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Well even though the week disappeared in a hurry it gave us a true taste of Spring. I can’t believe I got away with wearing flats and no socks in February! It was double digits and sunny out all day yesterday which made running errands much less of a drag, plus I had an excuse to take the pup for an extra long walk (although he needed a bubble bath after). Oh and the snow is all gone, every last slushy flake! Even if it’s only temporary, I’ll take it.

Now, time to get on with the post. Today we’re talking natural/safe skin care and beauty favourites. Over the years I’ve had a tumultuous relationship with my skin (which I’ll divulge below) and I know I’m definitely not alone in my experience. I’m only just finally starting to understand what it’s been telling me but while I’ve been fumbling along with my interpretations I’ve managed to discover some really great products that I love and I’m happy to share them with anyone who’s interested!

So if that happens to be you, today I’ll be sharing:

  • 1 | My Skin Story (The short-ish version)
  • 2 | My Current Skin Care Favourites
  • 3 | My Current Beauty Favourites
  • 4 | Where I Shop (For natural, clean, safe products)

So let’s dig in shall we?

Style Bee - Current Beauty Favourites


As I said, my skin and I have had a somewhat tumultuous relationship over the years. Pretty much as soon as I hit puberty I started getting acne on my back and shoulders, which was pretty hard on the self-esteem of an already overly sensitive, self-conscious young woman like myself. So I went on the pill and hooray, it went away. Until, it didn’t. Throughout high school and university and honestly right up until recently I’ve been battling breakouts off and on. Sometimes they disappear for months and I get to live a blissful clear skin life until they suddenly reappear with a vengeance. So there’s that.

Then over the last year or so I’ve found myself battling acne on my face, which I can tell you is WAY harder on that overly sensitive, self-conscious woman I just mentioned. After trying lots of different topical options from harsh astringents to just splashing water on my face for a week I’ve come to realize that won’t really solve the problem (yuh think?). The issue stems from an internal hormonal imbalance. Although difficult to resolve it was identifiable by the fact that my breakouts are always on my chin and jaw line (and on my back), predictable by my cycle, cystic and really hard to eradicate. Super fun.

Once I figured out that my issue was hormonal I started doing research and saw my doc to make sure nothing more serious was going on. Then I was able to making strides toward a more permanent solution. This has been a combination of a new birth control pill, eating better (ie: less processed food, refined sugar and dairy), supplementing my diet with key vitamins, minerals and oils, exercising more (hot yoga has helped a ton) and trying to reduce the amount of stressors in my day-to-day life (still working on that one). I’ve also been taking EstroSmart (which I thought was going to be a total sham) and believe that it’s had a very positive effect on my skin as well.

So while I’m not totally at peace with my skin and it’s far from perfect (I’m wearing lots of makeup in these shots!) I’ve come to appreciate that it’s not actually working against me after all. It’s responding to how I treat my body and the better I can understand what helps and what hinders it, the happier we’ll both be. I know, not rocket science but at least I’m getting there!

Even though the process of treating hormonal acne has been frustrating and disheartening at times, it’s also led me to an all natural (mostly organic) skin and beauty regimen. I feel so much better knowing that the products I’m putting on my skin are helping it rather than harming it. That said, the world of natural beauty has expanded so much over the last few years and there are so many incredible products to choose from now that it can be hard to know what to try!

So today I’m sharing my favourite all natural (or at least almost all natural and highly safe) products that I’ve been using regularly for, in most cases, many months so you might be able to find one or two that work well for you, if you’re in the market.

My regimen is fairly straightforward and because of how sensitive my skin has been I try not to mess with my routine too much. So you won’t find any masks, peels or fussy spa treatments on this list just tried and trusted products I love to use.

So let’s have a look! 

Style Bee - Current Beauty Favourites
Style Bee - Current Beauty Favourites

1 | INDIE LEE BRIGHTENING CLEANSER | $32 | Natural + Safe Ingredients | I only ended up trying this cleanser because my previous go-to (Tata Harper Refreshing Cleanser) was sold out but now I’m onto my third bottle of it and I LOVE IT. It’s gentle but effective and you only need a dime size dollop to get all your make-up off and feel like your pores have been cleared without being dried out. It doesn’t really lather but it smells amazing (thanks to the strawberries) and all the rave reviews are totally warranted. Available on Amazon.

