Style Bee - Spring 10x10 2017 - Look 1

SUMMER ’17 10×10 – Look 1


Ready to really get this #Summer10x10 going? Wonderful, me too! In case you’re just tuning in, I’m hosting another 10×10 Challenge with my blogger pal, the incredible Caroline of UnFancy. We’re taking 10 items from our closet and styling them into 10 looks over the next 10 days! Intrigued? If so, we’d love to have you join us and hundreds of other style minded folks from around the globe! You can get all the info you need in Friday’s post. Really though, it’s all about having fun, playing around and not taking ourselves or our style too seriously. Plus, it’s a great way to pack for a trip, taste test a capsule closet and engage with an awesome little community!

In fact, this challenge came along at the perfect time because I’d been feeling kinda low after the June 30×30. I was fending off some sort of illness, work was hectic, I was eating like crap, struggling to get back into my routine and just generally feeling bogged down. But after kicking off this round of the challenge on Friday and seeing the positive response and energy around it I felt refreshed and totally motivated to make the most of it. So thanks for that my friends!

Now here we are with outfit #1, which is about as simple as it gets but oh so summer ready. Let’s have a closer look! 

Style Bee - Spring 10x10 2017 - Look 1 Style Bee - Spring 10x10 2017 - Look 1


TEMPERATURE – High of 24º C with a mix of sun, thunder showers and humidity.

ACTIVITIES – Casual morning meeting and an afternoon in the studio. Then dinner with the fella.

INITIAL THOUGHTS – After a busy weekend full of activities and party prep I was ready for a really casual start to the work week (and an afternoon nap!). I was also really excited to wear these shorts (lots more on those below, plus a special reader treat!) and to pull on one of my all-time favourite tops for the first time in a while.

This look definitely hit the mark for comfort and yet I felt totally put together and presentable enough to be out and about. The crisp white shorts and bold stripe top make for a simple but striking combo, which I love. This boxy top works great over a high rise short thanks to the side slits, which also let the air in and keep it from feeling too thick.

All-in-all this was a great way to start the challenge. Super simple but a little unexpected too. 

Style Bee - Spring 10x10 2017 - Look 1


STRIPES TWICE: As soon as I got this striped tee and these sandals in the same vicinity I knew I had to wear them together. I love the bold stripe and graphic impact they each bring to the look, without being overpowering. They add an element of continuity (you know how much I love continuity) which helps this ultra simple look feel subtly intentional.

Look for ways to inject repetition in even the simplest look. It could be like this striped top and multi-strapped sandal. It could be through colour or shape but this trick will help any look feel and look more polished.

TIERED A-LINE: This top is boxy and usually I wear it with fitted bottoms but somehow, with these shorts it feels just right. I think the reason is that it has an a-line shape in how it falls away from the body and these shorts do the same thing. The result is a tiered effect that feels very comfortable and flattering. Not to mention cool for humid days!

Try pairing a boxy style top with an a-line bottom. Whether it’s shorts or a skirt it will create a visually layered effect that’s interesting and dynamic even if the two pieces themselves are ultra simple.

PALETTE SWITCH UP: Black, White and Cognac. Talk about a timeless palette. It’s seasonless and effortless and I love it, but after wearing it A LOT, it can feel a bit stale. That is, until I switched it up a little and went for a white short, not something you see everyday, with a bold stripe in a long sleeve format and a big tote.

Try finding ways to put together your favourite colours with pieces that you wouldn’t normally pair. You might find a new combo you love!

 LONG & SHORT OF IT: So yeah, annoying pun #sorrynotsorry, but I’m definitely feeling this style combo! Long(ish) sleeves with a pair of shorts rarely makes sense but in this case the weather will be just right and I’m taking advantage. I think there’s something kind of chic about showing a lot of leg and then covering up on top.

If you can get away with the long sleeved + short combo definitely give it a whirl. You might just love it! 

Style Bee - Spring 10x10 2017 - Look 1 Style Bee - Spring 10x10 2017 - Look 1


After finding my black shorts so wearable and versatile during my June 30×30 I knew I was ready to add another pair to my closet. These linen Summer Shorts from LLOYD fit the bill perfectly and after admiring them since their SS17 collection launched I got in touch to see if they’d be interested in letting me try out a pair and much to my delight, they said yes! So while these were gifted to me, they were an addition I carefully considered and felt was well worth a place in my closet. Plus, of course, if I didn’t love them, they wouldn’t be in my 10×10!

LLOYD is a Vancouver based brand and one of my Canadian made favourites. The line was founded by two talented friends, Kathy and Mira, and the collection is full of minimal, elegant, easy-to-wear pieces made of lovely natural fabrics like linen, cotton and tencel. Definitely a hidden gem but I suspect that won’t be the case for long!

