Style Bee - FW 50 Piece Closet

50 Piece F/W Closet


Ready for some lean closet goodness? I hope so because today I’m taking a look at my 2016 Closet Mission, assessing where I’m at and sharing my 50 piece Fall + Winter Wardrobe. I’ve had lots of messages asking whether or not I’d be doing a cold weather version of what I did for Spring/Summer and your interest in it was the perfect motivation to follow-through with it. As you might have seen, last week I did an in-depth closet edit through which I used a 5 step approach to reducing and curating my closet, letting go of the excess and getting everything organized for the chilly months ahead. I can’t tell you how great it feels to have only the stuff I’m excited to wear and know I’ll get lots of use out of left.

Which brings me to today’s post, all about said ‘good stuff’. So here’s what we’re going to be covering:


Style Bee - FW 50 Piece Closet


It’s been a while since I looked back at the 5 goals I set out with at the start of the year. In fact, I was hard pressed to recall them without looking back at my original post, whoops! But here they are and here’s how I’m doing with them:

1 | Reduce – This goal has had some ups and downs. I’ve been really good about shopping less this year, but that was in large part due to collaborations and receiving some beautiful free product. If I’d actually bought every item that’s found its way into my closet, I’d be looking at some serious credit card strife but luckily that’s not the case.

As you know I’ve been holding off on partnerships for a while and I intend to maintain that through to the end of 2016. I’ll go into a bit more depth about how sponsorships and free product have impacted my style both for good and for worse soon. That all said, I’ve managed to spend less and save more than any year to date so I have to give myself 7/10 for this goal overall.

2 | Create – This goal has taken a major backseat and instead of feeling guilty about it, I’m accepting that there are only so many hours in the day and that realistically we find time for what we really love to do. If I really wanted to sew clothes or make jewelry or whatever else I’d categorize as ‘creating’ I would have. Plus, it’s not like these skills can’t wait their turn! Something tells me with a wedding on my horizon there will be plenty of opportunities to make up for lost time on this one next year. Lets just give this one a grade of N/A for the moment OK?

3 | Connect – I’ve been so lucky to connect and partner with some really great independent designers and brands this year. Some have even become people I consider good friends and creative confidants, which is incredible! While this element of the blog is quiet right now, I’ve already got some exciting prospects for 2017 that feel 100% right. While I went a little overboard saying ‘Yes!’ I still have to give myself props for pursuing this goal head on. 10/10

4 | Empower – This is my favourite part by far. Getting emails, messages and comments from readers, fellow bloggers and style enthusiasts alike is seriously the best part of all of this. I’m so glad that I’ve been able to share my process (aka responsible style obsessions) and encourage others to streamline their personal style and shopping habits. I feel like this Fall in particular has been the best yet for this Closet Mission, with Wish Lists, Prep, Edits and 10×10 Challenges all getting involved. While I wish I could post more frequently I will give this goal a 6/10 for effort.

5 | Live Better With Less – This one will always have room for improvement but I’ve been feeling so much more content with my current closet and have seriously curbed my impulse shopping tendencies. At the same time, I’ve felt constantly stressed this year and it’s worn me down. Home renos, busy job, growing blog, wedding planning etc. has been a lot to juggle and I’ve let some important things like keeping in touch with friends and looking after my health take a backseat. Not so good.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel! As we near the end of our last major renovation project (our entrance hall and dining room), I’m feeling the weight of living in constant construction mode slowly lifting. As a true homebody, it’s been very difficulty to live so unsettled for so long but of course, it will be well worth it. I’ll share my dining room decor plans soon! I’ll go easy and give myself a 5/10 for endurance!

So that’s my current Closet Mission assessment. Now let’s get to the good stuff!

Style Bee - FW 50 Piece Closet


WHY 50 PIECES? As I mentioned in my Spring + Summer version 50 pieces is for all intents and purposes, an arbitrary number that felt right to me for the time being. 40 was too small and 60 was too big. It also just kind of organically worked out that way. I did a big closet edit and when I counted what was left for Fall + Winter it was pretty much exactly 50 items.