2 | WILDCRAFT CLARIFY TONER | $16 | All Natural | I became a fan of this one after my collaboration with Wildcraft Skincare, a Toronto based, all-natural skin care line. Using a toner has always been part of my skin care regimen and this one is wonderful. It only has four ingredients and I can immediately feel my skin calming after I spritz it on (yay for no cotton pads!). I’m currently on my third bottle of this one too.

3 | PAI GERANIUM + THISTLE DAY CREAM | $60 | All Natural | I’ve been a fan of this one for a long time. I was using the Tata Harper Rebuilding Moisturizer but it was leaving my T-Zone feeling a bit oily this winter so I went back to this and I’m loving it. It goes on very smooth and soaks in right away, leaving my skin feeling satiny soft. I don’t even feel I need a primer and apply my foundation directly after. PAI has a great selection of moisturizer options and the whole line is lovely. Available on Amazon.

4 | PAI BRIGHTENING EXFOLIATOR | $44 | All Natural | I LOVE using this one in the shower and it’s one of few exfoliators I’ve tried that really eliminates dry/dead skin without causing a ruckus on my complexion (thanks Jojoba Beads!). It also has a beautiful scent and just enough moisture that my skin never feels stripped or dry after using it. This one has been on my roster for ages and one tube goes a looong way when you only use it a few times a week. Available on Amazon.

5 | OSMIA ORGANICS SPOT TREATMENT | $22 | All Natural | This stuff is magic and I’m obsessed. It’s an all natural and super potent blemish banisher that actually works. It doesn’t leave you with flaky dried out areas either! A little goes a long way and after using one tiny bottle for months it’s not even half empty. I’m kind of addicted to the smell too since it’s a beautiful earthy blend of essential oils. As my acne has started to clear I still use it on dark spots and it’s been helping repair the pigmentation too. Honestly, can’t recommend this product enough! Available on Amazon.

6 | INDIE LEE BLEMISH LOTION | $26 | All Natural | On a whim I picked up this spot treatment as well and it’s also really effective. I recommend this one for early stage blemishes because it does a great job of reducing them before they come to fruition. Once a spot has been ruptured or any skin is broken this stuff stings like hell and while it does help reduce redness and inflammation, it dries the area out a lot. It goes on like a clay and dries in a few minutes. I use it as an overnight treatment because it’s pink and way too obvious to wear in public! Available on Amazon.

7 | VO BATH & CO CITRINE SCRUB + LOTION | $30 | All Natural | I just started using this made in Toronto Scrub and it’s incredible! I’m not even a huge fan of lemon scents but this one is so refreshing and invigorating without being sour. I use this at the end of my shower and it leaves my skin feeling super smooth but the best part is that there’s no need to moisturize after. Just pat dry and you’re good!

8 | VITNER’S DAUGHTER SERUM | $185 | All Natural | Yes, she is pricey, but oh lawdy is she good. I would never have dared to try this serum if it wasn’t for a collaboration with the amazing Joy Provisions and I can’t thank Mimi (the founder) enough for introducing me to it. The reviews online all sound made up but it’s totally legit. I use this one most nights and wake up with ridiculously soft skin (even when I’m breaking out) and my complexion is always brighter when I’ve used it. If you’ve been interested in trying this one, DO IT.

9 | LURK EAU DE TOILETTE | $185 | All Natural Scents + Safe Ingredients | I know this isn’t your typical skin care item but it’s part of my routine for sure. This product was another lucky find thanks to Joy Provisions (Mimi has a seriously good eye for natural products!) and I’m a total convert to LURK Perfumes. I spritz BS003 on before I go out anywhere and it’s the kind of effervescent scent that you just barely catch a glimpse of but that immediately draws you in. The essential oils in this one are so soothing and refreshing at the same time. I also love that it’s androgynous and not too flowery. Available on Amazon.

