Style Bee - 1 Formula - 3 Ways

1 Formula – 3 Ways


The weather has been holding steady at a decidedly cold but not crazy temperature lately and I’ve been finding myself in essentially the same outfit over and over. The other day, after refolding the same three sets of jeans and sweaters I realized, I’ve been using the same basic style formula to create my outfits everyday. Then I thought it might be fun to show how that looks and works here on the blog, ergo today’s post! So the style formula is this:


That’s it! Sure it’s not exactly groundbreaking but I was surprised to discover just how varied the outfits can be even when using the same 4 ingredients every time. I was also impressed by how easy it would be to mix and match pieces once I organized the chart below. Kind of like a little mini capsule in a way, but also a really simple trick to mix things up and make your options work a little harder.

Now let’s take a look a these three outfits shall we? 

Style Bee - 1 Formula - 3 Ways


Style Bee - 1 Formula - 3 Ways

The first look is probably the most casual of all of them but oh-so-cozy! This is basically what I’ll be living in all winter. I like it because it’s not too slouchy but still has a very toasty feel to it.

This sweater/coat (links below) was a Cyber Monday snag last year and it’s been the crown jewel of my cold weather closet ever since. Seriously, I pull it out in the summer and wear it around the house because I love it that much (I’m too attached to it, I know). It’s a true closet hero for a number of reasons, a few being: comfort (it’s like wearing your favourite blanket), versatility (this shape and cement color goes with everything), functionality (it’s actually very warm!) and it’s uncanny ability to camouflage lint, fur and just about anything else. It’s also the perfect topper to throw over a simple look like jeans and a sweater because it adds a really unique element of depth and a beautiful volume to an otherwise boring outfit. Anyway, I am obsessed with this coat, a year later, and that’s a very good sign of a well chosen item.

This colour palette is a new one for me but I’m loving it. The black and cement tones keep laid back and cool but a hit of rich burgundy adds some spice and energy to it. Once again this semi-gloss boots inject a touch of formality in a low-key shape.

Safe to say this one will be on repeat A LOT over the next few months. All I need now is a hot apple cider and I’m set!

Style Bee - 1 Formula - 3 Ways Style Bee - 1 Formula - 3 Ways Style Bee - 1 Formula - 3 Ways


Style Bee - 1 Formula - 3 Ways

So this one is basically my version of a power-suit. It’s a little more sharp and chic for a work meeting, lunch out or just about any other activity the day throws my way. I love this white shirt, buttoned to the top and tucked into high rise jeans for a classically effortless and sophisticated look. A high-heeled boot, wide-brimmed hat and a sleek black coat add just enough bad-assery (not a word but roll with it) to make me feel empowered without pushing me too far outside my comfort zone.

These skinny jeans have been in my closet for almost 2 years now (see their first appearance here) and they still fit great and hold their shape after several wears (these shots were taken on day three!). I bought them before I’d started shopping responsibly but they’re a good reminder that choosing timeless staples (over trends) is the first step to a long-lasting closet. I also remember that the size chart was way off for these so I had to send them back for a different size, when usually I’d just have given up and moved on to the next pair. Persevering for the right fit is another important step towards closet contentment that I know I personally find tough to endure.

Overall, I’ll say this look is mostly safe and a little bit daring which is kind of where my style is hanging out right now.

Style Bee - 1 Formula - 3 Ways Style Bee - 1 Formula - 3 Ways Style Bee - 1 Formula - 3 Ways Style Bee - 1 Formula - 3 Ways


Style Bee - 1 Formula - 3 Ways

Bring on all the ‘white pants after Labor Day’ comments but this look is proof (at least to me) that such a silly fashion ‘rule’ is completely antiquated. Personally I love a white pant (or dress or anything really), any-time of the year. Few colours can make a look as fresh and crisp as white does! That said, I understand it can be a precarious choice for the cooler months but paired with a well selected set of rich, warm tones, some cozy textures and simple lines it feels entirely weather appropriate.

I consider this look the outfit version of a pumpkin spiced latte. Once in awhile it’s a delight to the senses but if indulged too often it can get a little bit excessive. I personally love the double dose of acorn/pecan/whiskey brown paired with a block of emerald green and a simple strip of gold hardware. All together I think the elements make for a contemporary chic look that’s ready for any number of daily activities. Bring on all the brunch dating, errand running, gift shopping, market hunting, office working or couch surfing you’ve got!

This coat was a Christmas gift a couple years ago and still holds it’s own in my Fall and Winter closet. I alllllmost felt it was too much colour for me this year but decided to hang on and give it another go. SO glad I did because I’ve found since the rest of my closet has been paired down (both in quantity and in colour) it goes with everything I have and actually adds a much needed jolt of rich but relatively neutral colour.

Style Bee - 1 Formula - 3 Ways Style Bee - 1 Formula - 3 Ways Style Bee - 1 Formula - 3 Ways

So that’s an everyday style formula that’s been serving me well lately. Pretty interesting to see how much variation and versatility you can get out of a simple approach like this one. So tell me:


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  1. Charissa says:

    I love all of these looks! I can’t decide which one is my favourite… either two or three. Quick question. How to you pick you hats. I love how hats can really complete an outfit but I am intimated to wear them, (with the exception of a toque or a ball cap, but that is more function and less style) any tips?