HOW IS THIS NOT A CAPSULE? To me a capsule is finite. Once you’ve decided what’s in there, that’s it. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it makes me personally feel a little claustrophobic and that’s not good. This lean closet idea I’m working with leaves room for improvement as you go and even if I don’t add anything for a couple months I like to know I have the option. Really it just comes down to the phrasing and I like the sound of a lean closet more than a capsule closet. Overall, I see this approach as a way of life for me more than as an exercise in restraint and hard boundaries.

IS THIS ALL YOU’RE WEARING ALL F/W? For the most part yes, but I’ll definitely work in pieces from my Spring and Summer closet as well. I’d love to have a totally seasonless closet one day, which may or may not be a possible goal for 2017.

ABOUT THE LINKS – I’ve linked wherever possible to the exact item. That said, a lot of these items are from previous years so if the exact one is not available I’ve tried my best to find something very close, that’s made responsibly. Hopefully that helps!


Style Bee - FW 50 Piece Closet


  1. Cocoon Coat – old Aritzia
  2. Denim Duster – Ali Golden c/o Akin & Co. (More colours here)
  3. Black Cocoon Coat – old Elizabeth Suzann
  4. Leather Jacket – old Madewell
  5. Flax Duster Vest – Elizabeth Suzann (n/a Linked to similar, shorter option)
  6. Maroon Vest – c/o Only Child
  7. Capote Coat – old Lauren Manoogian via Need Supply (also in white and charcoal)
  8. Black Overcoat – Reformation (n/a Linked to very similar)
  9. Parka – Canada Goose

Style Bee - FW 50 Piece Closet


  1. Sweater Cape – old First Rite (n/a Linked to very similar)
  2. Boxy Turtleneck – c/o Everlane
  3. Merino Turtleneck (x2) – old Zara (n/a Linked to very similar)
  4. Cashmere Crew (x2) – old Everlane
  5. Alpaca Sweater – c/o ZADY
  6. Waffle Knit Sweater – old Madewell (n/a Linked to very similar)
  7. Black Sweater Turtleneck – old HOPE
  8. Olive Sweater Tunic – old Elizabeth Suzann (n/a Linked to similar option available in many colours)
  9. Burgundy Cropped Sweater – old Everlane (colour n/a but others are available)
  10. Black Split Cashmere Crew – old J.Crew (n/a) (n/a Linked to a similar style in navy)
  11. T-Sweater – old Jamie and the Jones (pre-order available)
  12. Moss Cashmere/Silk Turtleneck – FINE via Blush Shop (n/a Linked to similar in black)
  13. Big Stripe Merino Crew Neck – J.Crew (n/a Linked to similar style made in China)

Style Bee - FW 50 Piece Closet


  1. Black Skinnies – Paige via Nordstrom
  2. Black Flares – J Brand via ShopBop (n/a Linked to same style dark wash)
  3. Black Vintage Levis – Episodes (n/a Linked to very similar)
  4. Wool Clydes – old c/o Elizabeth Suzann (n/a Linked to canvas version)
  5. Skinny Jeans – old c/o AYR
  6. Medium Vintage Levis – c/o Outpost Vintage (n/a Linked to very similar)
  7. Light High Rise Skinnies – old GAP
  8. Dark Flares – old Madewell (n/a Linked to very similar)
  9. Sailor Pants – Jesse Kamm
  10. Mom Jeans – Madewell
  11. Ponte Pant – c/o BRASS

Style Bee - FW 50 Piece Closet


  1. Fitted Turtlenecks – Splendid via Nordstrom
  2. Light Chambray – Old Everlane (n/a Linked to very similar)
  3. Billie Sweater Top – c/o Only Child
  4. Linn Sweater – old Elizabeth Suzann (n/a Linked to canvas version)
  5. Dark Chambray – c/o BRASS
  6. Long Stripe Shirt – old c/o AYR (n/a Linked to white version)
  7. White Button Down – c/o BRASS
  8. Black Silk Button Down – old Equipment

Style Bee - FW 50 Piece Closet


  1. 19th Ave Dress (olive) – c/o LLOYD
  2. Painter Dress (cream) – old Black Crane (also in black and grey)
  3. A-Line Dress – c/o BRASS
  4. Turtleneck Sweater Dress (x2) – old Aritzia
  5. Georgia Midi Black Silk – old Elizabeth Suzann
  6. Jersey Swing Dress – c/o Sotela


Style Bee - FW 50 Piece Closet

Similar to my Spring and Summer edit, I left out the following items from the count.


