Spring Wish List 2017


As much as I believe in responsible shopping, conscious consumerism and being thoughtful about personal style, I still really enjoy a new season and all the dreaming and outfit scheming that comes along with it. I just try to keep it a bit more realistic than I used to. I also love sharing wish list posts because they work on two levels. On one hand they allow me to dream a bit and play around with ideas instead of always sticking to the confines of what’s already in front of me but on the other hand they force me to plan and get my thoughts organized so I stay on track. Win, win!

Before writing this post I went back and took a look at my wish lists from Winter 2015,  Spring 2016 and Fall 2016. I was shocked and delighted by how many of those items are now heroes in my wardrobe. Seeing how they’ve translated into my everyday life totally reaffirmed that wish lists are working for me. This also reinforced the fact that a little forethought can lead to much more efficiency and usefulness, especially when it comes to something as malleable as our closets.

So today we’re digging in to all things Wish List, such as:

  1. How to create a useful Wish List. 
  2. 5 questions to ask before you buy something.
  3. My Spring 2017 Wish List + the 6 items on it.
  4. Download the FREE Printable Wish List.

Style Bee - Spring Wish List 2017


Before you create your wish list consider Defining Your Personal Style or identifying some Shopping Triggers if you’re not already familiar with either of those. You may also want to take a moment to Prep Your Spring Closet too. This will be a much better place to start than simply listing all the things you think you want or need. In fact, not knowing what you need or having a clear sense of what your style is can be a major catalyst for impulse shopping and overspending. Take my word for it!

Then once you’re ready, start by thinking about the next 3 months and ask yourself: 

  • What is the weather going to be?
  • What activities will I be doing most?
  • What is my budget?
  • What do I keep wishing I had already?
  • What was I missing this time last year?

Keep your list to 10 items or less, which sounds easier than it is. You can certainly start with many more but once you’ve got everything listed, start eliminating items by using the 5 questions below. Try to whittle it down to 10 or less.

If you change your mind, that’s cool! Nothing is set in stone and you can switch things up any time.

Don’t settle! This is a wish list right? So don’t sell your dreams short by under cutting what you really want. If it means you can only put 3 expensive things on the list that’s better than putting 6 things that aren’t what you 100% love.

Put the list away and forget about it for a few days. Next time you review it ask yourself if anything fell off your radar when you weren’t thinking about it. That’s a good sign that perhaps an item might not be as high a priority as you thought.

Run the numbers. If you were to actually buy everything on the list, what would that set you back? I always find this step to be a bit of a wake-up call, which isn’t a bad thing.

Keep it handy. This is more important than it seems. If you keep it handy, on your phone or in your bag, you can refer to it when you’re tempted to impulse shop or if something else catches your eye. Compare what you’re tempted to get with what you really want. This quick comparison is usually all I need to remind myself to wait and save for the item that I know is worth it.


Style Bee - Spring Wish List 2017


So you’ve found something you really like. The fabric is good, the fit is great and it’s been made well (and hopefully responsibly). Yay! But before you pull the trigger take a moment to ask yourself the following:

1 | Does this fit my personal style? Start by defining your style and distilling it into a few words. Do the words you chose apply perfectly to this piece? If yes, that’s a good sign. If not, then it’s probably just an impulse and not something you’ll wear a lot. I’ve found this the most effective, on-the-fly, way to assess whether or not something will work for me. My definition is: Clean Considered Versatile 

2 | Can I afford it? Like, really, is it within my budget or am I stretching my finances? This one can be a downer but it’s so critical to feel good about a new purchase. Too many times I’ve gone over budget and felt pangs of buyer’s remorse.

3 | Do I have anything else like this? If no, that’s a good start. If yes, is it something you wear more than twice a week and could use an alternate of? I’m all for buying multiples of something you wear all the time, whether it’s a different colour option or a new fabric for a warmer season, but make sure you’re not drawn to something just because it’s like a piece you already have. Each item in your closet should play a relatively unique role.

4 | Can I think of three outfits I’d wear this with? If yes, great! As long as the outfits consist of things you currently own. If no, then it’s probably a pass unless it’s for a very special occasion.

5 | Can I take care of this? Too many times I’ve ignored the ‘Dry Clean Only’ care tags and figured, no big deal, to find after a couple wears (or less), it’s in the bottom of a bag waiting to be dropped off to the dry cleaner, where it will likely remain for at least a week or two. With the exception of wool or cashmere sweaters I try to stick to things I can launder myself.

If you’re 5 for 5 then I’d say go for it! If you’re under 5 I’d say hold out for something better.

Style Bee - Spring Wish List 2017


These are a few of the things I kept in mind when planning for Spring and building my wish list.

