Style Bee - Styling Spring Sweaters for WFH



I realized recently that I haven’t gone a single day without wearing a sweater for a very long time now. While knitwear is often relegated to a fall and winter closet, I find that I wear them almost all year round.

These days, especially with the world in it’s current state, you’ll find me at my computer with a sweater either on or nearby and I’m guessing the same is true for many of you. For the sake of avoiding style ruts, and a general delight in playing dress-up, I decided to have some fun with how I style them. So today I’m sharing some sweater styling ideas that you may want to try too.

Here are 4 comfy ways to style a sweater that are both spring-ready and working from home approved!

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Style Bee - Styling Spring Sweaters for WFH
Style Bee - Styling Spring Sweaters for WFH
Style Bee - Styling Spring Sweaters for WFH

This is a look I’d been picturing all winter while waiting for warm enough weather to make it happen, and it’s finally here! For the moment I need a fitted long sleeve underneath but I love the sultry look of a slip dress on it’s own under a chunky sweater.

I bought this Ella slip dress last fall (style discontinued, similar option linked below) and have just begun exploring it’s range of versatility. So far I’m loving the ease and elegance it brings while still being super comfy.

Styling tip: By pairing a feminine piece, like a silk slip dress, with a more menswear inspired item, like a grandpa cardigan, the two items balance each other out!

This outfit was inspired partially by this pin on my \\ CASUAL // style board, where you can find lots of easy-going, WFH approved outfit ideas.

CLAUDE CARDIGAN gifted 2 yrs ago L’ENVERS (wearing a M) // FITTED TEE BODYSUIT* // SLIP DRESS* ELIZABETH SUZANN // EARRINGS gifted JEWELS & ACES (Canadian) // LUMEN NECKLACE by WOLF CIRCUS (Canadian) // HAIR CLIP* // LIP COLOUR: UNDONE // CIGAR RING by ATTIC (Canadian) // *Linked to similar



Style Bee - Styling Spring Sweaters for WFH
Style Bee - Styling Spring Sweaters for WFH
Style Bee - Styling Spring Sweaters for WFH
Style Bee - Styling Spring Sweaters for WFH

This look is pretty chill and simple but a couple of key details give it interest. Those happen to be:

1 – FABRIC – By mixing floaty silk pants with a fluffy mohair sweater, the materials in this outfit elevate it instantly without sacrificing any comfort. Creamy off-white and a muted mossy brown are calming combo, perfect for right now.

2 – STYLING – By leaving the bottom three buttons undone I was able to tuck one side of the cardigan in while leaving the other side long. I kind of love this asymmetrical take on a French tuck and how it draws the eye up, creating a long leg. Pushing the sleeves up gives it an extra touch of texture and a ready-to-go feel. Undoing the top button creates a mini version of the styling below and adds subtle repetition.

3 – ACCESSORIES – Tortoise hoops are unfussy and add a touch of fun while tonal slides in a soft suede are a slight upgrade on slippers but still great for working from home.

4 – LIP COLOUR – A pop of red lip colour is all this look needs to bring it to life. Thrillest is my favourite punchy Parisienne red for springtime.

This outfit was inspired partially by this pin on my \\ CASUAL // style board, where you can find lots of easy-going, WFH approved outfit ideas.

GASPARD CARDIGAN gifted SÉZANE (wearing a Small) // FLORENCE PANT ELIZABETH SUZANN (wearing a M Reg in silk) // KATE HOOPS MACHETE // LIP COLOUR: THRILLEST // SLIDES* old // *Linked to similar



Style Bee - Styling Spring Sweaters for WFH

I’ve been on a monochrome kick for a while now (remember this post) and this might be my favourite result yet! I love the mellow palette of flax, oat & stone grey and how each piece is the same colour but in different materials and textures.

Adding a plush velvet headband (made in Canada) gives the look a bit of playfulness and an upscale slipper is the finishing touch.

Styling Tip: Try mixing warm weather fabrics with cold weather knits. This ribbed alpaca sweater (a personal favourite) works unexpectedly well with my linen Florence pants, yet, not too long ago I’d never have thought to pair a summer fabric like linen with knitwear. All bets are officially off now!

This outfit was inspired partially by this pin on my \\ CASUAL // style board, where you can find lots of easy-going, WFH approved outfit ideas.