Style Bee - FW 50 Piece Closet


  • Spring + Summer Items (although several were edited and a few were included)
  • T-Shirts (culled my collection down to 10 total, which was a major feat!)
  • Raincoat
  • Accessories (Scarves, Hats, Gloves and Bags)
  • Workout Gear
  • Loungewear + Camping Clothes


Now this is definitely a subjective list because these are some of my personal all-time favourite pieces, not necessarily the most classic or conventional items. But they’re the ones I reach for again and again or, for the few that are new, have spent a long time searching for. Truthfully, this list might change slightly from week to week depending on the weather but I know not everyone lives in as hostile or at least as variable a climate as I do so I included options for a broad range of temps.

Style Bee - FW 50 Piece Closet

1 | Cocoon Coat I can’t tell you how much this coat has changed my style and life. It’s the perfect timeless shape and slips on over literally anything and makes any outfit infinitely more chic. I’m so glad I got it when I did (2 yrs ago) but the new version looks insanely gorgeous. Saving my precious pennies for the camel version one day. If I want to keep it closed I simply wear a cross body bag and it stays put. Eileen Fisher has designed a similar option, at a more approachable price point, with pockets in a linen/tencel blend.

2 | Kamm Pants These pants were a major purchase for me this Spring and I am so glad I bit the bullet. They are entirely worth the hype and I truly feel like a strong, fabulous, feminine powerhouse everytime I wear them out the door (more on the fit and such in Wednesday’s outfit post). The canvas cotton is definitely thick and warm enough for cooler temps. I’m currently debating whether to add the black or the tobacco next (hope JK does a sample sale soon)! (White, Black, Tobacco, Blue, Green and Red all available here.) Caron Callahan, Ilana Kohn, Rachel Comey and Han Starnes all make similar options too.

3 | Chelsea Boots – Ok, so I’ve only had these for a few days but I know they’re going to be game changers this year and forever. My particular pair is by Rachel Comey (cuz I can’t help myself) and lined with a faux shearling which makes them super toasty plus the leather is highly water and weather resistant. I fell hard for the classic but refined design and loved the slightly stacked heel, semi-gloss leather, fitted ankle and elongated toe shape. They are SO comfy and I’ve been wearing them non-stop since they arrived. Get $20 OFF when you sign up here (full disclosure: I get store credit if you shop). Another classic option for less here.

4 | Cashmere Sweaters – My collection of these is not exactly lean but they’re definitely my go-to as soon as the weather allows. I genuinely love the cashmere sweaters I have from Everlane and have found they hold up very well. Typically, I’ve dry cleaned them a couple times a season (max!) but I’m very tempted to try this detergent kit and hand wash them at home. Has anyone tried this?

Style Bee - FW 50 Piece Closet

5 | Vintage Jeans – Now these can take a long time to find and you may even think you’ve found them but then they’re not quite right (spoken from experience). That’s OK though! Keep trying them on and keep looking. Once you truly find your pair you’ll understand why all the cool fashion kids can’t get over them. Try Redone or Urban Renewal for a modern fit made from vintage Levi’s OR visit Episodes if you’re ever in Amsterdam!

6 | White Sneakers – I don’t know what I’d do without my Esplars. An all-white sneaker is the comfiest way to save your feet and still keep an outfit looking chic. They’re not as hard to keep clean as you may think either as long as you avoid canvas or other woven, stainable materials. I would likely opt for this pair if I was buying again because the white suede heel tab does get blue from jeans. I wear a US 7 and got the 38, which fits very well.