Now let’s talk about these shorts, shall we? Here’s some facts and my assessment so far: 

FABRIC: 100% Linen, which is light weight, has a soft texture and is very breathable. It is a true, crisp white, not an off white or ivory. The fabric (and cut) gives these shorts a great shape which falls away from the frame for a very warm weather friendly effect.

SHEER FACTOR: These are white linen so you’re going to want to wear nude undies with these but then you’re totally fine. The loose fit helps too. If you’re looking to tuck in a tee there might be some show-through depending on the colour of the top.

CREASING: It’s funny how often people ask me if a linen piece ‘creases easily’ and the answer is always, ‘yes’. I ironed these shorts for this shoot but I’ve worn them a few times before and they do indeed develop some creases as you move and sit throughout the day. You can see how they look after some wear on the product page and I’ll try to share them in my stories later today. I love them smooth and crisp but the worn in look is not without merit too, especially for summer!

FIT: I’m wearing a size S and I’m 5’7, 125 lbs and have a 26 in waist and 37 in hip. Available in XS, S, M, L.

The 2″ waistband sits very comfortably on my natural waist and because it’s wrapped in linen it doesn’t feel hot against my skin. The elastic band isn’t super stretchy, so I find them a bit tricky to pull over my hips/butt although with some maneuvering they pull up no problem. The waist fits really well but not too tight which is great for hot, humid days, plus there is not a lot of extra fabric bunched up as there is with most elastic waists (for example the ES Florence pant).

The inseam is 5.75 inches, so they hit at about mid thigh, which is well below the butt but not too close to the knee, ie: just right (aka nerd-tastic). You can easily adjust where the waist sits for a longer look or cuff them if you’d prefer a shorter length (I might try that later).

The bottom leg opening on the shorts is 25 in, so they’re quite relaxed but not not absurdly wide.

DETAILS: Other than the lean but forgiving elastic waist band and the great length I love the front and back darts on these shorts. You can’t see them in these photos because my shirt covers it but they’re what helps them fit nicely along the lower waist without poofing out as some shorts tend to.

I also like the 1 inch hem on the bottom, which keeps them straight. My other shorts have a short hem, which can sometimes curl out or get wavy after a wash.

Basically these shorts well on their way to becoming a summer closet hero! 

CARE: Machine wash cold. Hang Dry. Iron smooth or wear as is for a more worn-in look (as shown on the product page).

COLOURS: These also come in a black linen, white cotton and brown tencel. See them all here. Not to mention a beautiful pant version!

MADE IN: Vancouver, BC


STYLE BEE SPECIAL: LLOYD is generously offering Style Bee readers an exclusive discount of 10% OFF sitewide during the 10×10 Challenge! Just use ‘STYLEBEE’ at checkout. 

Style Bee - Spring 10x10 2017 - Look 1


1 | STRIPED TEE | EVERLANE | $168 USD | Size S | Made Responsibly in China

2 | SUMMER SHORTS | c/o LLOYD CLOTHING | $160 CAD | Made in Vancouver | I wear a size S | Style Bee readers save 10% OFF sitewide at LLOYD with ‘STYLEBEE’ during the 10×10 Challenge! 

3 | CAMILLA SLIDE | NISOLO via GARMENTORY |  $88 USD | I wear a 7 | Made responsibly in Mexico | Save $20 OFF your first order when you sign up here

4 | CARAMEL TOTE | CUYANA | $175 USD | Made in USA

5 | GOLD STUDS | ATTIC | $290 CAD | Made in Toronto

What were the first pieces you reached for this 10×10 challenge? I’d love to know! 

Be sure to check out Caroline’s first look today too!

Tune into my Insta Stories for a look at this outfit in action later today.

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  1. Fran says:

    Que lindo look.

  2. Loving this first look! Looking forward to the rest of them!

  3. Katie says:

    It was a lot of fun to follow your 30×30 and I thought it was interesting on your last that that you mentioned you didn’t feel like your summer wardrobe was very strong. I thought everything seemed very you, you have a distinctive(spelling my phone hates me) style with strong shapes and clean colors and the 10×10 seems to really showcase that! 🙂
    I really enjoyed the last 10×10 and the jolt of energy it brought to I’m going to try it again with all of you! I felt like it was quite a bit easier to pick items this time around (maybe because it is summer? Haha!) and really am excited. Thanks for hosting it again and for all of the positivity this community has!

