Style Bee - Closet Mission - Check In

Checking In


Style Bee - Closet Mission - Check In


It’s been far too long since I checked in and took stock of how things are going with this year’s closet mission and honestly I’ve been meaning to regroup for weeks, but time has been slipping away on me this year. I’ve had a few emails asking about some of the topics I promised I’d touch on earlier in the year and while I feel bad that I haven’t delivered yet, I know that I can’t always force these closet mission posts. That said, they’re always on the back of my mine and I want to get back into the habit of writing more informative, from the heart style blog posts. So with that in mind here’s what’s on the agenda for today’s Closet Mission Check-In:

  1. Regroup – I’ll just take a sec to reflect on the goals I set out for at the start of the year and assess where I’m at.
  2. Tally Up – I’m sharing all the pieces I have personally purchased this year. The truth might surprise you.
  3. Lean Closet vs. Style Blogging – Finding a balance between the two and some changes I’m putting in place.
  4. The Closet Mission Pipeline – Lots to look forward to!

Style Bee - Closet Mission - Check In


This has definitely been a busy year for both the blog and myself. I’m not sure if I make it clear enough sometimes but I don’t blog for a living. I work full-time for my family’s advertising and design agency, which is a highly demanding job in itself. Style Bee is my side project and I’ve been working late nights and literally every single weekend to grow it into something more. It’s getting there, but it still has a ways to go and I have a lot of big ideas for it that I hope to see through in time. But, I wanted to set the record straight, in case anyone was under the impression I blog for a living. I make a point of keeping my day job and my side job separate because our clients are high-profile pharmaceutical brands and entirely unrelated to anything I’m getting up to on here. I’m also very lucky that my family is so supportive of all my creative endeavours.

Trying to juggle essentially two full-time jobs is not easy. It’s totally exhausting sometimes and there are moments when I just want to curl up under the covers with my pup and throw my phone in the toilet. But those times are very rare compared to the times when I’m feeling excited, inspired and invigorated by what I get to call my life right now. It’s really pretty rad. So honestly no complaints here, just need a few more hours in the day please!

Learning to say ‘no’, or at least ‘not right now’, has been hard for me but I’m getting better at it. I’ve genuinely relished every opportunity I’ve had to collaborate with so many amazing brands and designers this year and I’m still pinching myself about a few of them. I do, however, think I’ve lost my way slightly when it comes to this whole Closet Mission. Or, rather, I’ve let some things get in the way after starting the year with these 5 goals in mind:

  1. Reduce.
  2. Create.
  3. Connect.
  4. Empower.
  5. Live better with less.

The assessment as of today is:

  1. Reduce. I did manage to reduce my closet to 50 pieces, but it’s grown a lot since then and I need to clean things up soon. I have been really good (at least for me) about shopping this year. It’s been easily my leanest spending year to date.
  2. Create. I have yet to sew a single thing. This is frustrating but I also know my sewing machine isn’t going anywhere. I did create a super special signature bag with one of my favourite brands though, so there’s that!
  3. Connect. I’ve connected with so many fantastic creatives, from other bloggers, to independent brands to readers alike and that makes me feel amazing. The #StyleBee10x10 was a really great way to bring lean closet enthusiasts together and I am so excited to grow that connection and the challenge itself. Summer 10 x 10 is a go!
  4. Empower. I’ve been eager to create a simple, useful tool kit for anyone interested in embarking on their own closet mission and while it’s in my head, it’s yet to take proper form. At the same time I’ve had some really wonderful feedback from people who’ve been inspired to shop responsibly, embrace their personal style and reduce their closet which has been such an encouragement for me.
  5. Live better with less. I’m really working on this aspect of the mission. I want to get rid of a lot of our household junk that’s been lurking in the shadows during our renos. Having a working kitchen has made a huge difference in how much we eat out and how much healthier we eat as well. Spending less and eating better is a top priority right now and our epic veggie garden should help!
  6. Shop Responsibly. This goal was added on later but it’s probably one of the most important one to me personally. I’ve remained 99% true to my pledge to shop responsibly, with the exception of buying some mass produced, made in China gym shoes. I still feel weird about it and slightly tempted to return them but I badly needed to equip myself with the tools to do some good for my body (aka work out). That said, I’d be glad to know if there are any ethically made proper ‘running’ shoes! My brief search led me down a few rabbit holes to nowhere.