Style Bee - Current Beauty Favourites
Style Bee - Current Beauty Favourites

1 | KJAER WEIS FOUNDATION | $68 New $40 Refill | All Natural | This one is a natural beauty cult favourite and it’s easy to understand why once you’ve tried it. It’s pretty unbeatable in terms of coverage and staying power but I find it’s a bit too heavy for all over use. Instead I use it as a concealer for my t-zone and any areas that need a little extra camouflage. It blends in beautifully and results in a matte finish that’s not cakey. I also love that the packaging is meant to be used forever and that you can simply refill the palette as needed. I wear Like Porcelain. Available on Amazon.

2 | ALIMA PURE MATTE BLUSH | $24 | All Natural | This is the only blush I’ve used for pretty much the last year. It’s a super fine powder that you can brush on lightly for a barely there hint or build up more for a rosy glow. I wear Mimosa and find it gives just enough of a healthy glow look without being to made-up.

3 | PURE ANADA MASCARA | $14 | All Natural | I have tried every natural mascara that seemed even remotely worthwhile (W3LL People, ILIA, Hynt, BeautyCounter, RMS Beauty) and this one is easily my favourite by a LONG shot. It’s also made in Canada, all natural and only $14 CAD (actually it’s $11.20 right now!)! It builds up volume and length very well and I wear it all day long without any flaking, smudging or under eye build up whatsoever. Plus it washes off so easy, I no longer have to add the extra step of removing eye makeup. I’m seriously so impressed with this product and will definitely buy it again. Available on Amazon.

4 | ECOBROW EYEBROW WAX | $26 | All Natural | I love a full, natural looking brow, which I myself do not possess, but this stuff is a pretty close alternative. It’s easy to build up a natural looking brow thickness and they have a broad range of colours to best suit your hair and skin. Unlike pencils or powders the wax coats and holds onto the hair follicles while helping the shape stay put. I’ve been using Penelope for months now and the pot of wax is barely dented so it’s well worth the investment. I also LOVE the eyebrow brush and comb by EcoBrow which you’ll also see on this list. Available on Amazon.

5 | DALISH FOUNDATION | $44 | Natural + Safe Ingredients | I started using this foundation a couple of months ago when my W3LL People Foundation Stick ran out and I’m really liking it. It goes on really easily and soaks in fast for a natural amount of coverage that evens the skin tone out nicely. It wears well all day without any creasing or slipping (and that’s without a primer). I actually bought #1 first and found it slightly too light so I bought #2 and it’s slightly too dark so I blend the two for a perfect match. The one thing I will say is that the pump is a little glitchy and the plastic cap that goes on top broke right away on both my bottles. So there’s room for improvement in the packaging but the product is great!

6 | KJAER WEIS EYE SHADOW | $45 | All Natural | This is the second product I’ve tried by KW and it’s another daily fave. This is actually the only eye shadow I really use now. I wear Cloud Nine and it’s the perfect light ethereal shade for everyday use. I use it on my lids and brush it right up to the base of my brown for a bright fresh eye that has just a touch of highlight to be pretty but not done up. I’m considering adding Grace to my palette options for an evening, warm smokey eye. Available on Amazon.

7 | KOSÅS LIPSTICK | $24 | Natural + Safe Ingredients | I must admit, I totally bought this one for the packaging, but it turns out it’s one of my all-time favourites. I wear it over a base of lip balm usually since my lips tend to dry out easy but it’s already quite hydrating and goes on super smooth with an easy to build opacity. I’m wearing Fringe in this post and find it can either be a super rich bold red or a more relaxed rosy red like it is here.

8 | BEAUTY COUNTER LIPSTICK | $38 | Clean + Safe Ingredients | More gorgeous packaging, another go-to lipstick of mine. I was lucky enough to get a few BC products to try out and this one really won me over. I get asked all the time about the lipstick I’m wearing whenever I wear this one. My girlfriend tried it too and put it perfectly when she said, ‘This makes it look like you tried, but not too hard.’. It’s great for someone (like me) who wants to love wearing lipstick but doesn’t and needs something almost like a balm but with lots of pigment to make up for it.

