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Alllllright folks, the review that many of you have been patiently waiting for is finally here! That is, the review of The Curated’s Classic Camel Coat. Since acquiring this highly sought after piece last August (2019) I’ve been testing it out in order to share a truly thorough review of it’s performance and wearability, especially during Canadian winter temperatures.

Long story short, this coat has been a pivotal addition to both my style and closet. It was a personal purchase (not gifted or sponsored in any way) and a piece I’m sincerely happy I decided to invest in. Shout out to Jamie-Lee who’s review and styling convinced me to order.

Now, as per my usual approach, this review will cover:

  • Quick facts (about the coat & brand)
  • Fit info (in depth look at how it fits on my frame for reference)
  • Warmth (how low can it really go)
  • Notable design details (elements that make it special)
  • How I’ve styled it so far.

Let’s get to it!

Side note: Of course, if you’re not in the market for a camel coat, taking some time off from shopping or maybe you don’t even like them, that’s cool! There are still lots of notes in this post that might be useful for the next time you decide to invest in a piece of outerwear

The coat under review in this post was not gifted and I do not earn affiliate commission on it. This post was not produced in partnership with any brands mentioned but does contain affiliate links and some gifted items (from previous partnerships). If you see something you like and decide to shop through the links included, I may earn commission on a sale at no additional cost to you. All opinions are always my own and I only share items I love. Thanks for supporting Style Bee!

Style Bee - The Curated Classic Coat Review

OUTFIT SOURCES: CLASSIC CAMEL COAT by THE CURATED (size S) // TURTLENECK SWEATER (size S) | JEANS gifted (size 27) on sale for $38 USD! | BOSS BOOTS gifted (TTS) by EVERLANE // BOX BAG gifted MINOR HISTORY // PEARL EARRINGS by CADETTE (made in Toronto) // CIGAR RING by ATTIC (made in Toronto) // LIP COLOUR (Undone) by KOSÅS


PRICE: $350 USD / $460 CAD – I personally believe that this coat is excellent value for the quality, versatility and truly timeless nature of a classic camel coat. I spent years hunting for the perfect option and for my personal style, this is the one. That said, I understand this is not in everyone’s budget and I’ve included a few options that might be at the end of this post. You might also consider joining The Curated Facebook group where customers occasionally sell their gently used coats.

CARE: Spot clean as needed. Fibres like wool and cashmere are naturally anti-bacterial so a bit of airing out is usually all that’s needed. These fibres also wick away moisture so most spots are easy to clean. Dry cleaning is recommended only when absolutely necessary as this can break down the natural fibres if done too frequently. Creases from sitting or initial shipping will fall out on their own if you hang the piece up. DO NOT IRON as this can burn the fibres but careful steaming is ok.

MADE: By a family owned factory in Inner Mongolia, China. All products are shipped directly and the factory is a vertical mill. Vertical mills are factories that produce both the raw material and finished product. This helps to reduce environmental wastage and overproduction while increasing efficiency in production and cost. 

COLOUR: This coat is a true camel brown that’s neither too warm nor too cool so it works against any skin tone. Even pale, pinkish folks like yours truly! Of course all screens display colour differently but these photos are true to life on my own screen and seem to match what is shown online. If anything, they may skew slightly warm.


MATERIALS: Royal Cashmere and Merino Wool*  (30%/70%)

*My coat was purchased prior to the Merino Wool update and the new blend is an improvement on the version I have.

ITCHINESS: I have relatively sensitive skin and at first I found the coat a bit itchy on bare skin. With time it has softened up a lot and I wouldn’t hesitate to wear it over a t-shirt or a style that would put the coat in direct contact with my skin. Some folks are more sensitive to natural fibres than others but this is definitely only getting smoother and softer with use as wool and cashmere typically does.

SIZES: XS-XL (US 4-12) I have a size Small. More details below.

CLOSURE: This coat has no fastenings aside from an optional belt. It does however, come with extra material in case you would like to add belt loops to keep the belt connected. Personally, I prefer the clean look of a loop free side and just throw the belt in my bag when I’m out.

SHIPPING/RETURNS: Shipping is $25 USD / No returns but you can exchange your coat for another size/colour if it’s not a good fit.



The Curated is a carefully sourced collection of timeless, high quality staples that come together under one roof. Scandinavian based and focused on sustainable luxury and minimal elegance. The Curated works in tandem with vertical mills to create luxury staples at attainable prices (compared to traditional retail) by cutting out the middle men and reducing mark-up.