7 | Capote Coat – I wear this pretty much daily in the cold months and even on cool spring and summer evenings. It’s such a beautifully designed coat made of the most amazingly soft alpaca wool. It’s impossible not to feel cozy in this coat! (White and Charcoal also available).

8 | A Wide Cropped Sweater – Perhaps not the most obvious option, but it happens to be the perfect throw over layer. I wear mine over dresses, button-downs and turtlenecks alike. Any of those combos over skinnies or flares, make for the perfect simple statement. Hopefully Elizabeth Suzann releases a similar style in the Knitwear collection launching November 16th (eep!). Until then I’d opt for the Cotton Canvas version, the Blank Canvas Top or the T-Sweater (available for pre-order).

Style Bee - FW 50 Piece Closet

9 | Wool Pants – Truthfully, wool pants weren’t really something I ever thought much about until I saw this Clyde pair in last years Fall/Winter collection. They just looked so warm and cozy but still enough of a proper pant to be presentable. Needless to say they lived up to all expectations and have become one of my go-tos for the proper cold weather. I love pairing them with a cashmere sweater, a basic tee and a blazer or a button down. Similar options are hard to come by but these look very close (wool blend) and these look super chic (wool blend, cropped length, straight leg) both by Eileen Fisher.

10 | Warm Winter Boots (That Aren’t Ugly) – My Sperry for J.Crew boots have been the best winter boots, ever. They’re 100% water/slush/snow proof, lined with shearling (so cozy soft) and the inner zipper makes them a breeze to put on with no lace-up required. I’ll be honest, if these ever break down (currently going on winter #3) I will be replacing them with the closest pair I can come by, which is currently these (made in China).

Style Bee - FW 50 Piece Closet


So that’s the closet I’m working with for the next few months! I can already spot a few items that will probably get edited out but for now I’m excited to experiment with what I’ve got and have some style fun. So here’s what is on deck:

Regular Outfit Posts – There are lots of outfits posts coming down the pipeline and I’m looking forward revisiting the post format I used during the 10×10 Challenge meaning candid thoughts on each look along with style and fit details.

Style Bee Closet Shop – As you may have guessed, with every closet edit there now comes a closet sale! This time around, since the account is already ‘Public’ items will be uploaded in real time, meaning, I’ll be adding items one by one during the day. Same rules will apply, first to comment gets an invoice and has 4 hrs to pay or it goes to the next in line. I will host a preview on the blog the morning of and the sale will be held this coming Saturday November 12th starting at 12 pm EST, so mark your calendars and follow @stylebeecloset. Last time almost everything sold in under an hour.

Home + Wedding Posts – As much as I love yammering on about style and fashion I’ve been itching to share some of the exciting ideas I’m cooking up for our home and our wedding next summer. These posts will be few and far between but just a heads up that a little more ‘lifestyle’ action will be headed to the blog soon.


  • What are your thoughts on a 50 piece closet?
  • Are you a lean closet subscriber?
  • What are some of the cold weather heroes in your wardrobe?

This post is not sponsored but contains affiliate links. When you shop via the links above I may make a small commission from a sale. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Style Bee! All opinions are always my own.

Leave me a comment here!

  1. Annie says:

    hi lee,
    i absolutely love your posts. im getting close to 50 pieces myself!
    one question – do you think the black clyde pants would be more versatile than the white? cant decide.. im on the fence! and that black cocoon coat.. that is on my wish list!
    favorite fall/ winter pieces so far- black crop cashmere sweater from everlane, jesse kamm tabacco pants, rachel comey brown boots (same as you), emerson fry camel car coat, and white supergas. and, a striped shirt of course. thanks again for your inspiring posts! game changer for sure:)

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Annie! It’s such a tough call with the Clydes. I’d say go for the black because they’ll need fewer washes and will definitely be just as versatile. Love your closet favourites! I LOVE Emerson Fry’s collections and hope they do a tall boot again this year. Wished I bought them last winter. xo

