Style Bee - Winter 10 x 10 - Look 4

Winter 10×10 – Look 4


So apparently it’s Friday (the 13th!) and this whole week was a blur in the best way! I can’t tell you how much fun Caroline, of Un-Fancy, and I have been having while hosting this #WINTER10x10 series. Well actually I can, it’s a TON and we hope you’re enjoying it too! Whether you’re still completing the challenge, you’ve tapped out or you were just scoping it out to begin with, we’re all stepping outside our comfort zones in one way or another and I dare say we’re better for it.

If you’ve been thinking about joining in, it’s not too late! Caroline and I will be posting right through January 24th so hop aboard! Get all the info here and here plus lots of inspo on the #WINTER10x10 feed.

Now, let’s address the fact that it is indeed Friday and once in a blue moon that calls for a night out (at least for this homebody)! During every 10×10 Challenge I try to put together at least one dressy look so I have it in my back pocket if needed. Plus, I find it curbs my craving for a more fashion-forward get-up since most of these challenge outfits are for the everyday.

So let’s evaluate this ‘going-out’ look shall we?

Style Bee - Winter 10 x 10 - Look 4 Style Bee - Winter 10 x 10 - Look 4


Oh yeah baby! Now we’re talkin’! Challenge aside, this is one of my favourite outfits to date. I feel sophisticated, chic, attractive and most of all, I feel the like the best version of myself and my style are coming through. This is what I call a power outfit. 

I’ll confess, I wanted to share this look before I’d even chosen my full 10 items so I knew these three pieces (top, pants and boots) were non-negotiable.

Now of course, I’m not going to be curling my hair and donning a choker for a day in the office. No no, this is a night out look for sure. Luckily, tonight we’re heading into the big smoke (aka Toronto) for a friend’s birthday. But during the day I’ll be shooting next week’s looks for the better part of the late morning and early afternoon so I’ll probably just stick to last night’s loungewear (these pants and this tee) until it’s time to get ready for the night. I still plan to share on my stories though so no worries! 

Despite it’s tendency to be drafty the Linn Sweater (old from Elizabeth Suzann) is easily one of my top 3 favourite items in my closet (please don’t make me pick the other two!). I love the shape, the colour and the boiled wool fabric has the most beautiful movement. It’s been in heavy rotation since the day it arrived in the Fall of 2014 and I can’t quite imagine my closet without it!

Discovering the Linn Sweater was one of those personal style defining moments. You know, when you go out on a limb to try something new and it really, I mean really, hits the mark for you? From then on I was no longer afraid of odd shapes or volume. To be fair, I credit Elizabeth Suzann’s design genius to much of my style progression. These pants and boots were similarly pivotal as well.

But I digress! The long story short here is that this outfit is just really hitting the mark for me. Enough said!

Style Bee - Winter 10 x 10 - Look 4


1 | CALCULATED GLAM | I resisted my urge to go for a statement necklace with this top. Not that it would have been a bad choice, but I’ve been into slightly more unexpected hits of gold lately. For instance, this choker isn’t obvious but when you notice that it’s there, it’s like, ‘Yowza, that’s good!’ So I decided I would go big with my cuff to reinforce the theme of minimal but impactful accessories. I think this might be one of my new favourite combos too!

Try giving your go-to jewels a momentary breather and opt for something a little unexpected. You may end up with a new stand-by! 

2 | WINTER POUT | Maybe it’s all the 90’s beauty trends getting to me (hello, I’m rocking a choker here!) but I’m loving a deep dark lip-colour lately (remember when I talked about a bold lip in Look #1?). Something about it just feels spunky and provocative but also very grown-up and I like it! Until not long ago, I afraid of wearing any lipstick but I’ve found a few that I really like and have performed beautifully. Burt’s Bees Lip Crayon (Napa Vineyard), BeautyCounter Sheer LipStick (Currant) and Kosås LipStick (Fringe is what I have on) are on repeat in my cosmetics rotation right now. They don’t dry me out or jump ship for my teeth either!

If you’re going out tonight considering trying a bold winter pout with your look. Just keep the rest of your make-up low-key and you’ll be sure to turn heads! Here’s a tutorial to help you get started.

3 | POP OF PATTERN | I love a look comprised of solid blocks of colour but it’s so nice when you can add a bit of energy and interest with a jolt of pattern. In this case I’ve done that with my clutch. I love how it reinforces the warm tones in my sweater and adds some fresh white too.

If you’re in the market for a new clutch or bag, consider something with a pattern. Then you’ve got an easy add-on to any look that adds some intrigue without taking over. 

4 | WINTER CROP | I know this was already a Style + Fit Detail on Tuesday but what can I say other than it’s one of my go-to silhouettes right now! High-waist bottoms paired with and angled crop that overlaps slightly is a look I love. It highlights the waist without being tight and elongates the legs without needing high-heels. Big win, HUGE!