  4. I love this summery look, Lee. You are rocking it!

    I found it a little hard to go back to choosing items ahead of time after doing a few #progressivecapsules in a row ( ), but the things I’ve learned and the pieces I’ve enjoyed lately helped a lot. I’m trying to encompass office and casual wear in my 10 items, so we’ll see how it goes! Thanks for hosting!

  5. Jossée says:

    I always love reading your posts! I especially love your sandals and have been searching for a comfortable pair of sandals that are not birkenstock. Are those Nisolo sandals worthy of long walks?

    Love your outfits so much!!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thank you so much Jossée! I hope your Summer and concert touring is going well! These sandals are definitely a great alternative to Birkenstocks and VERY comfy! The footbed has a bit of padding so they’re slightly cushioned which is so nice (and rare) for a sleek flat sandal. The leather is very soft and they’re totally long walk wearable 🙂 I’ll be sharing even more thoughts on them in tomorrow’s post. xo

  6. Jeany says:

    Such a beautiful and minimalistic outfit! Love it!
    xx, Jeany from

  7. Jessica says:

    Love this look- it feels so French! Joining in the questions on Lloyd vs Formation shorts: are the Formation shorts considerably shorter in length? It’s hard to tell in photos what the inseam on them, is but I love the length of these Lloyd ones! Thank you for such detailed comments on them!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Jessica! Thank you so much! The shorts hit at pretty much the same spot on the leg (which is adjustable thanks to the elastic waist). The inseam on the Formation pair is 2 inches and the rise is 15 in so the crotch falls lower.

      For more details please see my reply to Shae below. Lots of comparative measurements and notes that should help! Good news is they’re both an excellent option. xo

  8. Kritsida says:

    Great look! Love how detailed your blog posts are!
    Be sure to check out my latest blog post!
    x. kritsida

  9. Tess says:

    Hi Lee, I have been considering the camilla slide as a new sandal for some time now and was excited to see you include them. How do you feel they run size wise and are they comfy? Also, same question about the lloyd short vs formation short as the comment above – I have the formation short and was thinking about getting them in white as well but these are cute too!


    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Tess, I absolutely LOVE these slides and I’m so glad I bought them. They’re very comfy and well made! The footbed has a bit of padding so they’re slightly cushioned which is so nice (and rare) for a sleek flat sandal. The leather is very soft and they’re totally long walk wearable ? I’ll be sharing even more thoughts on them in tomorrow’s post.

      Please see my reply to Shae below. Lots of comparative measurements and notes that should help! Good news is that they’re both an excellent option.

  10. Shae says:

    Loving the long sleeve striped tees lately. Why did you choose the Lloyd white shorts over the Formation ivory shorts (which you have in black)? I just ordered the Formation ones in black and I’m debating a second pair of shorts in a lighter color. Would love to hear your comparison of the two styles!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Shae, Good question!

      So I went for these as a second pair for a few reasons:

      I wanted a true white short, not an off white or flax.
      I wanted to work with/support a Canadian line.
      I really like the 2 in waist-band on these and the 1 inch hem.
      I was worried I’d miss the pockets but they keep the fit quite a bit leaner and lighter which is great for the heat.

      The Formation shorts have a very similar overall profile when I lay them flat. They’re almost identical in length from waist to hem and the legs are the same width. The key differences are:

      – Waistband: LLOYD = 2 IN (not super stretchy) / FORMTN = 1.25 IN (very stretchy but also a bit tighter on)
      – RISE: LLOYD = 12 in / FRMTN = 15 IN (the crotch falls a bit low and can rub the leg)
      – INSEAM: LLOYD = 5.75 IN / FRMTN = 2 IN (they both hit the leg at the same spot)
      – HEM: LLOYD = 1 IN / FORMTN = .5 IN

      See how you like the Formation ones because they’re awesome! I hope the comparison helps 🙂

    • Shae says:

      Wow, thank you!!! So helpful.

  11. Andrea says:

    I never would’ve thought to pair white with stripes, and now I’m simply smitten with the look–you look impossibly chic! Thank you for the inspiration!

  12. Top summer outfit – great start to the series!


  13. Krystal says:

    Love this! Thanks for adding info about the sheerness of the shorts (I was going to ask, but didn’t need to!). White in general makes me nervous because of it’s potential to be see-through and my tendency to be clumsy. I’ve also never had the courage to go for white bottoms for fear I might sit in something!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Krystal! Glad that info was helpful. Yeah, I definitely know what you mean, but sometimes you’ve got to live dangerously 🙂 Haha

  14. I’m loving this outfit! Your pretty bold lip was the first thing I noticed and really the look pop!

  15. Jodie says:

    Happy Monday Lee!
    Great summer outfit to start the series with! 🙂