    Perhaps I’ll give Everlane a try..

  12. Savannah says:

    Great review! I have to admit, I’m still a little nervous to try out this style, but the more I see it, the more I like it! I think I may just have to finally take the plunge with the Everlane version!

  13. Jessica says:

    This review was incredibly well done! Especially the detailed side-by-side on inseams, pockets, and fabric! For myself, I will only wear high-waisted pants, but because of dietary issues I can sometimes end up with quite a bloated tummy! I didn’t realize JK didn’t have any stretch to them, so while they are still my ideal wide-leg, I might have to put some more thought into how much use I would get out of them realistically.

    This is truly a great review, well done!!

  14. Mimi says:

    Hi, great comparison and thanks for sharing. I think the only area not covered was how they were with wrinkling. Specifically around the crouch and hip area from sitting for extended times or overall in legs. It seems in pictures that the everlane has a bit of wrinkling happening on side legs and like to know the comparison for both brands as it’s a big thing for me. I tried Levi’s crop wide legs and while I loved them and being a true denim with 1% stretch, they are notorious with wrinkling and bunching in front hip/crotch area. Love to hear your input! Thanks!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Mimi, Good question! I’ve found they both crease quite easily in that area. Seems to be something most high rise pants (with a high cotton content) will do with extended wear. The Everlane’s are perhaps a little more noticeable since the pockets bulge out but creasing happens on the Kamm Pants too. I’ve found the Kamms will smooth out easy enough if you fold them flat or hang them and I’ll occasionally iron them between wears too. Not sure about the Wide Crop yet as I haven’t had them as long or worn them as much. Hope that helps!

  15. Annie says:

    Thanks for sharing, Lee! I was curious to hear your thoughts so after reading, I am sticking with JK:) I have two pairs and think they are worth every penny. I’ve gotten so much use out of them and don’t think I will ever get tired of them. All in all, I’m a big fan of JK and as you say, it’s all about the details! She nails it:)

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks for reading Annie! Yes, I couldn’t agree more! What colours do you have? Glad the post was reassuring πŸ™‚ xo

    • Annie says:

      Hi Lee! I have JK pants in tabacco and rust red.
      I’m torn between the black and blue… black is so classic but blue might be great for summer:) Oh the choices!

  16. Lauren says:

    Thanks for sharing Lee! I’m planning to order these in the cream color for my Spring capsule wardrobe, and I’m happy to hear they have stretch as that’s important to me in pants! I’m excited to play with styling them for spring!

  17. Stephanie says:

    I just received mine today! I love the style & fabric, but am disappointed in the sizing. I measured smaller in the waist and hip than listed on the size guide for size 4 and find them snug. I’m hoping they will stretch a tad with wear like my jeans. This is my first pair of Everlane pants and first time ordering clothes from them (I bought a rain coat last year which is awesome). I also bought two tops and a dress with this order. All are a bit smaller than expected based on the size charts. They still fit but I should have sized up.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on them Steph! I’ve been wearing them all day and they do stretch out in areas that are snug so I wouldn’t worry too much. Size guides can be so helpful or so deceiving! I’m sure Everlane would be glad to exchange things for you. Hope you enjoy the pants! xo

  18. Eve says:

    Not being a fan of the wide leg – and especially cropped – pant look I am always surprised that I think the Kamm pants look quite nice and flattering. The Everlane ones just highlight what I don’t care for about the style, for myself anyway. I’m about 1-1.5″ taller than you (though it appears I have a longer torso as the Everlane Cashmere Crew is a bit short on me) and a roughly similar build so it is actually quite helpful for me to see these items next to each other. Thank you!