So that’s the regroup! Even if you’re not into missions or goal setting I think it’s important to stop for a moment and think about the course you’re on and what needs to change to ensure you’re heading in the best direction.

Style Bee - Closet Mission - Check In


It’s funny, I’ve had quite a few DM’s on Instagram this year asking how I can ‘afford my wardrobe’. While at first the question struck me as intrusive I came around to it and decided to share a bit more about how much I’ve actually spent on clothes this year. Fashion bloggers can be pretty cryptic about what they buy and what they’ve been ‘gifted’ and while I make a point of announcing every sponsored post it can still be surprising to see what I’ve actually bought myself. I’m not even in the style blogging big leagues, I decline easily 80% of the ‘gifting’ offers that hit my inbox and yet I still end up with a few boxes at the door each week. My dog even knows the sound of the post man’s van!

Here’s the thing though, the novelty of ‘free’ or ‘gifted’ stuff has worn off on me, which I’m sure sounds super bratty. At this point though I really can’t be enticed to add anything to my closet or home unless it’s been made beautifully, with integrity and aligns perfectly with my style and values. If all those boxes are checked, then I consider a collaboration. If not, a post wouldn’t be doing the brand or my blog the justice deserved. This year I’ve been lucky (and I’ve worked my butt off) to have the opportunity to partner with my favourite brands like Elizabeth Suzann, Everlane, Opelle, Garmentory and a wide range of smaller independent makers and shops. They’ve all been very generous and this has definitely helped me save some money that I would have otherwise spent on the products I featured.

At the same time my blog has begun to make a small income and my mandate is to only use money that the blog has generated on new closet items and of course to reinvest into the blog itself. I don’t spend money from my 9-5 salary as that goes towards my expenses, savings or, mostly, our home renovations. I also try not to focus my purchases on items that can earn me commission but instead to stay true to my style and the pieces I am genuinely excited to wear and share. So with that pre-amble, here are the pieces I’ve bought out of pocket during 2016 (and a couple that are on their way).


Style Bee - Closet Mission - Check In

1 | Pansy Co Underwear Set currently $48 + $39 for both (purchased on sale). This is my absolute favourite bra and I love the undies for bed but prefer thongs for day to day. I definitely plan to add more of this brand to my closet.

2 | A Peace Treaty Silk Scarf currently $88 (purchased at full price). I love this little bandana and it has already seen lots of outfits. It’s so soft and lightweight that I forget I have it on.

3 | Hoi Bo Linen Tunic currently $228 (CAD). Easily one of my favourite additions in years. I wear it all the time over skinny jeans and get so many compliments on the colour.

4 | Jesse Kamm Sailor Pant currently $395. Definitely my biggest purchase and trendiest one too. I’d been lusting over these pants for months and months so when I had the cash I went for it. ZERO regrets, these pants are amazing!

5 | Veja Esplar Extra White Sneakers currently $120. After years of searching for the right all white sneaker these babies are finally mine. Made ethically in Brazil using eco-leather, wild rubber and organic cotton. They’ve yet to appear in a post but all in good time!

6 | Skincare Products: A) Kjaer Weiss Foundation $93 (CAD) | B) Artifact Lip Masque $21 (CAD) | C) Tata Harper CleanserMoisturizer | D) AILA Nail PolishTop Coat. These items have all become integral to my skincare and beauty routine. I’ve also purchased a few other skincare items that didn’t work great for me in the end so I left them out.