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Charissa! Hats are tricky for sure. I would definitely recommend trying some on first, or at least until you get a feel for a certain designer. I love Janessa Leone hats because they’re simple, flattering and her S fits my head spot on. It’s definitely key to find a style that you feel comfortable in. I like a classic wide brimmed wool felt with a plain leather band. It’s a statement but not too kooky haha. I also get a lot of use out of my straw boater. Rag and Bone makes a nice fedora and I’ve heard great things about Clyde and Brookes Boswell. Hope that helps!

  2. Tina says:

    My favorite is look 1, it is also the one I would most likely wear. I love the color combination, I love the slouchy, yet pulled-together vibe. I definitely will start looking for a knee length sweater-coat.
    White pants in winter would be a definite no-go for my job and lifestyle;-)

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks for weighing in Tina 🙂 It’s one of those items that you wouldn’t think you’d get as much wear out of as you do but now I rarely go a cold day without it. Hear you on the white pants, they’re not practical for most scenarios that’s for sure. xo

  3. Katrina says:

    Love this post! Copying your outfit #2 today and made my own table- such a simple formula but it makes such a difference.
    I actually have a post request- could you style a pair of work trousers with boots? I wear my ponte pants and black skinnies tucked into ankle boots, but I’m having a lot of trouble styling pants similar to the everlane go-weave trouser for winter- it’s just too cold here to wear them with flats!


    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Katrina! So glad you were inspired to try it and to try the formula out. It’s fun right? Thanks for the request, I’d be more than happy to try that out, the only caveat is that I don’t really have a proper office-ready trousers. The closest pair I have to a trouser is these, which are linen so they’re more of a Spring/Summer pant for sure. Sorry girl! Try perusing my FALL and WINTER pinterest boards as there will likely be some ideas there. xo

  4. Jess says:

    Just wanted to say that you have been killing it lately!!! You’re taking it to a whole new level, really inspirational:)

  5. Oh, so want your coat in the first look! That’s pretty much how I feel like dressing right now – wrapped in something greyish and soft. Paired with my beloved boots, could be my next wintertime uniform.

    Lately on workdays, I keep returning to: black pants (silk or some cotton-blend) + a tight-ish grey/black long-sleeve shirt + an overlaying sweater of sorts (grey/black vests or long-sleeve cashmere).

    I have a couple of things coming (form-fitting cashmere turtleneck and sweater from Everlane), which I hope will help keep me warmer than I’ve been here lately in the Kootenays. I always go big when ordering online or buying in-store and keep regretting it (I’m 5’0 and under 100lbs but feel best in baggie clothes). These next additions to my formula will be a test of going for the smallest sizes. It’s clearly what’s needed…and somehow makes me feel uncomfortable when ordering.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks for reading Dana! Sounds like a great weekday uniform. You’ll LOVE the Everlane cashmere pieces you picked up (in case you haven’t tried them yet)! I think you’ll be happy to have a couple slim fitting options in your wardrobe too. They’ll make layering a breeze and maybe introduce a whole new silhouette to your uniform 🙂 xo

  6. Martine says:

    I love the first look!!
    The cosy coat and the beautiful burgundy sweater are my favorites :-).
    Burgundy is a color that I love to wear during the colder months.
    The color really warms up every outfit.
    The search for a look-a-like of the cosy coat has started!
    I would love to find such a wonderful item to spice up my outfits during the colder months.

  7. Jessica says:

    I love all of these!! Especially looks 1 and 3! Wish Everlane had brought back burgundy this year 🙁 For the black turtleneck, I bought this years grey in my true size but was considering going up- can I ask what difference you found in going up a size (since you’re usually a small from your posts it seems)? I’m hoping there’s a bit more tummy room, and not too much extra length.

    P.S. Keep up the formula cause it works! 🙂

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Jessica! I usually get a size S but sometimes order a M in sweaters if I want to layer. I don’t think there is much difference in length but the arms and torso are a bit more relaxed. I’m sure a S would have been fine too. I hope that helps! xo

    • Jessica says:

      Thank you, that does help! Love how you style yours so I might try it next time!


  8. Emily Mahi'ai says:

    I love all three looks, the first one especially. Gap jeans last forever! I had three pairs that I recently retired after wearing for 4-5 years (two pair were actually hand-me-downs, so they were even older!). And I have a jacket in a similar rich caramely pecan color; it’s one of the best things I’ve ever bought. Really warms up all the black and gray I tend to wear. Glad you kept that one, it looks lovely with your coloring!
    P.S. I use the word badassery all the time! We can just pretend it’s a real word… ?

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Emily! I know, it’s crazy, they’re still like new and I have NOT been gentle on them. Haha so glad you’re on board with ‘badassery’ too! xo

  9. Nancy says:

    Lee, are these the jeans you mentioned that you bought in one of your comments? They look great! I actually got a similar pair, but in a slightly higher rise, this Black Friday after finding out the AG ones weren’t made in the USA. It’s been cold here too, so I’ve been wearing an outfit formula of my own – coat + cashmere sweater + jeans + sneakers. I’m loving how different all three of your outfits are, even if they’re the same formula!
    – Nancy

  10. Jodie says:

    One of my favorite posts this fall!
    This is basically my style formula but it’s so much clearer now!
    All 3 outfits are perfect color mixes, and even though its the same idea they all look so different.
    Have a great week Lee! Xo!