VELVET HEADBAND by BAND OF SISTERS (Canadian) // SWEATER gifted EVERLANE (wearing a S) // BASE T-SHIRT EVERLANE (wearing a S) // FLORENCE PANT by ELIZABETH SUZANN (wearing S Reg in linen) // SUEDE SLIDES* old // EARRINGS gifted JEWELS & ACES (Canadian) // LIP COLOUR: UNDONE // CIGAR RING by ATTIC (Canadian) // *Linked to similar



Style Bee - Styling Spring Sweaters for WFH
Style Bee - Styling Spring Sweaters for WFH

Last but not least, a timeless classic cotton cardigan! You can see a bunch of other ways that I’ve styled the Anna cardigan in this post. It’s become a personal favourite thanks to it’s super soft cotton (a great option for those sensitive to wool) and very comfortable fit. It washes up great every time and has the perfect amount of drape and movement.

These jeans have been my go-to spring and summer denim for many many years but I’ve never paired them with a white tee and creamy cardigan before. I love how light and fresh it feels, yet, still totally chill and easy-going. A pair of white flats adds just an extra touch of crispness.

Styling tip: I’ve been wearing headbands for video calls a lot lately. It gives the illusion that you’ve got things under control, even if below the screen that’s not entirely the case. Maybe try it out during your next FaceTime or Zoom call!

This outfit was inspired partially by this pin on my \\ CASUAL // style board, where you can find lots of easy-going, WFH approved outfit ideas.

ANNA SWEATER gifted L’ENVERS (wearing a S) // SCOOP NECK TEE EVERLANE (wearing a S) // SUMMER DENIM MADEWELL (wearing a 26) // DAY GLOVE EVERLANE (fit is TTS) // HEADBAND // EARRINGS gifted JEWELS & ACES (Canadian) // LIP COLOUR: UNDONE // CIGAR RING by ATTIC (Canadian) // *Linked to similar

Style Bee - Styling Spring Sweaters for WFH


Any of these styling ideas strike your fancy? Let me know!

A new IGTV styling video will be live tomorrow & shows how these looks come to life!

I hope you’re staying home, safe and healthy everyone. We’re in the thick of it now but the only way out is through so let’s stick together!


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  1. Marie-Lou Gagnon says:

    Hello! Thanks for this great post! I also have the Ella slip dress in rust and I love it. Can’t wait to wear it in summer. But I am curious to know how you can style the Ella dress in black in winter. Would you wear tights with it? I would love to have the same in black from sample sale but I am not sure it would be “work-appropriate” especially in winter (with tight, boots and maybe belted to make it a little bit shorter?). Curious to have you thoughts about this before purchasing it in black! 😉

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hey Marie-Lou, I think the Ella slip dress in black could totally be made work-appropriate for the winter. Love your styling idea Honestly though, I didn’t wear it much this winter because I found that with tights is was a bit too staticky (it’s super dry here, not sure about your location). I did wear it with over the knee socks, which was much better for static but a bit drafty lol. That said, if you really love it in rust then I don’t think you can go wrong with black. I hope that helps! xo

  2. Rya Lauber says:

    I love these outfits! I have always hesitated to spend a lot on clothes – my budget is more Everlane than Elizabeth Suzann. Seeing how you style some pieces year round justifies the cost of the more expensive ones. Also, living in Florida where the seasons are Warm and Hot I would certainly be able to extend the wear of certain pieces, ie. Florence pants and Anna sweater.

    I just might treat myself to one investment piece per month; by the end of the year I’ll have a lovely wardrobe!

    Thank you and stay safe.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thank you Rya! I think as a general case our closets can do much more than we think 🙂 Living in a more consistent climate certainly helps too! One piece a month sounds like a great way to pace out your additions and figure out what will suit your needs best. Take care! xo

  3. Em says:

    Hi Lee,

    I just discovered your blog, and wow, I’m so glad I did!! You are truly a style inspiration for me. I started on my journey of walking away from fast fashion and following incessant trends, in the fall of 2019. It just became too much for me at the age of 43. I decided enough was enough regarding wasting my money, and it was time I learn how to cultivate my wardrobe properly, and in a sustainable way. I always wanted to (and believe me I started 10 years ago by purchasing a few quality items) but I just didn’t know how to. I simply did not have the skill to shop properly other than what I would see in my local malls (Zara, H & M etc.,) nor did I have access to clothing stores other than what was near me, as I was still uncomfortable with online shopping. As a single mother, cost was/is also a concern, so I continuously gravitated towards the cheaper clothing.