On it’s way:

7 | First Rite Split Skirt in Rust $216 (CAD) (purchased with store credit)

8 | BRYR Miranda Peep Toe Clogs $256 (birthday gift from family)

GRAND TOTAL: Approximately $1500 USD

Over 5 months this works out to about $300 USD a month, so notsuper crazy, especially compared to my atrocious spending habits of just 2 years ago. I didn’t include a few necessity items in the tally like workout gear (I bought running shoes, leggings and a sports bra) or hair care products and toiletries but you get the general idea of what I’m up to.

So I guess the answer to ‘How do you afford your closet?’ is I work for it, save for it and blog for it!

Style Bee - Closet Mission - Check In


It doesn’t take long to figure out that these two things are not conducive to one another. I’m still trying to figure out a balance and be able to provide original, engaging content while maintaining a bonafide lean closet. I know a few other bloggers mentioned this struggle during the 10 x 10 Challenge so it’s good to know I’m not the only one. My decision to shop responsibly, shop small and support slow fashion has been one of the best one’s I’ve made for both myself personally but also for this blog. It’s opened up so many doors but it also feels like it’s opened the floodgates and I’m having to duck for cover. There is so much to learn and seek and explore in this ever-changing and quickly-growing industry and I while don’t want to miss out or get left behind I have to take it all in stride and slowly digest my discoveries.

So my plan going forward is this:

  1. Repeat Pieces More. Even with the 10 x 10 Challenge the most I styled an item was 3 times. That’s barely even scratching the surface of what a closet hero should be capable of!
  2. Be (even more) Selective. I’m already very careful about who I partner with and what brands get featured on Style Bee but I’ve been feeling like every post is sponsored lately, which detracts from the true voice behind the blog. Going forward I will be even more selective about my post partnerships and the pieces I add to my closet. I never EVER want there to be any question as to the authenticity of my opinions or content.
  3. Quality Over Quantity. I work hard on ever post that gets published and while I’d love to be publishing new content daily, I just can’t keep up. To avoid watering down the quality of my posts I need to stick to my guns and just post fewer, better ones. This means there will probably be a max of 3 posts a week for the foreseeable future.
  4. Frequent Editing. I’ll be culling my closet regularly (every 3 months) to keep my number hovering around the 50 piece mark. If you’re interested in shopping the pieces I let go, you’re in luck as I’m currently investigating the best e-commerce solution for that. Stay tuned!

Style Bee - Closet Mission - Check In


These Closet Mission posts are monsters, as you’ve probably come to realize by this point, which I think is partly due to their infrequency. So, I’m making a plan to have a Closet Mission post every week starting in June! I’ve got a few topics in the cue already but totally open to your suggestions! Here’s what I’m working on:

  1. Define Your Personal Style – There are a lot of thoughts floating around on this topic but I know it can be done simply and effectively in just a few steps.
  2. Anatomy of a Style Bee Outfit – I’ll be breaking down how I put together looks and the importance of understanding the silhouettes that work best for your style and body.
  3. Making the Switch to Responsible Style – Where to begin, how to do it on a budget and my suggestions for the best brands and pieces to start with.
  4. Style Blogging Basics – How to get started, find your focus and build great content, even if your not dating a photographer.

Style Bee - Closet Mission - Check In

That my friends, concludes this check-in. Thanks for making it this far! I’d love to know what you’re interested in reading about when it comes to this blog and closet mission. Please let me know in the comments. 

I’ll leave you with a few of my most worn and loved items at the moment.