  2. carlyn greer says:

    Seriously love your posts. Yours and Caroline’s blogs have been major inspirations for me and my closet. I’ve always loved culling my closet since I was a kid, but would just fill it up again with cheap duds. Now, I am aware of so many more brands (my ES order has just shipped!) and really think about where my clothing comes from and what I’m adding in. I am between two places right now because of work and can’t wait to get back to having ONE closet in ONE place to truly hone in on my F/W closet.I also love that you are Canadian and live right near me (Waterloo represent!), so your posts are super relevant for me 🙂 Thank you for the ongoing inspiration!

    Quick question- with the holidays coming how do you let family/friends know your intentions about truly understanding where the things you use come from? I am so so thankful for the gifts I receive, but I am really trying to only use things that are fair trade/ethical/slow fashion/made in Canada etc. Just wondering how you navigate this! At the same time I am looking forward to seeking out amazing gifts for my family/friends that fit into the above criteria.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Carlyn, thank you so much! I can’t tell you how great it is to read such positive feedback 🙂 Dying to know what you ordered from ES!! I literally visit their site daily haha. Having a separate work closet is definitely trying, I feel so lucky that I can focus on one only. Hopefully you’ll be able to streamline more soon!

      That’s such a good question and something I’ve been thinking about more now that we’re getting married and have to consider the registry. My immediate family knows that we are committed to shopping responsibly and we don’t do a lot of extended family gifting. My girlfriends are super thoughtful but we usually just stick to a dinner out and cards. As for other gifts I just try to lead by example and take care to shop small and give gifts I feel good about. I hope that makes sense but I’m definitely still working that out! xo

  3. Mun says:

    I’m itching to get a pair of JK pants too but they are so so expensive! How do you keep your clothes so beautiful and fresh?

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Oh man I know, the cost is non-trivial! I will say they’ve been the best addition to my wardrobe in a very long time though. More ranting on them to come tomorrow 😉 haha I wash everything on delicate and air dry as much as it makes sense to. I do try to store my clothes in a way that keeps them happy, for the Kamm pants that means hanging them and spot cleaning as much as possible before washing. Hope that helps. xo

  4. Emma says:

    Lee! I have a pile of the Laundress wool sprays (like a ten year supply) due to an ordering mix-up. If you think customs won’t bat an eye at sending a liquid from the US (I think they’re 3-5 oz bottles) I’ll happily spread the anti-moth love. Just shoot me an email; I think you can see mine on your end.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hey Emma, That’s great to know, thanks! I’ll look into it but I don’t think there should be an issue. I’ll shoot over an email once I have a chance to look. xo

  5. Hannah says:

    You’re the best! Loved this post and the obvious time you put into everything you publish. It’s been such a joy discovering you over these past few months. I’m an avid fan!

  6. Maria says:

    I always hand wash my cashmere sweaters. I just use woolite, cold water, never let them soak for more than 5 minutes, press the water out (not wring), and lay flat to dry on a mesh drying rack. I’ve never had an issue!

  7. Saraya Itti says:

    A thoughtful and enjoyable post as always! I’m currently making purchases to replace the things I’ve gotten rid of in my closet, and I’ve found it challenging to slowly purchase each item one by one opposed to all at once but I think it will be worth it in the long run. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you purchase your wooden hangers? I’m searching for some myself but have only found the glossy wood kind and prefer the matte finish. Thank you!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Saraya! Ah, I know, it is tough to take it slow but speaking from experience, SO worth it! My wooden hangers are just from IKEA. They’re great and I’ve been using them for ages. They have bins and bins of them. Hope that helps. xo

  8. Add me as another Laundress lover! I used the wool & cashmere wash to hand wash my cashmere sweaters this past summer and it worked like a dream! I was so nervous but ended up being really impressed with the results. I added a little bit of it to a bucket of lukewarm water, massaged my sweater in the soapy water, then let it soak for ~30 min. I gently rinsed the sweater under running water, rolled it into a towel, and then let it air dry on top of the towel. After it was dry, I ironed it to remove wrinkles! Super easy and so worth the cost of not dry cleaning. 😉

  9. Emily Mahi'ai says:

    I’d be curious to know which t shirts made the cut!