MAIN GOAL | One of the main goals I have for this Spring season is to wear the pieces I already have and love even more. I’m feeling very fortunate to be in the place I’m at with my style and closet but it’s taken literally years of consideration and editing to get to this point.

PERSONAL STYLE GROOVE | I’m also finally in a really good groove with my personal style these days (or at least I think so anyway). I know what works for me (and what doesn’t) and I’m really starting to embrace some tranquility and contentment in my style. By this I mean I don’t feel the need to try new things or different styles as much as I used to. I’d much rather wear a look that feels 100% ‘me’ over something that’s on trend.

NO MORE BLACK | I’ve also implemented a hiatus on adding anymore black to my closet. It’s still my fave but I’m ready to lighten up and soften the palette for Spring! I might even try pink!

SHORT LIST | My Spring wish list is only 6 items long and while I doubt I’ll manage to bring them all home I know each one would be well worn and appreciated within my existing closet. I’ve also focused on true Spring pieces that I can wear in the next 3 months. We’ll get to the dresses and shorts next season since Summer in Ontario is another story all together!

Full disclosure: I’ve already done a bit of Spring shopping but aside from a couple of items most things didn’t work out and a few were for my Loungewear capsule (update coming March 20th!). Just so ya know!

Style Bee - Spring Wish List 2017


After wearing mostly black and grey for months I’m really craving some soft, cloudy, feminine tones. I haven’t landed on whether a tunic length or a shorter length is what I’m most drawn to but I know a floaty, simple, off white or ivory top would fill a considerable gap in my Spring closet. The tunic length would be perfect to toss on over black skinnies or jeans and the shorter, tuckable option would be perfect in either my Kamm or Florence pants. I might have to find a reason for both! The main ‘must-have’ for this piece is sleeves!

T-TOP | I have this top in Black and LOVE it. I was going to add another top as part of the colour kit campaign last Fall but I honestly couldn’t decide on a colour so I held off and now it’s become clear that Natural is my favourite after all. $188 USD

HARPER TUNIC | I was really wishing I’d bought Harper Sweater all winter but after the latest staff campaign blog post I suddenly noticed how this Harper Tunic could be a great Spring piece too. It looks so soft and yet still polished enough to wear to a casual meeting or lunch date. $195 USD

OVERLAP TUNIC | This is probably my favourite pieces from the HDH SS17 Core Collection, but I must say overall it was my favourite collection they’ve put out in a long time. I’ve allllmost ordered this tunic a few times now but something keeps stopping me. Maybe it’s that the Olive colour is really the way to go! $215 USD

HARPER TUNIC | Ah, the Harper Tunic, another forever classic by ES. I’ve had this beauty in my cart more than a few times. It might end up on my Summer wishlist since the short sleeves and linen are perhaps a little too light for Spring here.

MYSTIC TOP | Hello bohemian dreams. This top is seriously so lovely it’s silly. Again though, it might be too ethereal for Spring and it’s pushing the limits of my budget. $225 USD

LLOYD (not shown) | I also love the cut of this cropped t-shirt by LLOYD! Their whole Spring line is lovely. | $110 CAD | Made in Vancouver.

Style Bee - Spring Wish List 2017


This item has been on my wishlist for ages, in fact, it was on my Spring Wish List last year! So that persistence alone tells me it’s probably a piece I’ll get a lot of use out of.

I love my classic trench, it’s even going to be on the blog Friday, but after several years of use it’s been feeling a little bit preppier than my true style. I’ve tried taking belts off and wearing it open but it still reads a little bit more conventional than what I’m going for these days. I don’t think I’ll let it go any time soon but I would like to see how much it gets worn once I have an option that feels 100% in line with my current style.

PINK + OVERSIZE | This one is epic and if I was way ballzier I’d consider something in a sleek cut and a bold colour. (Source Unknown)

JESSE KAMM | I’ve coveted this one for ages now but it’s expensive and I worry that the modal won’t be warm enough for our windy spring weather and that it might wrinkle more than I’d like. That colour and cut is so perfect though! | $635 | Made in USA

ELIZABETH SUZANN | This beauty has been on my radar since the Cold Weather collection launched. I adore it! I hope she does this style in a wool next winter! | $365 USD | Made in Nashville

ESBY | The gorgeous clay colour of this one really caught my eye and it looked amazing on when I caught it in the ESBY stories at Capsule in NY. I love the long length and the fact it has a single button to keep it shut. | $368 USD | Made in the USA

Style Bee - Spring Wish List 2017



I’ve been dreaming of a pair of cognac or tan flats for a long time now. I have a couple of menswear inspired flats which I love but I’ve been feeling a need for something a bit more refined and feminine. Something I can pair with my Georgia Midi or 19th Ave Dress for a more lady-like look. Luckily this spring yielded a few great options.