Having followed the brand and it’s founder Nicola for a long time now, it’s clear to me that she is extremely thoughtful and intentional about every single product The Curated offers and the utmost care is taken to ensure the highest quality is offered. You can read more about the brand here and learn about their honest pricing model here. I’m so happy to have discovered The Curated and their success is well earned. This won’t be my last purchase!

Style Bee - The Curated Classic Coat Review


MY MEASUREMENTS FOR REFERENCE: Height = 5’7.5 / Weight = 125-130 lbs / Bust = 32C / Waist = 26 in / Hip = 37.5 in / I usually wear a size Small, US 4 and 27 in denim.


I was unsure about sizing and waffled between a Small and Medium. I contacted the brand with my measurements to see what they would recommend and they advised me to go with a Small. When it arrived I wasn’t sure if it was too slim in the hip on me but I kept wearing it around the house with different outfits and ultimately decided it was going to be right.

I believe that the Medium would have been too large through the shoulders and sleeves. Plus, I intended for the fit to read tailored more than oversized. At the time of this post, about 6 months later, I’m still very happy with the fit and even with weight fluctuations (hello holidays!) it’s been perfect.

If I were to compare the Classic Coat to another well-known style, Wilfred’s Cocoon Coat, I’d say the size small runs roomier throughout but the fit is straight through the body and hip, whereas the Cocoon Coat has a bit of contour. You can see how that coat fits me in this post (I wear a small in that style too).

Here is a closer look at the coat from the front and back showing how much the front panels overlap and how it fits throughout when belted or worn loose.


(tap any image to enlarge)


(tap any image to enlarge)


I love the sleeve length on this coat because it can be worn straight or rolled depending on how much of your base sleeves you’d like to show. I generally roll my sleeves to show more and to keep the cuffs out of the way.

Measuring the seam from the armpit to the edge the sleeves are 18 inches.



The question I’ve been asked the most about this coat is, “Can it handle Canadian winters?” The short answer is…no. This is not going to cut it as your only winter coat. The long answer, however, is that it is warmer than I’d expected and depending on how you layer it, it can definitely handle some low temps.

I’d say it can work for anywhere between a breezy 15°C over say, a t-shirt, down to -5° over a very cozy sweater (with the addition of a hat, scarf, gloves etc.). It all depends on your tolerance to heat and cold. Of course, if you’re driving and in and out of a car, it’s less critical, but if you’re walking or waiting for public transit outdoors this won’t cut it in the deeper winter months.

I’m personally willing to sacrifice a bit of coziness for style but if you can’t bear any chill whatsoever, then this coat is going to be a Fall and Spring piece for you.

If we’re talking exact temperatures I’d say this outfit would be great down to about 2°C. If I wear a heavier sweater and warmer boots, add on some winter accessories, well, we’re looking at -5°C or even lower (depending on the windchill).

In terms of how thick/heavy the coat is, see the images below for a better idea. It is unlined but quite thick and dense so it keeps heat in.


I was initially drawn to the simplicity of this design and just how truly minimal it is. Of course, as is true with so many things, when something looks perfectly simple, chances are, a TON of careful consideration has gone into it. As I’ve worn and made notes on this piece over the last several months, I’ve noticed some key details that set this coat apart from your average wrap coat. Here’s a look at those:

Style Bee - The Curated Classic Coat Review


Great for layering over thick sweaters. This design element helps the shoulders drape elegantly over a range of different frames while the top dart and angled seam help to give it a bit of structure so it’s not overly slouchy.

Style Bee - The Curated Classic Coat Review


The substantial collar on this coat gives it a stately prominence and helps to balance the proportions of the wide sleeves. It feels purposeful and can be flipped up to shelter your neck from a cold breeze.

Style Bee - The Curated Classic Coat Review


The shape of the sleeves is both elegant and practical as they make it easy to wear wider base tops. The shape is a subtle repetition of how the body of the coat falls on the frame. And you may now I love a bit of repitition!

Style Bee - The Curated Classic Coat Review


The centre seam down the back breaks up the expanse of fabric and offers a visual line that elongates the coat. There is no back vent at the bottom so this helps to draw the eye up vertically.

Style Bee - The Curated Classic Coat Review


A raised seam adds a touch of interest and visually elongates the arm and side body. The small touch of playful stitching on the pocket helps to offset the otherwise streamlined seriousness.