5 | DOUBLE ODD | By most standards this top and these bottoms would be considered unconventional shapes. The top is super wide and cropped and the same goes for the pants. But done in the right materials (a flowy wool and a stiff canvas) they pair very nicely. I’m loving the subtle repetition and the double a-line effect that’s happening. It certainly takes a basic brown top and black pants to a whole other level! Here’s a few examples of what I mean: A (wide A-line top + skirt), B (sleek long top + pants), C (flared tunic + flares)

Do you have a couple items in your closet with a similar shape? Try pairing them together for an unexpected and sculptural vibe. 

Style Bee - Winter 10 x 10 - Look 4


OK so, I LOVE the outside version of this look. This coat was another style defining purchase for me (thanks again Liz!) and this scarf is a recent addition that’s become my favourite winter accessory to date. It’s SO cozy! (links below)

For this look I pulled inspiration from these pins: A, B, C and I know this approach will be my go-to for any Winter ‘night-out’ going forward (weather permitting of course). Oversize Coat + Giant Wool Scarf = Chic + Toasty.

There is one trick I used here, which was to make sure the ends of my scarf were uneven. I don’t know why but for some reason it just looks way cooler that way. It’s as if I just wrapped it around without thinking and it fell perfectly into place. Of course, I thought about it way too much but ah-well, it worked!

Now the one flaw in this outdoor look is the sleeves. When it’s -13 degrees out (which the forecast is predicting) you really don’t want any bare skin showing. That’s why I’ll most likely be adding a long-sleeved body-suit and a pair of long gloves. Then I’ll be happy to run for a cab from a cozy restaurant and vice versa.

Style Bee - Winter 10 x 10 - Look 4

Be sure to pop over to UnFancy for Caroline’s latest too!

+ Keep sharing your looks with #Winter10x10 and if you have a sec, check Instagram Stories today for a real-life look at our outfits in action (@caroline_joy + @leevosburgh).


  • BOILED WOOL LINN TEE | It’s not available in wool but you can still order it in canvas ($140 USD) or linen ($145 USD) from Elizabeth Suzann. I’ve also sourced a few similar options: ASHLEY ROWE (Tan + Options | $145 USD) | BLACK CRANE (Golden $128 USD) | LOVE this long sleeved option by MEGAN HUNTZ ($250 USD) | All made in the USA
  • KAMM PANTS | Jesse Kamm ($325 USD) Available in Many Colours Fit note: I’m usually a 26 in denim and wear a size 4 in these. | Similar by NEED ($ 115 USD) + Everlane ($78 USD)
  • SCARF | ACNE STUDIOS ($180 USD) Made in Italy
  • PISTOL BOOTS | ACNE STUDIOS ($570 USD ) Made In Italy
  • COCOON COAT | Old version from Elizabeth Suzann (linked to similar canvas option $365 USD) | Gorgeous Boiled Wool version with closure and pockets by Eileen Fisher ($270 CAD 40% OFF)
  • CUFF | Stvdio Brooklyn ($258 USD) | CHOKER | BIKO ($78 made in Toronto!) | CLUTCHPrimecut ($85 USD)

This post is not sponsored but contains affiliate links. When you shop via the links above I may make a small commission from a sale. Thanks for supporting Style Bee! All opinions are always my own.


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  1. Robyn says:

    Hi Lee,
    So far I’ve copied two of your outfits. For work on Tuesday I wore the same color Everlane crew sweater, black pants and scarf. This weekend I copied the cream cardigan outfit, but made a few changes to work with what I had and what I needed to do. A 10×10 is hard to do because I need clothes for work and then the weekend and Virginia weather is very unpredictable 1 degree one day, 70 degrees two days later. In saying that, your posts and others you have linked did help me rethink my clothes and ways to make outfits.

  2. Shelbi says:

    I’ve been trying to get my husband to photograph me for Instagram to do this challenge! I might have to double up and post two in one day for this because time is running out, but love this challenge! Thanks for setting it up.


  3. Tina says:

    Hi, I bet you felt your best in this outfit Friday night and had lots of fun at the party. What do you wear underneath boxy tops like that one from Elizabeth Suzann to avoid it to feel drafty?
    Looking forward to your next outfit post and working on my own 10×10 for the next week (I took the weekend off since it was slob/dog clothes or cross country ski outfit)

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Tina! Glad to hear you’re still participating in the 10×10. I took the weekend off too and it’s nice to have a bit of a break. Hope you had a great time cross-country skiing!