BY Far (Top left) | These beauties were the first to catch my eye earlier this season after I saw ByFar shoes popping up on all my favourite style muses. They also make a seriously dreamy ankle boot which I may have already penciled onto my Fall wish list. | $287 USD | Consciously made in Bulgaria using deadstock leathers. More about the brand here.

LOQ  (Top Right) | This brand is another one with a major cult following it seems. I love the easy look and functionality of a slide but ultimately I was hoping for something to hide my rarely pedicured heels for the time being. Also, how are we feeling about square toes coming back? I’m kind of into it! | $325 USD | Made in Spain

L’Intervalle (bottom middle) | This Montreal based shoe brand has intrigued me for a few seasons now but it wasn’t until I saw them in person that I was convinced (a friend has them in black). They are seriously so beautiful and well made it’s incredible! I’ll confess I took the leap and ordered them knowing they were handmade in Spain and little else but I hope to learn more soon. | $138 CAD | Made in Spain. More about the brand here.

Martiniano (not shown) | I also looked into the Martiniano Glove shoe which is apparently insanely comfortable but they’re not really in the budget and I’m not sure if they’re right for me. | $456 USD *many colours on sale | Made in Italy

4 | BAG

I don’t buy new bags very often but I know a brown cross-body bag in a statement shape would go a long way in my collection. I love my oxblood vintage cross body (seen here + 1000 other times on the blog) but it’s quite small and my current wallet has a tough time squeezing in there with anything else. Once I’m ready to upgrade, I’ll be choosing something with a more unique shape. These three are on my radar (especially the first one!) but I think I might wait until Summer or Fall to add another bag.

The Stowe Eloise (top) | I have this very same bag in black and it’s easily my favourite. The shape is stunning and the size is just right, plus it’s very comfortable to wear as a cross body or on the shoulder. The leather is amazingly durable and the craftsmanship is next level. Definitely check out The Stowe if you haven’t!$300 USD on sale | Made Responsibly in Canada

Rachel Comey (bottom left) | Well it doesn’t get much cuter than this little circular wicker beauty. Leave it to Rachel Comey to combine a bizarre material with a crazy shape to make the perfect Spring bag! Not sure that this one would truly solve my space requirements but it’s a beaut! | $472 USD | Made in the Philippines | How responsibly I can’t say but Rachel Comey has a great reputation for sound production practices and very high quality products. Many wicker goods are produced in the Philippines due to the availability of raw materials and expertise.

A.P.C. (bottom right) | When I was in Soho NYC a couple years ago we stopped into the A.P.C. store and I will admit I was seriously struck by their insanely gorgeous bags and shoes. The half moon bag in particular is a true timeless classic and a gorgeous shape. In person it’s a work of art! | $455 USD *linked to an available colour | Made in Portugal

Style Bee - Spring Wish List 2017


I’ll admit it, I’m addicted. I’ve just never felt the way I feel in wide leg pants before and I dare say this is going to be a forever style for me. For some reason I feel slim, elegant and confident when I’m in either my Kamm Pants or my Florence Pants. It’s something about the bold but classic shape that’s unexpected but feminine and flattering all at once.

I know they’re not for everyone and a lot of people think they’re wack but to me they’re the cat’s pajamas and I can’t seem to get enough. So with that, I’m on the hunt for a perfect pair of denim wide leg pants to add to my collection.


KAMM CHAMBRAY PANTS | When I saw that Jesse Kamm was wearing a chambray version of her quintessential Kamm Pants on vacation I nearly cried (not really but I squealed) and I’ve been anticipating their launch ever since. They’re exactly what I was dreaming of. I especially love that they’re a slightly more relaxed %100 Fine Cotton Chambray (instead of sturdy cotton canvas) so they’ll be more forgiving through the Summer months too. Thinking these might need to be my 30th birthday gift to myself but right now they’re more of a wish than a list item! | $395 USD | Made in California

Style Bee - Spring Wish List 2017


I’ve been loving the statement earring trend we’re seeing lately but being a girl who wears glasses 98% of the time I know they’re not the wisest investment. Too many accessories is not my jam. Instead I’m thinking I’d love a pair of gold studs that are a little more bold and contemporary in shape but still timeless and not too big. Luckily, there are lots of great options that fit the bill!