9 | BURT’S BEES LIP CRAYON | $8 | All Natural | I bought this one after seeing it on several make up artist must have lists and it’s easy to see why! It’s perfect on top of a swipe of lip balm and you can build up the colour as much as you need. It creates a beautiful matte finish and you can get pretty precise with your edges. I’ve tried this crayon in so many colours but Redwood Forest is my personal favourite. Available on Amazon.

10 | F.MILLER LIP BALM | $12 | All Natural | This is another Made in Toronto line that I love, not to mention their perfect minimal design. I have a stick of this stuff in every room of the house and every bag I own. I think the oval shape is genius because it’s so easy to apply without going all over. It’s just a perfect natural lip balm in a lovely little package.

11 | ECOBROW BRUSH + COMB | $23 | I almost didn’t include this one on the list but it’s something I use every day now so I thought it was worth noting. This brush is by the same brand as the brow wax I use and it’s a really great applicator. I use the comb to brush my eyebrows into shape, then I apply the wax lightly with the brush (building as needed) and finally I comb through gently for a natural look. It’s worth splurging on both at the same time, I promise!

12 | AILA NAIL POLISH | $21 CAD | Safe | Last but not least is my current go-to nail polish and colour I’m Naked. It’s a 5 Free, Paraben Free, Cruelty Free, Made in the USA polish that’s actually pretty good when it comes to chips and longevity. I love this colour because it’s just enough to make your nails look glossy and fresh, plus it goes with everything and every season. Line available on Amazon.

Style Bee - Current Beauty Favourites










So that’s about all I have to say on skin care and beauty for the moment but I’d love to hear from you!

What are your favourite all natural brands and products? 

Any miracle workers you’re willing to share?


VAPOUR BEAUTY (I like the concealer and eye-shadow a lot. Many of you mentioned their lip stick.)

TATA HARPER (Definitely have to agree! The Resurfacing Mask is on my wish list.)

RMS BEAUTY (This line is great. I have the Un-Powder and just started using the Living Luminizer)




BIRCHROSE + CO (I’ve tried this line and really liked it too)



100 % PURE











SUNDAY RILEY (I’ve heard amazing things about this line!)





BEAUTY COUNTER (Love this line too!)


BOOKS: THE NATURE OF BEAUTY by Amelda Burke | SKIN CLEANSE by Adina Grigore | HOMEMADE BEAUTY by Annie Strole | EAT PRETTY by Jolen Hart

Wearing: Georgia Tee by Elizabeth Suzann | Kamm Pants by Jesse Kamm | Cuff c/o Maslow Jewelry (linked to similar)

This post is not sponsored nor is it affiliated with any of the aforementioned brands. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links which allow you to shop and support Style Bee at the same time. Thanks for reading!


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  1. Kristine says:

    Thanks for sharing your story! For acne I’ve really enjoyed Mun’s toner and Kypris’ Clearing Serum. I noticed there wasn’t a hair section but UMA’s hair serum is divine! It’s a product I never thought I needed until I used it.

  2. Britt says:

    Thanks for the suggestions here! I ordered the Aila nail polish in the color called “Ms. Martin” and I really like it. It is a little pinker than the “I’m Naked” shade you’re wearing here. Also, I’ve had terrible acne for about 16 years and its presence has had scarring affects on my skin and my self-confidence, and has even kept me from diving into the beauty product world because I wondered what the point of it would be with my blemished skin. I’ve worked hard for a year now to clear up my skin naturally with recommendations from the people at (really good advice there), and the use of a Norwex body cloth to cleanse and exfoliate, and now I am enjoying a face with way less acne. I can see through to a prettiness I did not know I had before. This post of yours has prompted me to invest in further exploration of beauty, natural products, and the fun of shining, not shying away. Thanks, Lee. A lot.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Britt, I’m so glad to hear you’re finding some positive solutions for your skin woes. My heart goes out to you for all the years you’ve been struggling and I can definitely commiserate. Thanks for the resource, it looks awesome and I’ll be digging into their articles this week.