Style Bee - The Curated Classic Coat Review


I wanted to show how this high friction area (where my bags brush against the coat) has held up to pilling. You can see just a few small bits of fuzz after lots of use. These brush off easily with a sweater comb.


These are just a few of the ways I’ve styled this coat but be sure to check out The Curated’s IG highlight showing lots of customers in their classic coats for more ideas.


It doesn’t take much searching to see that a camel coat of this caliber (thoughtfully made, high cashmere component, all natural fibres, restrained design etc.) is going to run much higher than $350 USD, often well beyond the $500 USD range. That said, I’ve done lots of digging and found this very similar option that is under $250 CAD ($199 USD). It comes in a few colour ways and is made of 100% merino wool.


Anything I missed that you’d like to know? Ask away in the comments.

Audrey Coyne also has a lovely video review if you’d like another person’s opinion on it too.

As noted at the top, this post was not sponsored, I purchased the coat myself and do not earn any affiliate commission on sales generated from this post. If you feel that this review was helpful in your decision to purchase a coat from The Curated, I’d so appreciate if you shared that with the brand or on IG. Thanks for supporting Style Bee!

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  1. Amy Krupa says:

    This was such a thorough review and super informative in sizing! I had been toying between the classic and the tailored coat from The Curated. I ended up going with the tailored fit in the brown melange.

  2. Arya raghuvaran says:

    Thank you so much for the detailed review. It’s such a gorgeous coat. May I ask if you had to pay any extra customs/import fee (other than the $25 USD shipping cost) for the shipping to Canada.


    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Arya, I can’t recall if I did, however, I would expect to pay customs/duties like you would on any other imported order. It’s a drag for sure, but well worth it for The Curated.

  3. Suelen says:

    It is shocking how your “budget option” is now more expensive than the curated one ahaha

    I’m digging your posts and loving your honest reviews!!

    Thanks for sharing them!


  4. Rachel says:

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful, detailed review. I have had my eye on this coat for a year now because of your site, and decided, after some saving, to take the plunge and purchase. Very excited!

  5. Aline Nguyen says:

    Hi. Thank you so much for your review. Which one do you prefer between the classic coat and the london coat? I am considering to buy one of them but cannot decide

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Aline, Sorry for the late response to your question. I really love both but if I had to pick one right now, it would be the London Coat. I wear both but the London is better suited for my lifestyle and closet needs overall. Hope that helps!

  6. Kelly says:

    You honestly have some of the best reviews, IMO! I really appreciate your attention to detail and the fact that you test out a garment for a couple of days, weeks (or longer) before reviewing it so you can give specifics about how it wears/styles. I’m saving up for this coat now! Thanks 🙂

  7. Cassie says:

    Thank you your reviews are really helpful!! I’m getting this coat now, I was on the fence thanks 🙂 Also great you include your height and weight, Im a little shorter and heavier so defo going the medium

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks for letting me know this review was helpful for you Cassie! So happy to hear that information was useful and I hope you enjoy your beautiful new coat! xo

  8. Alyssa says:

    I began to add wool coats to my collection and your review is beyond helpful! I will be saving up for this to purchase as a bday gift to myself this year. Thank you for this post!

  9. qurat-ul-ain says:

    hi! this is a really nice coat i want to buy can i ordered

  10. Christelle says:

    Thanks 😊 even though I am French in France, it helped me very much. Your review, photos and comments on lovely details are perfect. I’ve ordered it in M and I was not sure if the size and result but seeing your pics, it convinced me!

  11. Emily says:

    You Rock! Thanks for the review!

  12. Ankie says:

    Hi! Love the review! I was wondering if this is the newer long sleeve version or the shorter sleeve version?

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Ankie, I bought this in the summer of 2019 so I believe it’s the older sleeve length. I just measured the sleeve at it’s a bit longer than the current chart indicates. Hope that helps!

  13. DIANE says:

    Thank you for the detailled review 🙂 It fits you perfectly.

    As a fellow Canadian, I wondered if you had to pay much duty tax since it’s an import?

    Thank you so much!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Diane, thanks for checking out the review! I believe with the The Curated all duties/customs fees are pre-paid when you order so there are no surprises.