Style Bee - Closet Mission - Check In

Accessories | Delos Necklace | Plate Necklace (old) Circle Necklace c/o Young Frankk | Necklace (old) Biko (similar) | Watch c/o CLUSE | Wave Cuff (old) Circle Cuff  c/o Young Frankk | Split Ring c/o CLAUS | Stacking Rings c/o Everli | Shape Cuff c/o Stvdio Brooklyn

Style Bee - Closet Mission - Check In

Shoes | Mars Boots | Black Loafers | White Sneakers

Style Bee - Closet Mission - Check In
Shoes | Mars Boots | Black Loafers | White Sneakers

Hanger Items | Eloise Bag | T Sweater | Striped Linen Dress c/o Pyne + Smith | Linn Tee c/o Elizabeth Suzann | Florence Pant | Cocoon Coat (old) | Linen Shirt s/o (similar) c/o Everlane | Linen Tunic | Linen Blazer (old) (similar) | Black Linen Dress c/o Pyne & SmithStriped Tee | Georgia Tee | Box Top c/o Only Child | Sailor Pant | Blank Canvas Tee (olive s/o black version) c/o Jamie + The Jones | Opelle x Style Bee Bag (still a few left!)


Leave me a comment here!

  1. So much goodness in this post! I love the way you think and now you’ve inspired me to want a lean closet too! Oh dear!!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much B! You’re always inspiring me with the work you do and the perspective you share. We’ve gotta grab a coffee now that you’re in TO! xo

  2. Alex Chua says:

    Thank you for these monster posts. I know they require a lot of time and effort on your part and I just want you to know that they’re highly appreciated. As you are. While other blogs started me on my lean closet mission, it wasn’t until I started reading your blog and doing your suggested exercises that I began to really understand my personal style. Over the last few months I’ve spent a lot of money experimenting with clothing and brands in a way that has really helped me hone in on what works for me. It’s not something I’m proud of, but I also understand that style is part trial and error and part experimentation for me at the moment.
    I’ve always loved natural fiber textiles and comfort, but I’ve been conflicted in my clothing choices because I’ve felt pressured to wear body conscious clothes. Seeing you, a young woman, wear pieces that are comfortable and flattering, loose even, has been so empowering! Your confidence is contagious and encourages me to own my style regardless of outside expectations. As my teenaged son, would say, “You rock!”

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Alex, your comment means to much to me and I really appreciate the kind words and support! I would look at it as more of an investment than as spending money because even though it might seem trivial at times I think we under value the impact of personal style. It can be a tremendous source of confidence, not-to-mention a way to value ourselves and show ourselves self-respect.

      I absolutely understand the pressures to wear things that are more body conscious, especially because many women my age are expected to. But I just never feel comfortable in things that are too tight or conforming. I actually feel 1000 x sexier when I’m in something that I feel highlights my best assets and perhaps draws attention away from the things I don’t want to emphasize.

      I’m so glad you’re on this style adventure too! Thanks for sharing your current mindset and all the best as you move ahead! xo

  3. Emily says:

    I think a lot of New Balance and Adidas shoes are made in the US…but don’t quote me on that…

  4. Kat says:

    Hi Lee!! Closet mission + 10×10 posts are always my favourite. It’s really interesting to see how others are approaching the minimal wardrobe.
    One thing I wanted to say was: please do not ever post daily. In my opinion it’s exhausting both for you and for the readers and I know how much work is behind a blog post so wouldn’t want you wasting great content! Even if you follow just a handful of blogs, it’s hard to stay up to date with all of them. So 2-3 times a week is the perfect balance!

    I’m always interested in define your style pieces, because I do find it hard! I think even if there are simple steps, it’s quite difficult to answer them in a way that lasts. I think your style has been fairly stable over the last couple years and you know what you like, plus most clothes look great on you as you’re the “right” size for fashion 🙂 But for me, I like trying new silhouettes and so at times I feel like my closet is a mosaic of things. It’s much better now than it used to be of course, but I find myself thinking, if I had the perfect body, would my style be completely different? (Because I’d not feel like I need to cover up and imperfections.) I think that’s my biggest struggle right now.

    Thank you for the great and thought-through content you’re putting out and I look forward to your future posts!
    xo Kat

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Kat! I totally hear you on the daily posts. I know a lot of career blogging sites will recommend daily posting but I find it overwhelming to have to keep up with blogs that do that. I get too far behind and then I can never catch up. Thanks for reassuring me!