      I’m so glad you found this post helpful. All the best! xo

  3. Maya says:

    Thanks for the recommendation on the EcoBrow product. I’ve been looking for a natural brow product for a long time, but was only able to find powders and pencils. I wish I had seen this post sooner – I just ordered BoyBrow from Glossier, which has a very unfortunate list of ingredients.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      My pleasure Maya, I LOVE the ecobrow wax and find it’s better than any of the other natural options I’ve tried. I’ve heard really positive things about BoyBrow but Glossier doesn’t ship to Canada so I’ve never tried their line. Definitely keep EcoBrow in mind for next time 😉 xo

  4. Michele Ann says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your skin journey. It’s so nice to hear a true and honest story about acne struggles. I feel like a lot of bloggers paint over this and it’s so frustrating seeing images of perfection when there’s so much more under the surface but not many people are willing to talk about it and delve deeper so thank you! I also suffer from cystic acne around that time of the month so I’m right there with you.

    I’m currently using a MAC foundation and hope to replace it with an all natural safe alternative but giving it up has been proving difficult. The Dalish foundation caught my attention though and I’m also super excited about their international shipping huzaah! Thank you for sharing and as always, thank you so much for the great content! Reading your blog every week has been a highlight of mine and I’m so happy to have joined this amazing community of bloggers. Also the Georgia Tee looks amazing on you, it’s another item that’s been on my wishlist ever since you introduced me to Elizabeth Suzann and hopefully someday i’ll have it <3

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much for your thoughtful message Michele Ann! I know what you mean about it being taboo to admit your skin isn’t perfect in the blogging world. It’s a drag for sure, but it’s true!

      I used to use a lot of Mac products and it was definitely hard to let them go. They know how to deliver lasting results! I think you will like the Dalish Foundation. It is a beautiful texture, has decent coverage and excellent longevity.

      Thanks so much, the Georgia Tee is one of my all-time ES favourites. Worth the wait and investment for sure! xo

  5. Jody says:

    Your description of your hormonal acne breakouts is so similar to my own experience. I struggled for a long time trying to find a solution. I eventually made an appointment with a dermatologist. He explained that my hormones were changing and the side effect was acne (chin, jaw, chest, back). Some women lose hair, some grow hair where they didn’t have it before (mustache), etc. He prescribed Spironolactone pills and my complexion cleared totally within 2 weeks. I understand this solution isn’t for everyone – but I’m so relieved to be rid of those red painful blemishes.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks for sharing that Jody! I’ve heard a lot of people mention Spironolactone as a solution. Could be a potential route if I can’t get my skin cleared up naturally. Glad to hear it’s helped you!

  6. Maria says:

    Stumbled across this and so glad I did! I’ve had acne since puberty and still struggle with more cystic stuff (ugh) well into my 20s. I’ve been wanting to try more natural makeup (just use cheap drugstore stuff now ?), but it always seems like such an expensive investment. These recommendations are awesome though, and I think I’ll use this as a reference to slowly add new stuff in. Thanks so much!

  7. Eve says:

    Yay for a skincare and beauty post! Clothes are great too, but I also really enjoy these types of posts on occasion.

    I’ve also had massive hormonal breakout issues and tried a million products over the years to try to combat/fix it. Everything from harsh products to natural to even DIY and the first real lasting change I saw was when I cut added sugar and refined sugar. I also made my piece with being seriously lactose intolerant (I still allow some aged cheeses) and that made all the difference in the world. I was shocked at the results with just cutting the sugar (I also had not realized how pervasive it was in my diet). Totally am with you on that. Another thing that helped me was being okay with my slightly oily skin and not trying to make it less oily with products. The more I can let my skin just be, the better.

    As far as natural beauty products go I actual have settled on the “clean + safe” ingredients side of things and avoid “natural” products. I’ve heard good things about some of the brands you mentioned (particularly Pai), but the problem for me is I am extremely allergic to really common ingredients (lavender, eucalyptus, etc). All my makeup is natural though, especially mascara as all others will burn my eyes. I am going to try and give that mascara a try because I have not found one that I love. I hope it works for oily eyelids. Also on the hunt for a good lip balm (Burt’s bees I find dries my lips out and I am very good about staying hydrated) so may look into that one too. Thank you for the post!