  10. Cait says:

    I machine wash all my sweaters with the Laundress Wool and Cashmere Shampoo on the wool setting of my machine, and they turn out beautifully. To dry, I drape them over bath towels on my stair railing. The stain remover also works well, it took out a year old coffee stain on a light grey cashmere sweater. I had washed the sweater several times, so I thought I was going to have to give the sweater up for dead, but I pretreated the stain and it came right out in the wash! I’m not a huge fan of the Laundress sweater comb though, the corners are kind of sharp, and I find that I have to be really careful not to snag my sweaters.

  11. Liv says:

    All wardrobe essentials! Great post.


  12. Kristy says:

    Thanks for this post, it was a fun and informative read! I’m really looking forward to your closet sale this weekend and checking out the ES knitwear coming next week. I’ve been fairly good the last few months about editing my current wardrobe and slowing down on purchasing new items, so if the right thing pops up, I’ll feel comfortable pulling the trigger. One thing I’m trying to find is a cozy oversized light colored cardigan. Would you mind telling me why you ended up selling your Acne Raya? That’s one of the styles I’m considering, but I want to make sure I get something that will last.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Kristy! That’s a good position to be in for sure. I feel the same way right now. I’m at the ready but not overly anxious about adding anything. Big change for me. So I let go of my Raya cardigan because it was a bit too small. I had the XS and bought it based on their sizing recommendations but it was too snug in the arm and not quite as slouchy overall as I wanted. It was totally wearable but I just didn’t wear it much. Seemed like a waste to keep it on the shelf when someone could enjoy it. It was dry clean only and I was too scared to hand wash it at the time too. Hope that helps! xo

  13. Julie says:

    Hi Lee,

    Such a great post! I really like the idea of a lean closet and am planning an edit. Cold heroes in my wardrobe include cashmere sweaters, a great wool scarf and a Canada Goose parka.
    Looking forward to future closet mission, outfits and lifestyle posts!

  14. Such a fun Monday lunchtime read – thank you!

    Though I haven’t done a count, my closet is definitely lean. Forty to 50 pieces total (across seasons) sounds like a good fit for me, though I’m currently under that and am in the process of making thoughtful additions.

    My cold weather heroes are dark brown leather boots (sort of like a femme combat boot), a grey cashmere sweater (could definitely use another, wear it so often), merino wool socks (so warm), and scarves (can’t go a day without one).

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Ah! Thanks Dana! I so appreciate you sharing your closet/shopping goals. It’s always great to hear what others are interested in too. Sounds like you know your style and closet needs really well! xo

  15. Annabelle says:

    Adore this post! Such great tips!

    x Annabelle

  16. Jenna says:

    Hi! I’m a huge knitwear fan and I wash everything (actually, all my clothes) in a sink with Savon de Marseille or whatever olive oil soap is handy. Just run warm water over the bar in a sink or basin until the water looks kinda soapy (it won’t foam), gently swoosh the jumper around in it, then drain and rinse two or three times. Press gently to drain, then roll up in a towel to get out more moisture and lay flat to dry. I lay my jumpers on the floor on a plastic bin bag I cut open and aave for this purpose. It’s not as much work as it sounds!

    Everything from my most expensive cashmere (Eric Bompard) to the cheap Uniqlo merino, as well as silks, woven wools etc., has been fine with this method. I think they actually last longer than with dry cleaning, but haven’t tested the theory.

    • Jenna says:

      Incidentally, I have tried Laundress products, and while they work well I think you are mostly paying for pretty packaging and the results are definitely the same as the olive oil soap. If I need to freshen my jumpers between washes I just hang them out to air (indoors) overnight.