      I also know what you’re saying about defining style and maintaining it. It’s not easy! I’m hoping to have a great solution that will help soon! I like to experiment too, that’s what fashion is great for! But I always end up turning to the same silhouettes and shapes.

      I’ve wondered about how my own perceived imperfections have driven my style too, because believe me I have them! But I think the biggest progress I’ve made is accepting (some of) them and loving how I look regardless. Style has a much more profound impact on our phyche than we give it credit for sometimes!

      Thanks again Kat, you’re words mean a lot! xo

  5. Thuy says:

    I have been planning on writing about my closet and my wardrobe journey (which has a lean closet mentality but with the goal of adding more to my wardrobe – which is currently, and actually, too small, even by lean closet standards) but have been a little hesitant due to questions similar to the ones you’ve received, “How can you afford your clothes?” Yeesh.

  6. Dawn says:

    Hi Lee! Lovely post! I wear minimalist running shoes from I also own their ballet flats and really like them as well. I have a pair of running sandals from also but those take some time to get used to! They are headquartered here in Colorado but I don’t know much about the production side of it. I didn’t realize you had a full time job – thanks for sharing that with us! And thanks for the inspiration, sometimes it’s hard to stay true to ethical choices.

  7. Kate says:

    You weren’t kidding- this was a monster post! But so important and full of interesting info. Thank you so much for being so open! I’ve been wondering about the cost of such beautiful and ethical clothing myself, so your breakdown was very helpful. I can’t wait for more 10×10 challeneges- now that I’m back on my blog I’m excited to participate!

    Please keep sharing your journey, especially posts like this! Recommending good products is nice, but this is what I come to Style Bee for!


    • Lee the Bee says:

      Haha, I know, it somehow just turned into a mammoth. I’m so happy to hear you found the info helpful. I’m also thrilled that you’re interested in joining in the Summer 10 x 10 Challenge! Would love to have you join and I’m sure you’ll put together some amazing looks.
      Thanks for your positivity and support Kate, it means so much! xo

  8. Anna Kay says:

    AWESOME post, Lee! Can’t wait to see what’s coming down the line – the teaser post ideas look fantastic and perfect. I’m definitely interested in hearing more about how you manage work + pet + killer side-hustle. You rock!

  9. Julia says:

    Beautifully honest post. Thanks for committing to sharing both your process AND your final looks. Obviously a wardrobe is a journey and not a destination, so refining and and tweaking is to be expected and encouraged! I don’t think it’s desirable or realistic to have a “finished” closet. But the thought, time, and effort you put into curating your own perfect is quite evident, and it’s also encouraging for others who are also on the lean-wardrobe path. I know it can be icky to talk money/prices, and of course you have no obligation to do so, but in the interest of providing a particular point of view, I think it’s very savvy. It’s quite possible to have a wardrobe of beautiful, well-made, even designer clothes, without breaking the bank, and you’re really showing how this can be a realistic goal even for ladies who aren’t particularly wealthy.

    I’ve adored your blog because we share a general aesthetic, but now I love it more because of your openness! So thank you. xo

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Julia. Your words resonated with me so much and I just love that we’re on the same wavelength when it comes to this stuff. It can often be seen as as frivolous to spend so much time and effort on one’s ‘closet’ but it’s such a passion and pleasure for me and I find it so rewarding, especially knowing that sharing my experience has a positive impact.

      I totally agree that a ‘finished’ closet is not the end goal. That would be no fun, but getting to a place of contentment, with small, occasional updates, is very appealing.

      Thanks so much for the kind words, they are very much appreciated. xo

  10. Jodie says:

    June can’t come soon enough! Love that you’ll be doing a weekly post on this Lee!
    We already talked about how awesome this post is on Instagram.
    Make sure you take time for yourself too!

  11. Lo says:

    I see everyone here has beaten me to suggesting Allbirds, which I am anxious to try. They seem to have great reviews. Sneakers were one of the things I was most worried about finding when I decided to start shopping more “ethically,” and I did find some potential options here (, although it’s always hard to truly know if they work until you put them to the work out test.