  8. Annie says:

    Hi Lee,
    I have been buying skincare products from a woman who happens to be my neighbor. She makes everything from scratch and is incredibly knowledgable when it comes to skincare. All oils and ingredients are incredibly well sourced. I suggest reaching out to her (Judy) . Tell her exactly what you are dealing with and I imagine she will give you some great tips. And here is a link to her site –
    And if you have time, take a peek at her videos which she posts on her site. They are really interesting.. great tips within.

    I have her cleanser, serum, honey mask, exfoliant, and cream.

    Hope that helps!


  9. Tess says:

    Hey Lee, I have always had perfect skin and after trying the birth control implant my skin went haywire and I have been getting eczema and breakouts on and off for the past year 🙁 It definitely sucks! I found this Ayurvedic skin line called Pratima Skincare and they have some wonderful products, including oils made for your ayurveda type or if you are dealing with acne, eczema, rosacea etc, cleansers and masks. I love my sandalwood soothing lotion for breakouts and redness. I like her products because they are all natural and you can actually pronounce all the ingredients! It may be an option for you 🙂

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience and the suggestions Tess! I’m glad you’ve found a line you love and hope your skin is getting back to it’s previous flawless ways! Will look into Pratima Skincare. xo

  10. Chloe says:

    Have you tried anything by 100% Pure? I have had some similar, long-standing, intense, visually obvious skin problems (mine is horrible eczema, though) and their products have been the best. I also swear by a clean diet, and patience with yourself.

    This was a brilliant post – I am always keen to see what others are doing with their routines. I am very keen to try some of the things you mentioned. Good luck with your continuing process of discovery!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Chloe! I will definitely look into 100% Pure and I couldn’t agree more about the importance of being patient with yourself. The more I stress about my bad skin the more it flares up! xo

  11. Jess says:

    Thanks for sharing an honest and in depth review. I had no skin issues as a teen and am suddenly way more prone to breakouts now (in my mid-20s), and similarly they follow my hormonal cycle. I got pretty dismayed for a while, especially since I really don’t enjoy wearing makeup, but I changed up my routine and it’s much more manageable. I don’t know how available these products are in Canada (I’m in the US) but Evan Healy makes an incredible line of products based around the idea of balancing oil and water — I use the rose hydrosol and the rose (blue) serum and it has helped my skin recover tremendously. When I do start to get hormonal spots, I use an essential oil blend called “skin clarity” by Veriditas Botanicals. It’s not the most sleek packaging but it’s super potent and great at healing redness and scaring.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks for these suggestions Jess, much appreciated! I don’t love wearing make up either, mostly because of the hassle haha. So I’m hoping to be able to reduce the amount I wear as my skin improves (*fingers crossed it continues to!). Evan Healy’s line looks awesome and I’ll check out VB as well. xo

  12. Laura Rose says:

    Thank you so much Lee for another highly considered post. I love your Blog and look forward to reading it every day. I am 37 and have always had very similar hormone related skin issues. I would highly recommend checking out Their products aren’t fancy, no pretty packaging, but they work! They have a lot of natural and organic ingredients as well. Best of all their website is incredibly informative and worth reading even if you don’t use their products. I am now using all 5 of their products every day and for the first time since puberty I have clear skin.
    I also swear by Jane Iredale makeup and look very forward to trying some of the makeup on your list.
    Thanks again for your inspiring posts!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thank you so much Laura! I’m so glad you enjoy the blog. Your suggestions are much appreciated too! I just visited their site and you’re right it is a wealth of information. I’ve heard good things about Jane Iredale too so I’m even more intrigued now 🙂 xo