  19. Stephanie doyle says:

    I just received my wide leg crops in black today! This is my first pair of pants from Everlane. I think the size guide is off on these as My measurements were smaller than what was listed for the size 4, so I thought they’d fit nicely, but they are slightly snug. I’m hoping they will stretch with wear like jeans. They otherwise look & feel great on. I’m so excited to try this style out in the spring.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks for sharing your fit findings Stephanie. They will definitely stretch out with wear. I’ve been wearing them all day today and they’ve relaxed in all the places that were snug. Not excessively but enough to be more comfy. Enjoy them! xo

  20. Anne says:

    Thanks so much for doing this comparison. I have been looking at the Kamm pants for a long time and just haven’t been able to bring myself to spend that much. I was pretty excited when the Everlane pants came out last week and was wondering how they compared. I am excited to try them when they arrive! However, I am still hoping to try on a pair of the Kamm pants when we visit Nashville this spring. I appreciate your insights!

  21. KTDO says:

    I appreciate the side-by-side comparison! It’s great to see the length of the Everlane vs the Kamm on you. I am 5’1″ and I didn’t realize the inseam difference between the two until you posted those photos together. I may still have to take up the hemm on the Everlane ones that I did order, but at $68 + cost of tailor, I think this will (hopefully! they haven’t arrived yet) be the right option for me.

  22. Lia says:

    Hey Lee, this review is AWESOME! Especially the comparison. So thorough! One deciding factor between Kamm and Everlane I don’t think you mentioned is height. I’m 5’0″ and it looks like the Everlane version would be a much better fit for me. A 13″ rise would come up to my rib cage hah.

    I’m currently on a clothing hiatus due to some health issues so I’m crossing my fingers these will still be around in a few months. Thanks again for this review!!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks for noting that Lia. I often forget about the height factor but you’re totally right. It’s extra important for this style especially! I hope everything is ok and your health is back to 100% soon! xo

  23. Joanna says:

    Thank you for the thorough post! I just got the wide-leg crop from Everlane, in bone. I usually am a size 6-8, but had to go 10 on these. I think I’m going to l love them his spring. They are VERY comfortable and wearable. I love trying out a new silhouette, for me. Unfortunately, the tuck in is not as flattering on me as it accentuates my tummy, which is the area I’m trying to hide πŸ™‚ However, loose tees and driving mocs makes it a very cute and relaxed look.

  24. Kat says:

    I love this side by side comparison, the kamm definitely look like the way to go, but man is it hard to justify spending $300 more.
    I just stumbled across this article:
    Have you read it? Not sure I agree, interesting perspective, that said I still want to make an everlane investment, probably in their cashmere!

    • Noooo, I hope this isn’t true! I think a quarter of my closet is from Everlane. ?

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Kat! I hear you. I bought my second pair of Kamm’s on sale (30% off) so that made it a bit better but it’s a serious investment for sure.

      Thanks for sending that article through. I took a look and it seems like their stretching the ‘transparency’ of Zara and H&M quite a bit. I took what they said with a grain of salt and in general they seemed to be picking on some pedantic issues. Definitely interesting though! xo

  25. Linda says:

    Great post! In the side by side it’s hard not to go with Kamm. I got the Pinetown pants from Aritzia, not sure if they will be making them again but I think they are a pretty good dupe (although I don’t own the Kamm pants). They have stretch and are made of a lyocell/cotton blend which is super soft.

    I know Aritzia is not necessarily ethical but I’m trying to do my part by buying pieces I will keep a long time at the price point I can afford.

  26. rachel says:

    Love this post. More of these sorts of posts would be great.

    Budget is an issue for me but side by side I can see how good the kamm pants are! I do often buy a cheater version of something I’m not sure about to try it out…just wish everyone shipped to the UK!

  27. Alex says:

    Great post! Wonderful idea to show both brands side by side and very easy to see the differences between the pants this way. Also, I love, love, love this format for reviewing clothing. You answered every question in detail but you also made it very simple to get right down to basics. X

    • Lee the Bee says:

      So glad to hear you liked this review style Alex! I just tried to think of what I look for in reviews and what I often find is lacking. Really appreciate the feedback! xo

  28. Shelby D. says:

    I ordered the Everlane ones in blue the day they came out, they should be delivered Thursday and I can’t wait!!! ? I was super concerned with the pockets too, I think your idea of having them sewn shut though will be a good option for me!

    Such a great post, thank you!!