    I just want to say I love the content you share, whether it’s on shopping or styling. It’s really interesting and helpful to see your closet journey. 🙂

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Lo! Thanks for your super helpful comment and for introducing me to your fabulous blog! What a wonderful resource you’ve been building for ethical fashion, I love your ethical alternatives series. Your post about the running shoes was exactly what I needed. I ended up returning the Nike Free Run’s that I had bought and ordered a pair of Veja Arcades. Can’t wait to try them out!

      Keep up the great work! xo

  12. Desta says:

    This post was AMAZING, Lee! So thorough and honest. Contentment is something I definitely have to fight for as I slowly build my style. I’m very much looking forward to the closet mission posts coming down the pike!

    I was in San Francisco a few months ago and made a point to visit the BRYR studio. (I’ve loved their Instagram feed for months.) The folks there were really lovely, and I felt good about buying the Miranda clogs (in almond) for my wedding! I figured it was a good idea to pay a bit more for shoes I’d definitely want to wear again after the event. They are so beautiful and incredibly sculptural–they seriously look like miniatures work of art. Which color did you get? (I’ve gotta be 100% transparent and say I couldn’t resist getting a second pair in the Caramel nubuck haha.)

    Have a beautiful day,

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Desta, thanks for the lovely comment! So glad you enjoyed this post.

      Also, so happy to hear about your amazing experience with BRYR! That’s very reassuring as I ordered a pair of black Miranda Peep Toes earlier this spring. I’ve been waiting for them since early April, which seems a little bit excessive, but your comment has me thinking they’ll be well worth the (long) wait!

      All the best! xo

  13. Sara says:

    Lee! I have so so so much to say about this post, but the first is: THANK YOU. Thank you for promoting responsible fashion, and for being so mindful about what’s in your closet. It’s so inspiring to me and others to see fashion bloggers who aren’t just saying yes to every free item, loading their closet with things they don’t love or need, and more. Your perspective is refreshing and much needed.

    I have a similar internal struggle as a retailer promoting ethical fashion– I want there to be an accessible, affordable option out there, which is why I created IMBY, but I also struggle to balance maintaining my business and sales and telling people to buy LESS. It’s a struggle many of us face in the ethical fashion sphere, and it’s one we are all learning to navigate.

    Thanks for being such a tireless advocate of the cause, and doing so with beauty, sophistication, and personality. Love working with you and keep fighting the good fight! PS– I have totally been eyeing those Veja sneakers…

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Sara, you are such a gem! I really appreciate your honesty and believe me, your good intentions and thoughtfulness really shine through your shop and brand. So happy to have connected with you to promote and support the good fight 🙂

      Ps. GET the Vejas, I’m obsessed 🙂 xo

  14. Emily says:

    This post has inspired me to comment finally, after hovering around for many months!

    Your closet mission posts are my favorite, and even though I’m at a slightly different place in life than you, I find your posts to be inspiring, rather than causing jealousy! I have been completely won over by the movement toward “slow fashion” and have caught myself thinking differently about shopping (noticing when I want to shop because I’m bored, feel self-conscious, or not-good-enough) and committing to saving & waiting for pieces that “tick all my boxes”, so to speak 😉

    My husband & I moved to the UK recently from the US, to a city where fast fashion reigns, and few-to-none of the shops in my area stock ethically-produced clothing, shoes, etc. I’ve enlisted the help of my mother-in-law to send a few Everlane tshirts, and I’m trying to curb the impulse to go crazy at H&M just because I can’t find anything that matches my values.

    I will say that your experimentation with silhouettes lately has inspired me to add a pair of wide-leg linen trousers to my closet, which was shocking as a straight/skinny jeans-only girl. I love them!

    Congrats to you on owning Bryr clogs soon! I am in love with their designs! You’ll have to write about how they are comfort-wise for long days & walking! I do lots of walking and my only heels are Madewell Billie boots, but I dream of owning Bryr or Swedish Hasbeens clogs one day!