  13. Andrea says:

    I’ve been working towards all natural products to try to deal with my rosacea that started about 7-8 years ago. I tried IPL therapy, getting special facials, everything. I switched to all natural skincare but didn’t even think about makeup (because I’d had trouble finding products to cover the redness, which makes me extremely self conscious). I found a store in London called Content Being which is all natural skincare and makeup (last time I was there a movie makeup artist was in there buying products for some actors, so I definitely know the products are worthwhile!). They have all natural, vegan, eco certified, etc products so there’s something for everyone. The shop owner – Imelda Burke – wrote a book about how and why all natural products are good for us – The Nature of Beauty.
    I have some tried and tested products I love (and I’ve had my eye on the Kjaer Weiss foundation for awhile):
    Skincare – MV Organics Rose cleanser & moisturizer are both great, as is the essential cleansing tonic. Specifically aimed for eczema and rosacea sufferers.
    Tata Harper – her products are fantastic
    Eleven Cleanser – I’ve been using it for a month or so and it’s really working to reduce my redness (and my breakouts are at least not getting worse)
    For makeup – Bare Minerals powder but it doesn’t give me enough coverage. I’ve tried a sample of Juice Beauty but it didn’t work for me. Vapour is good (I had a sample so only minimal testing.)
    RMS Beauty cream & regular eyeshadow is good.
    I love lip products from Alima Pure, Juice Beauty, and Vapour.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thank you so much for sharing this great list Andrea! Sounds like a great shop and some fabulous products you’ve found. Hope you’re able to see continued improvements and feel good about your skin again. It’s tough to be at odds with your skin and feeling self-conscious, but you’re not alone! xo

  14. Stacy says:

    Always love seeing what natural skincare and makeup products others are using! This post has definitely added some products to my wish list to check out 🙂

  15. I find skincare story very interesting and I also used to think that my skin was always working against me as well (we have some weird thoughts during these teenage years!) . The Vitner’s daughter serum sounds really lovely! The soft, bright skin it offers the next day sounds very promising! Very lovely post 🙂

  16. Alexis says:

    I always enjoy hearing about products that other people are loving- thanks for sharing! I’m a big fan of Indie Lee as well. Her rose cleanser and squalene oil are my favorites. I’ve tried ,and really enjoyed, other Osmia products and it sounds like I need to test out the blemish treatment. I had really clear skin through out my teenage years and early 20s but over the last few months I’ve started breaking out near my jaw, chin and cheeks. I’m with you on it really doing a number on the self-esteem, it’s pretty tough to deal with. I initially thought I was having a reaction to a product (I’m definitely a natural skin care junkie) but after going back to basics with products and no sign of my skin clearing up, im starting to wonder if it’s hormonal. I’m glad to hear you’re seeing progesss with your skin!

    In terms of products I would recommend, you can’t go wrong with anything Josh Rosebrook. Clean, natural ingredients, minimal packaging and a wonderful human of a founder, Josh’s products are the best. He has skin and hair products (the hairspray is my favorite). For skin I love the hydrating accelerator mist (tons of good for your skin ingredients, lovely smell, and keeps you hydrated) and the cacao antioxidant mask (smells like chocolate and oranges!). I also love the cleanser, it’s gentle but effective, and the spf moisturizer- told you, obsessed with everything in this line! I also love an eye cream that Bottega Organica makes, its spendy but so worth it. It’s very rich so you only need the tiniest bit, it’s soothing and leaves your under eyes smooth and hydrated, plus it never irritates my eyes like some eye creams do.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much for sharing these insights Alexis. Josh Rosebrook sounds like a must try product line and the Bottega Organica eye cream sounds great. That’s something I’ve been looking for but my eyes are so sensitive that they never work for me. Will have to give these a look! xo

  17. Hilary says:

    I’m a huge fan of natural/safe skincare & makeup, so it was fun to read this! I’ve had terrible acne (and for about a year in college, painful cystic acne) since being a teenager, so I feel your pain. I tried countless harsh skincare products until I started researching natural skincare a few years ago, and my skin has never been better. I love Indie Lee’s products! I’d recommend checking out SW Basics too, if you haven’t already. All of their products are 5 ingredients or less.

    I’ve been interested to try some of the Pai line. Do you find that the Day Cream you mentioned is strongly scented, or no? I tend to shy away from products that are too potent in scent, but I’m still searching for a perfect moisturizer, and the Day Cream sounds quite nice.