    Then I discovered Audrey Coyne on YouTube six months ago and learned so much about classic pieces, quality clothing and how to dress with elegance and grace (which I have always tried to achieve). Through her channel I discovered Everlane and fell in love with all their trousers and sustainable practices. Recently, she mentioned you on her channel, and then when another blogger (Seasons and Salt) mentioned your site, I knew I had to take a look. And I never looked back!

    During stay at home orders the past month, I have been pouring over your posts and how to cultivate each item, and then how to style each piece. I admire your colour palette and pieces, including the way you wear each item. Through you, I have discovered ES, Only Child, Bare Knitwear and countless more. Every time I get stressed about the economy and finances during these times, I start going through your blog and it has a calming effect. It makes me even happier that you’re somewhat of a local because I live in Oakville!

    I’ve already made a list of clothing pieces I would need, and consider each item very carefully before purchasing, especially during these times. Having a list really helps to control impulse buying.

    So while I’m on my journey to discover exactly what my style is, I did discover that I do like a little more colour (blues, purples, and pinks) in my closet as it is complimentary to my complexion and hair. I also decided to avoid the excessively oversized trend, because I want more timeless pieces that are tailored for my 5’3 frame and that looks good for my age.The whole point of my journey was to buy natural fabrics that are built to stand the test of time- so I don’t have to keep buying.

    Sorry for such a long post, but I’m a huge fan! One question, have you ever done a post on outerwear fall/spring jackets for temperatures between 5C – 15C? Unfortunately, I don’t have any casual jackets for the in-between weather, other than my work attire. I did hear about Barbour jackets but wonder their about durability for our March/November weather.


    • Lee the Bee says:

      Em! First of all, welcome! I’m so thrilled that you found your way here. Audrey and Andrea are two of my absolute favourites and I’m so glad they’re on your radar too.

      Your note was such a bright spot in my weekend! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with style and some of the history behind your relationship with fashion. It sounds like you’re making some really positive changes and well on your way to a closet and style you love!

      That’s a good question. I don’t have a post specifically for spring coats but I absolutely love my wrap coat by The Curated (they make some truly timeless staples) and I’ve had success with jackets from ES (The Clyde and Harper in Canvas are ideal for that temp range) and Only Child does some great jackets as well. In Canada, I’d look at Betina Lou, HARLY JAE (does a cute shorter jacket) and there are lots more in the Canadian Shopping Guide if you haven’t perused that yet. Oh and SÈZANE does some really lovely tailoring on their pieces.

      Fun fact: I grew up in Oakville! It is a beautiful city. I hope you’re staying safe at home if you can and that signs of spring are finding you. Take care and feel free to reach out any time. xo

  4. Katy says:

    Loving the lighter colors!! (Is it warmer yet?)

    You blog posts are always a lovely vacation from the blahs of life. Thank you for your efforts. They are appreciated! I click your emails first knowing they will be beautiful & thoughtful (& offer a break from things that are necessary, but all too serious)!

    I hope you’re getting lots of time outdoors among the flowers,

    PS I love the headband tip, I’m going to remember that one!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thank you so much for the lovely note Katy! I’m so glad my posts can offer a moment of positivity in your day. It’s all about balance these days. Not much in the way of flowers out yet here but soon! Have a good week. xo

  5. PoonaM says:

    Great post, Lee! I actually managed to scoop up an Ella Slip Dress from the ES sample sale last month. It’s currently sitting in its mailer at on my desk at work…………but I can’t wait to start playing with it for yearround wear!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      I’m so sorry you and your Ella dress are quarantining apart! I think you’ll love it though! So great for all things summer (and otherwise :P). xo

  6. Noreen Bell says:

    I love your posts because they inspire me. I am 74 and retired so I don’t need many clothes but you give me ideas about how to wear what I have in different ways or how to tweak something so it looks better and more current. Or sometimes you remind me of something I have and haven’t worn for a long time. Fashion and style have no age limit. Thank you.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks for this lovely note Noreen! So glad this space is a source of inspiration for you and I couldn’t agree more that there is no age limit on style! xo