ATTIC | The ladies that created my engagement ring are geniuses when it comes to updated takes on classic forms. Three of the options above are by them and I know I’ll find the perfect simple studs I can wear non-stop for the season (and years to come). If you haven’t scoped ATTIC out yet, definitely do! | TOP CENTER (faves!)| LOWER LEFT | LOWER MIDDLE | All made in Canada using recycled gold.

TOP LEFT | TOP RIGHT | LOWER RIGHT *Images via Pinterest

Style Bee - Spring Wish List 2017
So there you have my Spring Wish List in all it’s glory! If I’m cautious I can still come in on budget but I’m taking a deep breath and waiting to see what Elizabeth Suzann has in store before I get ahead of myself!


Style Bee - Spring Wish List 2017

So tell me:

What’s your approach to shopping and deciding what to add?

Are you a slow and steady shopper or do you get it done in one go?

Do you use a wish list?

If so, I’d love to know what’s on yours! 

This post is not sponsored but when you shop via some of the links above I may make a small commission from a sale. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Style Bee!


Leave me a comment here!

  1. Rae says:

    Have you ever written a post about “where to start” for those of us who are new to the conscious closet living? It’s hard to know where to begin and what to invest in first, with so many things on a wish list that is higher priced for the quality items it contains.. I know there isn’t any specific formula for this, but some sort of suggestion/guideline for basics to invest in first when you feel like you are starting over with your wardrobe and it’s a slow start (because of $$) would be so appreciated. I have a hard time figuring out what to put my money towards first, when I look in my closet and see SO many holes and basics missing.

    Thanks in advance, and love what you do and have to say and share!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Rae! I haven’t done an official ‘where to start’ post on shopping responsibly but you’ve given me the push I needed to follow through! It’s definitely a slow start but much easier when you choose the right items. Thanks for the suggestion and please stay tuned 🙂 xo

  2. Lisa says:

    It’s not that you just THINK the wide pants suit you well..I think it’s the garment that make you look best, comparing to every other look you show us. They just look so great on you. Makes me own some as well, until I realize it would show my biggest area most, but you…go for it!

  3. I have a long wish list but I decided a while ago that I would only buy 1 item per month. The funniest thing is that I want to repruchase some things because I’ve wore them so much that they look quite worn out but I really love them. So maybe I will just renew the pieces that I’ve worn the most!

  4. Janet says:

    I love your list. I have been working on my Spring Wish List and have bought the Kamm pants in tobacco already. My next purchase may be the Kamm pants in chambray. They are very tempting. I agree that the high waisted wide legged pant is flattering and elegant. Also I am looking for some tops that are not T shirts. That Mystic Top and T-Top are gorgeous. I will check them out.

  5. Charis says:

    Thanks for the awesome post! I’m on the hunt for a medium size brown cross body for an every day bag and love the Eloise but I’m worried it isn’t big enough for my needs. Would you consider doing a post or insta showing what you can fit in your Eloise? I also love the Juliette and it is bigger. Thanks!

  6. Jessica K. says:

    I love the notion of not settling. I personally do that with my wish lists. But if I do find something better I will break that rule. It’s just a great guideline in general to spend smart!

  7. Alexandra says:

    I love the tunic with lapels in the furthest-left photo in the floaty white tops. Do you have a link to that? Thanks for your beautiful style!

  8. Mun says:

    I’m liking your idea of adding more rich neutral accessories into your wardrobe. Re the top left photo of your ‘gold stud’ section, there’s a similar pair (in silver) that you could grab from here > http://www.wllwpopup.com.au/product/common-muse-odette-hoop-earrings


  9. Tina says:

    Hi, als always an inspiring post to keep me off impulse shopping. Creating regular wish lists has helped me a lot. I even do wish lists when I go out shopping with a friend and I stick to it. I also have a wishlist on amazon (not only for clothes), and I regularly delete things from it. Yay for wishlists!

  10. Linda says:

    Please share what you find out about l’intervalle… I’ve also been looking at the brand for a while and want to know more!

  11. Holly J says:

    Great question–I’d like to get a second-hand, black, flow-y wide-leg jumpsuit! I’ve resisted because they are hard to fit right without trying them on (I do a fair amount of shopping on ebay and poshmark , since I’m trying to buy used or responsibly) and I worry that I wouldn’t wear it much (more as a special occasion piece).

    How do you handle that, Lee? How often is “regular use” in your wardrobe–once a week for a season? Less? More? I feel guilty when clothes in my wardrobe only get 3 or 4 wears per year, so I hesitate to bring in items I can’t see myself wearing weekly… Some things, I do wear weekly (like, my pants and my black ballet flats), but others (like a few of my sweaters) only got 3-4 wears this winter!

    Love the photos–they are so artistic!