    Cheers Lee! I’m inspired by your beauty, hard-work, creativity, and gentleness that shine through your blog!

    xx, Emily

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Emily, Thanks so much for the kind words! I’m so happy you’re making (and enjoying) the switch to slow fashion. It definitely required an adjustment in how we think about and conduct our shopping doesn’t it? I still find myself trolling fast fashion look books once in a while but I know that it just won’t feel right anymore.

      I can certainly relate to living where there is not a lot of slow fashion selection! I do 99% of my shopping online though and have gotten a lot better at it. Damn those customs and duties fees though!

      I have been dreaming about my BRYR clogs for so long and I can’t wait for them to arrive. I will definitely be sharing them in a post so stay tuned!

      Thanks again Emily! Your support and positivity mean so much. xo

  15. Alexis says:

    I loved reading every bit of this post, Lee! Thanks for always being transparent with your readers.

    I noticed Jessie mentioned All birds sneakers in the comments, I’ve been looking in to those as well and I may pull the trigger soon. They have a really fun red pair I love and I believe there is a dark green pair that seem like they would fit seamlessly into your wardrobe!

    Thanks for including the veja sneakers. I’ve been looking for an all white pair (apperantly I’m on a sneaker kick) and while I’ve found a few I like the look of I’ve been trying to be more conscious of how they are produced.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      That is great to hear Alexis! Thank you! I am totally smitten with the green AllBirds runners but in a tragic turn they don’t ship to Canada! I had my cart loaded and trigger finger at the ready! But c’est la vie, I ended up getting a pair of Veja Arcades and I think they’ll do the trick for sure. I love my all white pair too, they’ve finally broken in and feel awesome!

      All the best lovely! xo

  16. Katy says:

    Thank you for working so hard for all of us readers! Your words are changing how people are shopping, which is a wonderful and worthwhile platform. As for running shoes, have you ever heard of Allbirds? They’re not exactly meant to run marathons in, but depending on what you are doing for exercise, they may work well. Plus, they’re really nice-looking. 🙂 Thanks again for your posts!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Katy! Reading your comment put a big silly grin on my face. Haha Thanks for recommending Allbirds, I really like their collection, just sad they don’t ship to Canada! One day hopefully they will! xo

  17. Jessie says:

    I love your transparency! I’m on a very slow road to a conscious closet. I tend to be an all-or-nothing person but I’ve been exercising a lot of restraint in not just dumping my whole closet and starting over and instead only getting rid of things that are truly worn out/don’t fit and replacing as needed. I started the journey over 2 years ago. I’ve had my eye on a pair of all birds sneakers (, they’re made with sustainable New Zealand wool, low density foam and rubber, and polyurethane made from castor beans.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thank you Jessie! I totally hear you on the all-or-nothing tendencies. I’m the same and it’s been hard not to purge everything that’s not aligned with my values anymore but I try to remember that using the pieces I still love (however and wherever they were made) is more sustainable in the long run for sure.

      Allbirds look awesome! Crossing my fingers they’ll ship to Canada eventually.

      All the best on your conscious closet mission! xo

  18. Marie says:

    I don’t really believe in “supportive” running shoes, so I exercise — run half-marathons — in my Veja trainers. If you look at their website they have some that are more like traditional trainers than plimsolls. (It also helps to remember that for centuries people took their exercise in plimsolls 🙂 )

    That said, Nike apparently run a fairly successful labour-rights-conscious factory/factories in Mexico. I don’t know much about it, but you could check that out too.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks for the recommendation Marie! I totally agree about the over-sell of ‘proper running shoes’. For what I’m doing (light jogging) I think the Veja trainers will be great (which I ended up switching for). The original pair I bought were from Nike but they were made in China. I’ve attempted to find more info on these progressive factories that Nike is rumoured to be using but they don’t make the info easy to come by!

      Happy running! xo