  14. Ronnie says:

    As always, your reviews are BRILLIANT.
    Ronnie xo

  15. Andreia says:

    Thank you very much for such a wonderful review! It does look very good and sounds like a great investment 🙂 Just one question: how would you compare this coat to its 100% cashmere counterpart? It is definitely much more expensive, but do you think it might be worth it? Thank you!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      You’re so welcome Andreia! I have no doubt that the 100% cashmere version is well worth the investment given my experience with this coat and knowing how much attention to detail and quality goes into The Curated products. It’s perhaps a bit less casual / easy-going that the original Classic Coat but I’m sure it would be absolutely stunning and a piece you’d wear forever. I hope that helps!

  16. Hoki says:

    Thank you so much for the review. I have been looking for this type of coat. I am hoping the coat is lined. How does it feel without lining, I know you mentioned that it’s a bit itchy. Also, I am very petite, 5” only, do you think the coat will look good on petite women? Thanks again

    • Lee the Bee says:

      You’re so welcome Hoki, thanks for checking it out! The Curated offers a version of this coat in pure cashmere with a silk lining, which looks gorgeous. Without the lining it feels more casual and while it has a bit more friction I don’t find it sticks to my clothes underneath. It has definitely gotten softer with time too. I think it works on any height and I believe the lovely Audrey Coyne is about 5’3″ and has the same coat so that might help you get a sense for the fit. Hope that helps! xo

  17. Miriam Fitzgerald says:

    Oh, that’s such a beautiful coat! I’m drooling. 🙂 . Love your thoughtful and detailed reviews, they help me decide whether to place an item on my wish list or not. Glad to know your review of how it stands up in cold weather. I live in Ottawa and we have many ‘stupidly cold’ days here (my weather terminology!), so it’s good to know it wouldn’t work for those days but for warmer winter days. And glad to know it would work great for fall days. I have an old houndstooth fall coat from Walmart that’s on it’s last legs, so I’m going to put this coat on my list to consider for next fall.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      So happy to hear this type of post is helpful for you Miriam! I got a chuckle from your ‘stupidly cold’ weather terminology because I’ve used that one here too. Hope you’re staying cozy in the cap! xo

  18. Kimberly says:

    Hi, I’ve been contemplating this coat for a while now. Your thorough review is much appreciated.

  19. Jane says:

    I have this coat in the Moss colour that is no longer available. I have also been pleasantly surprised at how I can layer it to survive the cold. No I am not going for long walks in a polar vortex in this coat but I have worn it in more like -15 temps and it has been warm. With the wider sleeve it really allows for layering long sleeve tees and sweaters without feeling like a stuffed sausage. And with a big scarf and hat you are good to go.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on how the coat stands up to low temperatures! Glad you find it can handle some deep negative numbers. I love the Moss colour so much and hope they’ll consider bringing it back one day. PS. I definitely know what you mean about feeling like a ‘stuffed sausage’ haha. xo

  20. Jen says:

    Hi Lee,
    Love your blog! Wondering how broad your shoulders are? I have similar measurements to you but quite broad shoulders. Wondering if the small would be the best size for me.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Jen! My shoulders are about 15-16 in wide. The shoulders on the small could easily accommodate up to 20 in or more but it might be worth a quick note to the brand to make sure that’s right. xo

  21. Pamela says:

    Thanks for this Lee! As usual your reviews help me place items I have or am looking at into a Canadian climate context, which is so helpful. I bought The Curated’s cashmere scarf for my partner for Christmas and it’s a beauty (once I saw it, he almost didn’t get to keep it, ahem). I was looking at this coat or perhaps a newer cashmere model of theirs that is lined (more of an investment though). I do spend a good part of my winter on Vancouver Island. Would you say this could be fully a winter coat there, with layers as needed? Also, would you recommend eco-cleaning before wearing? I sometimes do that with new items as my skin can be sensitive to whatever chemicals they use in manufacture, but if you find with sensitive skin you could manage it I might not bother.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      So glad this review was helpful Pamela! The Curated scarves look beautiful and I’m glad to know they don’t disappoint. I think the classic coat could be a great winter-long option on the Island. I probably wouldn’t want to get it soaked in the rain but when we were there in November I wore it everyday and it was perfect, even in a bit of drizzle. I’d test it out before taking it for any eco-cleaning and see how it feels. I know what you mean about manufacturing chemicals but when my coat arrived it didn’t have a starchy feel or chemical smell to it like other wool coats I’ve bought new. You might just ask the cleaner to just steam it and see how that goes before they do anything else. I hope that helps!

  22. Nipa says:

    What a gorgeous coat. The a-line sleeve is so unique! I also love the pearl drop earrings that you are wearing. Where are they from? xo Nipa