  12. Kaylee says:

    I feel you on “no more black”. It’s my favorite basic/staple but I am ready to lighten things up for spring!

  13. I have small children and I nanny, too, so my list is always simple for spring and summer, which I plan all at once. This spring/summer, I’ve committed to secondhand, and I need three t-shirts and three different types of shorts, to complete my capsule until September. I do have a gift card for Elizabeth Suzann, after returning the Eva Top. I have black linen Florence pants and love them, but don’t know what else to choose! I might wait until fall to purchase something else. Also, for spring and summer, I’m tempted to get a new pair of sneakers and a pair of Pons Avarcas shoes!

  14. Tess says:

    Hi lee love this post! Particularly love the tan shoes. I had my eyes on the ceri Hoover ones from last fall but they didn’t have my size in the end. Just curious, I know you have the Mara tunic in white — does that not fulfill your tunic wishes? I love how you style it and wish I had bought it!

  15. Lo says:

    I love this post! I have a much similar shopping process to you (when I’m successful, at least), but you’ve organized it in such an eloquent and visually beautiful way. I tend to collect wish list items on a private Pinterest board, where I can easily “comparison shop,” and also easily forget about them. It helps me sort out what’s an unnecessary impulse, because I usually won’t forget about items that I truly want/need, even if they’re tucked out of sight. I’ve also started imposing some guidelines on myself: no dresses for a while (as much as this is an impulsive shopping weakness for me, I don’t wear the ones I have that much), always try to find what I want from secondhand sources first, and give it time before purchasing anything. I also love to try to create hypothetical outfits with what I already own. That can clarify immediately how versatile something will really be!

  16. Alyssa says:

    I have the ES Harper Tunic in the black raw silk (before my “no buying black” hiatus) and totally endorse you buying it in Eggshell! I wish I would have purchased it in that color (I’m not a duplicates gal otherwise I would have), but I have a hard time with white tops — they always end up looking/feeling sloppy on me and I worry about getting them dirty since I work with kids all day. But anyway, it’s one of my beloved pieces in my wardrobe and the raw silk is of course amazing!

    • Alyssa says:

      Oh! And I forgot to say that I’m obsessed with the LOQ Lucia mules too, but can’t find them in my size anywhere in the tan color :/ They do have a black pair on Shopbop, but I’m trying to see how much I should push myself stylistically, since I really prefer more nude/tan colored shoes…

  17. rachel says:

    I got fabric samples today for the pieces I want to make and think I have chosen fabrics and patterns for a pair of wide pants (in raw silk) and t shirt dress (silk/linen mix). Now just I have to decide colours to dye the fabrics.

    I have some chambray joggers that I just loved last summer, its the perfect summer denim alternative

  18. Kelly says:

    I have the silk Harper Tunic from ES and I absolutely LOVE it (in fact I’ve ordered it in black even though I am trying to curb my buying in multiples habit- DANG IT!) but if you don’t already own a piece in the eggshell raw silk, just know that the color is less of an ivory and more of a muslin, if that makes sense. I have the same long Everlane cardigan that you do and the color is like a teensy bit darker and a tiny bit more tan. I’ve still worn it dressed up for work with black pants and heels, but in my opinion the color is best suited for my perfect summer jeans. I have also ordered the short sleeve linen Harper in white; this style is the clothing equivalent of my spirit animal, I cannot get enough.

  19. Jane says:

    This post + the shopping triggers post + shopping fast post together are so helpful! For me the best lesson from all three is to NOT SETTLE– to truly treat my wishlist as a dream list– that’s the best way to buy things that don’t add to the clutter / dissatisfaction / shop again cycle. I actually just returned an item that I know isn’t good quality because of this post. Super inspiring.

  20. Alex Chua says:

    This list is insanely good and so on trend!
    I thought I’d share some of my purchases just in case someone else can benefit from the info. I purchased the Caron Callahan wide leg chambray pants and have been wearing them more than I thought I would. They’re very similar to the Kamm pants except that the material is thinner and more flexible. After eyeing the glove shoe for months, I finally bought myself a pair in black and couldn’t be happier. They are single handedly the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. I will not lie and say that they are attractive, however. My husband hates both the wide leg pants and the glove shoe and calls the shoes my granny slippers.
    As for the trench, I purchased an EF gray linen trench and ended up returning it because the color wasn’t right but the material and length were so good. I’m on the look out for a natural or flax linen trench in a neutral color and am hoping someone has some suggestions.
    Another item on my wish list is a neutral pair of sandals. I’ve been thinking about getting a pair of Bryr sandals in the nubuck blush but am afraid of ordering them because I have narrow feet. Did your clogs work out well for you?
    Thanks for another thoughtful, great post. X