      I often wear a body-suit underneath when it’s cold. Commando and Theory and GBTS make some great options (in the USA). I hate dealing with tucking things in and find bodysuits are the best way to add a layer without any bulkiness or bunching. Hope that helps! xo

  4. Kathryn says:

    Absolutely lovely. I don’t think I’m willing to pay that much money for each piece of clothing/accessory. Still, you really aced this and you look perfectly gorgeous!

  5. stephanie says:

    I’ve been looking over your outfits, etc…lovely site, lovely writing/voice and photos! If you are open to an opinion I would vouch that ‘caramel/british tan/cedar/orange-tones’ are not your best color [or unfancy’s]. Don’t get me wrong – you are absolutely beautiful and you style yourself with a wonderful ‘minimalist’ sophistication. Your skin, hair color and eyes vouch that emerald and ruby/berry jewel tones would be fantastically gorgeous on you and if you are not comfortable with large swaths of color, a play with scarves or under-layer may be the way to go in order to experiment. Your bold lip is also proof that this is the case – it totally works for you! IMO instead of caramel, go with a taupe….and/or feel free to completely disregard this comment.

  6. This is such an amazing night out outfit (and I love that it’s your power outfit—you look so confident!). I love, love, love how the shape of the top mimics the shape of the pants as you stated. I’m impressed by how well your 10 items work for everyday and for other occasions, too. My life is fairly uneventful so my pieces worked well for everyday and not necessarily any nighttime activities, haha. It would be fun to see if I could make a more night-friendly outfit.

  7. andréanne says:

    Those pants are absolutely lovely ! I love seeing your 10 x 10 challenge’s outfits! 🙂

  8. Sarah says:

    Dang this look is killer! I love it as a whole and each piece by itself is also 100% cool. I’m seriously crushing on all of your jewelry and primecut bags. Have a great weekend!

  9. Joy says:

    You look beautiful and sophisticated! No wonder you love the outfit so much.

  10. Lo says:

    Gorgeous! I love how your simple jewelry elevates this whole outfit into something truly polished. And your lip color is perfect. Do you blend all those lipsticks you mentioned together?

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Lo! This is just the Kosas Fringe colour actually. But I do love to blend them depending on what I’m going for. I usually have a layer of lip balm on as well, esp during the winter. xo

  11. Marti says:

    Really enjoying your style! You didn’t stick to the rules and dared to break them, with the swing top & wide leg bottom. This outfit is classy, comfortable, and polished! Can’t wait till Monday! Have a great weekend!

  12. Gabi says:

    Amazing! This is my favorite look so far, probably because it’s my go-to combo in terms of shape and fit. I wear a version of this allllll the time and I feel so comfortable, confident, and stylish. It’s tough to go wrong with it. And I’m glad I’m not the only one who considers this silhouette just right for a night out. It’s not too tight or fussy which is why I love it.

    I have coveted that Linn sweater for SO LONG. It’s seriously my most wished for item. Every time I see it on someone, I sigh. Ha! The other day I missed out on buying one like-new via Instagram for $40–I probably missed out by a minute. Ugh! If for some insane reason you ever part with it, I’m your gal ? But I have that Ashley Rowe tee in bleached denim and the new tan color is definitely calling my name.

    I hope you enjoy your time in Toronto!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Gabi! I know if it get’s your props, then I’m really onto something 🙂

      I really thought ES would do the Linn sweater in wool this winter but for some reason she didn’t. I’d totally go for a second one! You will be the first to know if I even part with it though. I LOVE Ashley Rowe but don’t have any of her pieces. Love how that tee looks on you, as usual!

      Hope you’ve had a great weekend! xo

  13. Marine says:

    This look is ON POINT. (Or is it on fleek these days? I can’t keep up…) I love everything about it, and it’s definitely where I see my style headed these days, so thanks for the awesome inspiration!

  14. Hilary says:

    Love this look, Lee. I can instantly see why it’s a power outfit – you look extra chic and confident! The pairing of the beautiful brown wool with the black canvas is too good. And the choker + cuff details bring the outfit to another level!

    Really enjoying following along with the Winter10x10. I’m hoping that next time around, I’ll muster up the courage to try the 10×10 myself! I could really use 10 days of discipline with my closet to re-evaluate what I’ve got, and how it all fits in with the style I want to evoke every day.

  15. Kat says:

    I love this outfit, that sweater is so good!! I’m determined to find something similar in wool. I have a sorta-similar silhouette in linen, but that’s not cutting it in January, even with a base layer!
    Also thank you for including the bodysuit and glove idea, it’s -6°F/-21°C here so going out with exposed elbows is just not an option!

  16. Charissa says:

    This combo just works! I think this is my favourite look of yours this challenge. I am a huge fan of that sweater. This challenge really has been a lot of fun so far.

  17. Jodie says:

    Sounds like a fun night out! You definitely hit the right mark. Have a great weekend Lee!