    • McKristie says:

      I would try the Osmia Purely Simple Face Cream – that is the least scented product I have tried –

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks for the suggestion Kristi!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks for sharing your skin story and some products you love Hilary! I tried S.W. Basics but I didn’t fall in love the way everyone else seems to. At the time I hadn’t made any lifestyle changes yet and was still relying on topical solutions so they might be much better for me now.
      I do find the Day Cream has a scent. It’s very natural and not too perfumey but it’s noticeable. I really like it and it absorbs very quick so it’s not like you smell it all day.

  18. Martine says:

    I have never had the same acne issues that you have, but my skin had Always been oily and shiny.
    With the usual breakout, sometimes more and sometimes less.
    It really frustrated me a lot.
    A couple of years ago I switched to a natural skincare regime.
    I really got into the whole natural skincare thing and today I use oils for my face.
    I clean my face according the oil cleansing methode and this helped me a lot.
    Since last month I’m using the “Best Skin Ever Seabucktorn” of Living Libations to clean my face.
    My skin already was in a good condition but this oil really makes a difference.
    It’s a Canadian brand, so it’s easier for you to get your hands on their products than for me 🙂
    It’s a wonderful oil that heals my scars and leaves my skin smooth without an oily film.
    I highly recomment their products being the purest I have ever seen.

  19. Suzanne says:

    “my breakouts are always on my chin and jaw line (and on my back), predictable by my cycle, cystic and really hard to eradicate.” Wow that’s me exactly! Except, because of my contraception of choice, I don’t actually have a cycle (or at least, I get the hormones but I don’t get the messy bits) so I can’t tell whether my breakouts sync up. I’ve thought about trying a couple of the brands/products you mentioned, but the ingredients scared me off (not because they’re unsafe, but because they’re counterproductive/ineffective). For example, I personally stay away from alcohol as it’s very drying, which exacerbates my oil/breakout troubles. Really curious to try the Vintner’s Daughter serum–what do you like about it? I also had a bunch of people recommend Sunday Riley to me, which I might try next time I run out of something.

    Lastly, I highly recommend trying Drunk Elephant if you can find it in Canada. Their TLC framboos serum is my #1 skincare hero!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks for all your suggestions Suzanne. I understand about the aversion to alcohol as I’ve found that in many cases too. For some reason in these products my skin can tolerate it.
      I love the vitner’s daughter serum for its soothing, softening and glowing effects. I wake up with a more even skin tone and a brighter complexion every time. I do find it’s too much hydration for day wear for me (at least in my T-zone) but for night use it’s great.

      Sunday Riley is next on my list of must tries. It’s expensive but I’ve heard amazing things about it. I’ll have to look into Drunk Elephant, love the name! xo

  20. McKristie says:

    I love all things skin care related so I was very excited to see this post this morning. I haven’t tried the in the elite line but it’s been on my list for a little bit. I use mostly Laurel products as well as De Mamiel. I recently discovered Siam of Seas and while it is a line made for acne skin it actually works amazingly well w my more normal skin. I think their cleansing balm would be perfect for you. I also take collagen peptides daily that’s helped my skin quite a bit as well and I use the brand of vital proteins as they’re actually from my hometown.

    I’ve never commented before but I wanted to let you know my first pair of mars boots are on their way to me based on that you’re glowing reviews of them so thank you.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much for reading and for chiming in with some great suggestions Kristi! I will be sure to take a look at Laurel Skincare among the other you noted.

      I hope you love your Mars boots! I’m wearing mine as I type this 😉 xo

  21. Jillian says:

    When I went off birth control at 35, I developed a terrible rash/acne that took two years to get under control. I’m also avoiding dairy because I’ve noticed that’s the biggest trigger. I found using Frankincense oil after cleansing really helped to reduce the dark scarring. I use the charcoal bar cleanser from Beauty Counter daily as well as the charcoal mask after a break out. I also love the healing Aztec clay mask that is available on Amazon (at a great price). I switched all my makeup to natural products and am loving Root Pretty.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much for these suggestions Jillian! It’s so hard to say no to dairy (I’m a cheese fiend) but I’ve found even just cutting back a bit (like no pizza or cheese plates etc.) has helped a lot. Whenever I cave in, sure enough in a day or two there is a zit to remind me! Will look into all your product recommendations. xo