    • Holly says:

      Any knitting store will sell you wool wash (Euclan and Soak are some name brands) at a fraction of the price of the Laundress kit. I wash both my hand knits and my purchased cashmere sweaters in the sink – just soak, no need to rinse. Squeeze gently when you pull it out of the sink, roll in a thick bath towel, and walk on the towel a little. Then dry flat. I haven’t dry cleaned anything in years.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Awesome tips! Thanks Holly. xo

    • Bogna says:

      As a knitter who mostly knits with wool and other natural Fibres, I hand wash all my knitwear, both hand knits and storebought, using Eucalan. You can get it at All Strung Out on Quebec st.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Sounds like Eucalan is a great option. Thanks Bogna! xo

  17. Paige says:

    I’m so in love with your color palette here. I’ve been craving some burgundy and/or olive to warm up my wardrobe a bit. I am sitting between 65-70 items for all seasons, but I was just thinking that the 5 or so tank tops I have hanging in my closet are taking space, so I may remove them just to clear things out a bit and give me new perspective. I cannot wait to read more of you home/wedding posts. Oh, and I have the J+J white T sweater on pre-order and I CANNOT wait to get it!

    Have a great week,

  18. Lexie says:

    Thank you for sharing! I am so curious to read more of your thoughts about receiving free products. Sometimes when I read minimalist fashion blogs I often think yes, it would be easy for me to be a minimalist if I had so many things handed for me for free! Out with the old, in with the luxe! I would love to hear your thoughts about curbing impulse ‘shopping’ while still receiving such beautiful merchandise for free.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Lexie! I’m very glad to hear that this topic interests you because it’s something I’ve given a lot of thought to recently. I was talking with my partner Dave on the weekend about how we appreciate and value things we’ve ‘earned’ so much more than things we’ve been ‘given’ and how it’s a bit of a grey area when it comes to blogging since I do work hard for the opportunities that have presented themselves. Should be a good discussion! xo

  19. I literally brewed a fresh cup of tea just to sit down and read this post — I’ve been so excited about it! (A) Somehow I missed that Elizabeth Suzann is doing a knitwear collection — eeep! I was surprised that her cold weather collection didn’t include knits, so I’m THRILLED to learn this. Thanks for sharing! (B) Super grateful for the comment conversation happening about the Laundress Wool + Cashmere Spray. I’m going to have to give it a try too. (C) Totally on board for more lifestyle content. I’d love to hear all about your home updates + wedding plans. Love all of your posts, friend — this one was excellent and so helpful. xo, Caroline

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Girl you are the best! Thanks so much for taking the time to read this monster haha!
      A) It seems ES has kept the knitwear collection on super lockdown but I’m really excited about it! I had been hoping to see a few signature styles in the cold weather collection so fingers are crossed this is where they’re hiding!
      B) YES! Me too, I have been so intrigued by their products and so far only good reviews from friends and readers. Would be great to save some money on dry cleaning and wash at home instead. Also way more convenient!
      C) YAY! So happy to hear that 🙂
      Loved your take on adding colour in today’s post! Talk soon lady. xoxo

  20. susyolivia says:

    Love your list and so happy to see all the great things you’ve got going on!! I hope this doesn’t make me sound like a mega creep, but I noticed you didn’t list that black long peacoat/(wool trench?) from Club Monaco way back from outfits past– is that by any chance going to make the closet sale? Ever since I saw it on your blog awhile ago I’ve been looking for my own version but sadly haven’t found one! 🙁

  21. Debi says:

    The laundress products are wonderful. I really like the wool cashmere spray for a light freshening scent when I’ve pulled something from storage that is clean but smells a little like it hasn’t had a breath of fresh air in a while!! (Oh, and you can usually pick it up during Nordstroms anniversary sale! )

  22. Jodie says:

    Glad you’re feeling better! This was so great!
    My fall/ winter closet is about 40 items if I count like you did. I would like to add a sweater dress, flat tan Chelsea boots, and boots like your Sperrys.
    Looking forward to more outfit posts!
    Happy Monday.

  23. Katrina says:


    Just FYI- I have been looking forward to this ALL WEEK!! eeek!!!